3.0 v6 1990 Dodge Daytona how to adjust camshafts for timing engine?

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Look for detent marking on camshaft sprockets and align them with timing marks on cylinder head, should be visable markings and ensure that engine is at TDC on compression stroke, and timing marks should all line up
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What is the timing for a 1990 Toyota 4runner with 3.0 liter v6?

The correct timing for that is 10'btdc. but you must short out diagnostics with a paper clip. The correct plugs to short and the timing is on a label located on the inside of

Where is the starter located on your 2002 dodge stratus 3.0 V6 engine?

The starter is located on the bottom of the front side of the engine (front being front of the car) there is two wires connected to it. One wire has a rubber seal over the 12m