07 Jeep Liberty when the inside lights will not come on the radio is not getting power the key less entry only works when the key is in the run position power locks stop working no fuses blown?

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Kinda sounds like you have a bad ignition switch.
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What could be wrong if your Chevrolet Lumina just stopped working and when you turn the key there is no power or lights or anything else?

it could be a few things......if your car has an anti-theft system in it, it wouldn't let power to your car if its activated. also, check your starter relay, it is, on most cars, inside the driver side wheel well(you must take the tire off, and the splash guard too), it will be right there. after yo (MORE)

Why does the power steering on a 2002 Chevy Z71 stop working when there is adequate power steering fluid a blown fuse maybe?

Answer . bearings frozen in the pump, maybe. It only works when the pump turns....... Answer . Number One: Check to be sure the belt is tight, If you are hearing a squeal, the belt may look tight but not be. The serpentine belt has a spring tensioner that I have seen fail, and the belt was j (MORE)

You hear a clicking sound coming from dash were fuses are windows will not roll up or down power steering hard to turn seat belt light on all only when clicking starts radio will only work in park?

Answer . My best guess is that you have some major electrical problems with your car that could cause a fire even when you are not using the vehicle. Best to get it to a certified automotive electrical technician to have it serviced. . Suggestion . This is exactly the problem my car is havin (MORE)

If the power windows on a 1993 Jeep Cherokee only work with the drivers side control and no power locks work what could be wrong?

Answer \nIf you have a 1993 Jeep Cherokee Country check the wiring harness underneath the driver’s side floor carpet. My harness was burnt to a crisp and must have been burning for some time until I had a crazy electrical door, mirror, lights, and battery run down problems. Door locks would work (MORE)

What would cause the power lock switch and the key to not unlock the doors of a 2001 Venture but the remote keyless entry does work?

Answer . The first and cheepest thing to check is the fuses. located on the side of the dash by the passengers door, another is under the hood on top of the battery. The next would be lock switch.It is easily installed, no tools needed.\nThe drivers side power switch is a master switch. This mea (MORE)

The remote key-less entry of a 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport is not working -- batteries in the remote are fresh -- any suggestions?

Answer . Ensure the frequency of your remote and system are in sync. There should be some plastic dip switches that will be in a matching up/down configuration.. You may wish to consult the manufacturer's web site or the vehicle's owner's manual if you're still having trouble.. Check if the con (MORE)

Your power locks for the doors stop working on a 1995 Chevy Tahoe is it a fuse or is it a relay?

Could be fuse. Can also be the switches. Does it fail on both doors or just on one side? The next common problem (difficult to repair) is the wiring from the front of the car has broken where it goes from the frame of the truck into the door. If the ground wire breaks inside this loom you will have (MORE)

What could be wrong with a power lock on a 2003 Jeep Liberty that does not work even though the fuse is okay?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nLots of possibilities, switch, actuator, connectors, relay... Unfortunately you'll just need to get a wiring diagram and go through the whole troubleshooting process. You can usually get a little help from the dealer, but don't expect them to spend much time with you. Usua (MORE)

Possible causes for 2001 Pontiac Aztek when lights flicker power locks stop working dash cotrols flicker AC stops running cold and security light comes on Also has a new battery.?

pull fuse #28, (located in engine compartment),check to see if it is blown,i(t probably isn't), simply replace the fuse. Pull fuse #28 (located in engine compartment), check to see if it is blown, (it probably isn't), Then simply replace it. the pulling of the #28 fuse is only a temporary fix. y (MORE)

Why did my power door locks stop working?

Answer . depending on the year, mine is 2005, the fuse could be blown, located in power box under hood, usually marked as " power sliding door, even if you don't have that option. Fuse is 40 amps. If that doesn't solve your problem, try disconnecting your battery and letting it sit for about 15 (MORE)

Why is One power door lock not working on 2002 jeep liberty?

Most likely it is the switch in the door. They can go with use over time. You have to get a replacement from the dealer for about 20 bucks or less. Then pop off the inside door cover which is really easy on a 2002. You'll need a wide flat screwdriver for that and a Phillips {star (i think)} screw (MORE)

2004 jeep grand Cherokee the power windows will not work and the interior lights will not go out and the power door lock on the drivers door will not work?

You most likely have a broken wire in the harness that runs from the body to the drivers door. The wires like to break near the door hinge in that black boot. Here's how to fix the problem: Remove the black boot by lifting upward and pulling away ROM the door. You will most likely find a thick bla (MORE)

Your 1994 jeep grand Cherokee keeps blowing the 20 amp power relay fuse when you try to open the doors using your key less remote any idea why and where would the p lock relay be located?

The power lock relay is located under the dash to the right hand side of the steering column. There are actually 2 relays. A power lock "lock" relay and a power lock "unlock" relay. The relays are all the way to the right of the relay center (one over the other).. I have the same problem. My 1994 s (MORE)

Why would my 1987 Jeep Cherokee die while on the freeway lights still working power still to alternator and stater and no spark or sign of starting power locks work radio dose not work?

is it a factory radio or did you add it? do you have a carb or is it fuel injected? does it have an alarm with ignition kill feature if so there is a relay that could have croaked (died)if it's fuel injection then maybe you blew the fuse for the fuel pump.....if it has a carb then maybe it's vapor l (MORE)

Why doesn't your power window work in your 2007 jeep liberty?

I've had perhaps the same problems. I have taken my Jeep Liberty to the dealership three times to have windows repaired. The vehicle had less than 36,000 miles on that third trip! Shameful! One window was repaired twice -- and I probably didn't roll it up and down more than five times after the firs (MORE)

Fuse called room fuse keeps blowing causing factory audio system factory alarm system key-less entry locks dome lights not to work in 2008 Mazda 6i. What do i do?

check your cig lighters for change stuck inside. That is the most common cause for fuses blowing. If that's not the problem, you have a short somewhere and the car should be taken directly to the dealer if you have a warranty. If you don't have a warranty you should take the car car to your local ca (MORE)

Is a fuse blown if power windows and mirrors just stopped working?

possibly, it could also be wiring, the motors (though two separate motors going at the same time would be quite a feat), or junctions (if one is dependent on the other to complete the connection, i.e. 95 Honda civic, passenger switch wont work if the switch on the drivers side for it busts).

Why do you get only static on the radio in your 2000 Montana when van is running but when key is in accessory position radio works fine?

One possibility is a very noisy ignition system. Replace the spark-plug wires, and check the plugs and distributor ... or whatever it uses now to distribute the spark. In an 11-yr-old vehicle, it's a good bet that's the answer, especially if the ignition system hasn't been cleaned up in a whil (MORE)