07 ford f150 left turn signal is extremely faster than right All lights work except left rear turn signal?

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Replacing the non-working bulb for left turn should resolve the problem and it will stop the cops from pulling you over too.
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On a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport why would the left turn signal and brake light not work but the tail light work?

i had this same problem on a 2001 explorer sport and when i removed the cover on the steering colum i also noticed that a couple wires were not in the plastic harness anymore because the plastic clip that holds the wire in place broke. what i did to fix it was got some small zip ties and cut them ve (MORE)

How do you fix the problem on a 1988 Grand Prix when the left turn signals blink but the right turn signals do not blink when all the right turn signal lights turn on?

Answer . i believe you have an element in one of your bulbs on the right side blown. some cars' lighting system works on a closed loop system so be sure to pull each bulb and check it, it maybe just be a bad connection so the problem may be fixed when pulling the bulb out and putting it back in, (MORE)

Why would the hazard warning lights not work but the left and right turn signals do?

Before you replace the hazard flasher switch, try the WD-40 fix. Spray WD-40 around the switch and pop it up and down a few time and wiggle it around a bit. This will fix this type of problem most of the time. Answer The Hazard system is a separate circuit from the turn signals even though they us (MORE)

What could be wrong when there are no brake lights or turn signals in the back but you have running lights and all the front lights work on a 1981 ford f150?

Have you checked to see if your back lights are not burned out? That could be the problem. If your bulbs are good then you have a broken set of wires going to the rear lights, (look by where the trailer wiring was installed if so equipped as that's a common area of problem for broken wires. Hope (MORE)

Your trailer lights and signals all work until you turn on your vehicle head light when headlights are on and you signal left or right the trailer lights blink as if the hazards are on you checked the?

Answer . grounding. Almost always an inadequate ground for one or other the light assembly or most commonly the ground between trailer and tow vehicle (tongue ground is not enough) - inadequate ground can work with low current loads and behave as if dead circuit with the higher load of additiona (MORE)

1999 Ford F150 turn key nothing no click or anything all lights heater turn signals come on except radio comes on?

answer \nfirst, check you fuses. next try putting transmission in neutral and then try to start\nthere is a fuse that will stop it starting\nfailing that have your ignition switch checked\n. \n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nremove the battery connections, clean them, and retighten them......you are (MORE)

Why is a 97 Plymouth Voyager left turn signal not work as in silence and no lights in or out while the right turn signal works and all lights in and out work on emergency flasher?

I have the same problem,left turn signal is dead,right one works and flashers work.I tested the switch its good,there is a modual under the dash that my be the trouble.Mine is a 96 voyager. Steven344@yahoo.com. I fixed mine there is a relay for the turn signals under the dash plugged in to the fus (MORE)

How to fix boat trailer lights Both blink while left turn signal is on Tail lights work ok when head lights are on and when right turn signal is on?

Check ground circuit. Check bulbs they are duble filamented one may be burned out. Seems to me there is a wire crossed at the harness. I think the vehicle left turn signal wire is hooked up to the trailer tail lights wire. Usually there are four wires at the trailer harness, yellow, green, white, (MORE)

What cases a Ford LEFT turn signal to flash fast no left turn rear light no rear left brake light?

change the light bulb. ^another poor answer, I need to give this guy a call.. The Left turn signal is flashing fast when turned on, its usually because there is Imbalance in the circuit. If the problem is in the rear, replace the front turn signal bulb. If it is working, there may be a short in th (MORE)

On your 2003 beetle the left turn signal flashes quickly but all of the lights are working?

I had the same problem with the right flasher. It was the front signal light, the bulb was not making contact correctly. There is a small plastic cover over the screw, remove it, remove screw. and the light will come out. Turn the plastic bulb scoket to access the bulb. If you do this with the signa (MORE)

The right rear turn signal stopped flashing and a day or two later so did the left and when the turn signal is used it clicks faster than it used it started at the same time any ideas on fixing it?

Your light bulbs are burning out , so they need to be replaced.. That, or there is a short in the wiring to the rear signal lights. That may explain why the flasher unit sped up. Some flasher units use electrical heat to enable it to flash, a short somewhere could cause the flasher unit to get hott (MORE)

Ford explorer no left rear turn signal or brake light?

Turn Signal Light and Brake Light Does Not Work on only ONE SIDE There could be several reasons, but the most probable is that an "open circuit" condition has occurred. Some of the most common causes that come to mind include: . The ground wire for that light assembly has become cut, disconnecte (MORE)

How do you change the left rear turn signal light on a 2005 Saturn Relay?

NOTE: The "Related links" later below includes pictures on Picasa. The tools you will need are: a. 1/4" drive T30 star Socket; b. 1/4" Drive spinner handle; c. 12.8/14V, 27/6.7W replacement lamp (e.g., Sylvania part number "3057 LL" at your local auto parts store) Step (assumes you ar (MORE)

Why is left turn signal blinking faster right?

The bulb is bad or about to go bad. I put a new one in and still had same problem. Did a 1/8 turn twist the socket to get better connection but bulb broke off exposing wire. Super glued it but stlll not flashing or now too fast. Got another non- defective bulb and wala fixed!

How do you replace a left rear turn signal light on a 2001 Blazer?

For any Gen II (1995 - 2005) Blazer, Jimmy, or Bravada, it's allthe same. Open the hatch. On the side of the door jamb, you'll see two screws- those hold the tail lamp assembly in place. Remove those, and thewhole tail lamp assembly will come out. The bulb holders are in theback of the tail lamp ass (MORE)