08 highlander clicking noise coming from rear left tire driving over bumps?

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Bad strut or strut mount? Check for loose undercarriage components
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2001 Chrysler pt cruiser knocking noise in front and rear tires when going over bumps rear tire knocking noise is worse than front changed shocks struts but there was no change what would cause this?

Knocking noise in front and rear . As far as the knocking noise in the front goes, I have the same problem and was told that it is the lower control arm bushings. From what I understand, the OEM bushings wear pretty fast which is not uncommon since most cars have busings that are rubber and don (MORE)

What can cause a squealing noise on a 2003 Pontiac grand am When you make a left turn. The squeal comes from up front left tire.?

Answer . \nStock type whhels or after market? Either way pull the tire and wheel of and look for scratch and drag marks, you will be looking for brake caliper drag and on outter edge where could be hitting steering arm.\n. \nIf no marks while wheel is off check to see what condition the spindl (MORE)

Why does my 2000 impala make a noise from left rear tire area when go over any bumps sounds like bad strut new 15000 mls ago no bouning new tires algnmnt 15 mls before noise started everything tight?

impala noise . If you have not already done so, I would return to the shop that performed the wheel alignment and tell them about your "new" noise. Maybe have a look under your impala (if you are able) and see if the strut bolts are tight.Stand back, behind your car and compare the incline of you (MORE)

1990 toronado is making a noise in the drivers side rear we have changed the bushings and calipers it only makes this noise when you go over a small bump but when you accelerate it goes away?

You may have a bad sway bar link bushing on that side, or the air ride shock may have a bad bushing. Also its possible under the rear cradle that holds the rear suspension and tires may be broken off the mount on that side which will cause a noise on one side of your car. That has happened to me fro (MORE)

What is the knocking noise when driving over bumps in the road?

Could be a bad strut or shock. No I have disconnected both rear shocks and knocking noise is still there whilst driving. Seems to be coming from rear. When stationary I can bounce rear of car up and down and hear noise with handbrake on but not with handbrake off. Any ideas?

Where does the noise come from when clicking your fingers?

Sound is made when air particles vibrate. So when you click your fingers, you're causing the air particles around your finger to vibrate, causing the noise you hear.. The noise you hear is actually a mixture of 2 sounds; the sound of your middle finger sliding off your thumb, and also the sound of (MORE)

Growling noise on the front left tire when driving on my 2001 Chevy Malibu?

The growling noise that you're hearing is most likely your front wheel bearing starting to fail. When you make a right turn the noise gets louder/more noticeable, I assume. This is a pretty inexpensive repair if you're able to do the work yourself. If not, you will probably spend about $350 to have (MORE)

Honda CR-V 1999 makes a hammering noise when driving coming from the rear right end Noise enhances when making left turn Note rear differential oil has been changed just recently?

u might want to check your rear cv-axles also rear wheel bearings , sometimes when bearings are worn it may takes a little load to start a rubbing, scrapping ,grinding noises or something similar if the axle may be bad also it may take a little load to start a little poping noise or similar to a lit (MORE)

1999 Tacoma 4x4 V6 you are getting this clicking noise from your left front wheel The hubs are new but the noise did not go away The noise comes and goes Help?

One thing to check for is a stone or nail stuck in the treads of the tires. When the tire rotates the rock in the tread taps on the pavement when contact is made.. Possible answer . I am UK based and do not know this vehicle, but being a 4WD I assume it is fitted with CV (constant velocity) join (MORE)

Squeeking noise from my rear left tire when turning?

Some 2001 and 2002 Sonata, XG300 and XG350 vehicles may experience a knocking or squawking noise from the rear suspension while driving the vehicle over rough road surfaces at low speeds. This noise may originate from the rear stabilizer bar and bushing rubbing together. This bulletin provides a pro (MORE)

Squeeking noise from rear left tire when turning?

A squeaking noise from the rear left tire when turning is typicallycaused by a worn wheel bearing. The bearing supports the wheels asthey turn. Could also be the brake pad "squealer" letting you know it is timeto have the brakes serviced.

Rear suspension noise over bumps. In need of new struts or bushings or something else?

The rear upper strut mounts on this car are made of some kind of foam which breaks down over time you most likely just need them, be sure to get rubber ones from an aftermarket distributor. reach up on top of the strut under the nut/large washer and if you find little peices of foam and the large wa (MORE)

Thumping noise from left front tire?

May-be a tire (tread) seperation? Is there any other things going on at the same time? Left front tire jumping at any speed? Pulling one way or the other? Loose handling (front end)?

Thumping rear tire noise?

two things come to mind. the inner tire belts are starting to separate. if so replace tire. loose lug nut. other things that could be is loose, bad caliper. bad bearing. if you are not able to check things out your self, let some one you trust to check it for you. , duboff

A clicking noise while driving on a blazer?

I had the same issue with a clicking noise on the passenger side of the car, located somewhere under the dash. I pulled the dash apart and there is a motor located underneath the dash next to the vent that operates the flap on the floor to switch between pulling air from outside and circulating the (MORE)

Why is your rear tire makes noise when you drive?

difficult to know what noise you are talking about, but could be a wheel bearing that has run dry and starts to "hum" when it gets hot. could possibly be that the tire is simply under inflated or if it's a retread, the tire could be coming apart which means get it checked right away.

How do you remove a spare tire from Toyota Highlander 08?

\nThe Highlander's manual gives no instruction on how to remove the spare tire from its storage area. Find the area where the tire tools reside. You should notice a round black cap on the right side of the area where the tire tools are. Remove the black plastic cap. This will reveal a nut t (MORE)

When I drive over bumps my Toyota highlander rattles is it safe to drive?

Wow - where to start!!?? So many possibilities. Just describing it as "rattles" is SO non-specific it could be anything. Loose items in the passenger compartment. Poorly stowed jacking equipment or tools. Spare tire isn't cranked up and tightly stowed against the body. Broken or worn out struts (MORE)

Clicking noise but engine will not turn over?

Battery, starter, starter relay solonoid, or a charging problem i.e. alternator or voltage regulator causing battery to discharge. Or bad battery cable connection or dirty or loose battery cable connections can cause this problem. Need to investigate & narrow it down.

What is the problem with a squealing noise coming from the rear left side tire?

First check to see if your brakes are worn. If your brakes are ok see if there's a metal dust cover behind your wheel; they can become deformed and rub against your rotor or small pebbles can get caught in them. If neither of these is the problem, lift the rear of your car ( put the rear up on jack (MORE)

How do I stop the clicking noise coming from the rear wheel on my bike when I pedal backwards?

The clicking sound is coming from the pawls in the one-way clutch that makes up the freewheel mechanism. If it really annoys you, try getting hold of a "silent clutch" Shimano hub. They had their downsides, but they were quiet. Or pull the freewheel apart, and repack it with plenty of grease. It's (MORE)