07 sierra 2500 truck w trailer camper package you are not getting 12 volts to the camper cable even when the lights are on and the trailer tow switch is on How do you get power to the camper?

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Gmc wants dealers to hook up wire- factory does not do this.

1 Make sure you read the manual for fuse number and location 40amp, and that the fuse is installed (It should be).
2 A stud for the power wire is located directly in front of the fuse box under the hood in line with the fuse for the trailer power. (If you pull the fuse you will see the tab move when you touch the connector on the stud.)
3 under the master cylinder or in that area you should see a Red wire wrapped and taped to part of another wire harness. Pull off tape and extend the wire and connect to the stud. (Nut not supplied - Fine thread)
4 Power to trailer should be good to go.
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1965 Ford F-250 camper special how do you fix a electrical problem where you are getting no power to anything however when you bypass the solenoid and run a cable straight to the starter it turns?

Answer . If You Are Running A Cable From The Battery ( Bypassing The Solenoid ) You Starter Runs Then It Would Most Likely Be You Have Lost Connection On The Solenoid From The Battery Side. ie You Probable Have More Than One Cable On The Battery Incomming Side Of Solenoid\nClean All Cables At Ba (MORE)

What are towing laws pertaining to towing a trailer behind a 5th wheel camper?

The towing laws are different in every one of the United States. Michigan residents are required to have a special endorsement on their driver's license and to get the license, one must pass a driving test which includes backing both trailers a certain distance. For details, contact the state (MORE)

What is the difference between a trailer special and a camper special on a 1978 ford F250?

I have both a '78 F250 trailer special and a '78 F350 camper special. They both have the same engine and transmission. My camper special has an extended wheel base( not all have this feature, only a few) and a double leaf spring in the back. It came from the factory with camper tie-downs instaled. I (MORE)

Can you ride in a truck camper?

Looks to be a controversial subject… see http://truckcampernews.rvtravel.com/2008/11/in-rv-users-forum-member-mentioned-he.html it appears to vary from state to state but ultimately it is not safe for several reasons.

Coleman roof ac on travel trailer is dripping inside camper where should this be going?

Water from the A/C, whether it is rain water or condensation water should stay outside the coach and run off it's roof. If it is rain water, the rubber seal that goes in between the A/C and the roof may need to be replaced. If it is condensation water, the drain for it may be plugged up. Take the co (MORE)

What is the towing capacity of a 1976 camper special?

There is no simple answer as to what size of trailer an undescribed pickup will tow. What size of trailer, trailer weight, what size of engine, gas or diesel, what is the rear end ratio, what terrain will the trailer be towed in, delta or mountains? All of these items determine the capabilities of y (MORE)

Is the white battery cable on a camper trailer positive?

White is typically the Negative or ground side of the system. If in doubt it is best to trace the battery cables to see where they go. The ground will always be attached to the frame of the camper some where close to the battery. Make sure the cable is attached to the frame and not an insulated stud (MORE)

Can you tow a camper with a silouette?

The owner's manual should give you the gross weight that it can pull, which I believe is around 7,000 lbs. with air suspension. I don't think I would tow anything for a distance over 3500 lbs. or so. If it weighs less than that you should be just fine. As long as the van has been well taken care of (MORE)

How do you find out if a camper trailer is stolen?

find out if the person selling it is black, just kidding america..haha. but yea check the frame vin and body tags if they match up,missing paperwork cash only, and if the seller cannot accuratelyanswer questions on how to operate different components or they'relocations. Also a sure sign is if the p (MORE)

Is a camper a trailer?

It may or may not be. Camper may also refer to a recreational vehicle which isn't a trailer, as well.

Can the windstar pull a 20' camper trailer?

\n. It all depends on the weight - with a tow package the Windstar is good to 3500. \n\nIf you're going to pulling that much weight, you should most definitely have a transmission cooler. \n\nThe Windstar "tow package" includes one.

What is a safety camper?

A safety camper is when someone is doing the right thing and thinking positive about themselves or others(:

Can you ride in a trailer camper?

No, it's illegal and very dangerous. If that vehicle wrecks, the body of a trailer is not designed to offer any protection to occupants.

How tall can a camper trailer be?

i be leave any trailer can be max 13 foot 6 inches but be careful! a lot of bridge decks are much lower than that especially on the east coast. im a truck driver and the lowest bridge deck less than 9 feet and that was at the highest point of the bridge decks and are lower in other spots of the brid (MORE)

What is the weight of a 2004 rockwood freedom10'-6pop up camper trailer?

If it is not on the outside left front corner of the trailer with the VIN # as required by law it should be inside. You are looking for a sheet of paper about letter size glued to the inside of a cabinet door or to the inside of a storage cabinet or storage locker. The # you want is GVW it is the ma (MORE)

Can you tow a camper with a 1998 honda accord?

The maximum towing capacity of your car is 1,000 pounds. That includes the weight of the trailer and the cargo. IMO, you will be taking a chance of overheating the transmission if you try to tow anything for any long period of time or if you live in a hilly area.

Is the landlord or tenant responsible for damage to camper trailer door caused by angry wife?

That would depend on who's angry wife your talking about. If the tenants wife damages your property or your landlords property then the tenants wife is liable for those damages. Due to the extension of common law you can also be held financially liable for actions of your spouse. The landlord wou (MORE)

Do you need cdl to pull a camper trailer with elect brakes?

Only if you're transporting is as a third party carrier. Recreational vehicles are exempt from CDL requirements. However, your state may have additional requirements for non-CDL vehicles in excess of 26,000 lbs. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating/Gross Combination Weight Rating. You need to inquire with th (MORE)

What is difference between trailers and campers?

Campers fold up into the base and look like a low trailer when towed. The are unfolded to set them up for use. They are sort of like a tent on wheels. Camper trailers are like the famous silver Airstream trailers. They are whatever size they are and are towed in this form.

How much do camper trailers cost?

The cost of a camper trailer depends on the seller and whether they are private or a dealership. The price range of the camper trailer will vary depending on the shape the camper is in and the amenities included.

What size is the Jayco Camper Trailer?

There is no one type of Jayco Camper sizes as it is all depends how big or small you want. I believe there are 6 floor plans where you can pick how ever big you want your Jayco Camper.

Where can one purchase a teardrop camper trailer?

Anybody that is looking to purchase a teardrop camper trailer can purchase one on eBay. Since it is a trailer, then the trailer will obviously be for local pick up. Your local RV dealer might have some for sale, but it might not be possible. You can also look at classified ads.

Where can one purchase a truck camper?

Truck campers can be purchased at Lance Camper, Camping World, Travel Lite Campers and Gander Mountain. The Truck Camper Magazine has listings for used and refurbished models.

How much do camper lights cost?

Camper lights can come in a wide range of costs. The prices range from ´£20 to ´£150. The best places to find a camper light would be at Amazon and at eBay.

Where is the VIN located on a 1990 sierra fifth-wheel camper?

All RV trailers are required to have the VIN: Displayed on the left front corner of the body. These labels peeloff, fall off or fade away depending on f they are stickers ormetal plates. Stamped into the frame on the front left of the trailer. You mayhave to crawl underneath with a rag and a flashli (MORE)

Is campers an adjective?

No, it is not. It is a noun, the plural of the noun camper (a person). (the possessive forms camper's and campers' dofunction like adjectives)