07 Chevy silverado brake light on cab staying on brake lights on rear bed work properly only cab light not going off unless pull up on brake pedal?

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Brake Light Failure to Turn Off Your question wording is a little confusing, but I suspect that the problem you're asking about is that the brake light does not turn OFF even though the the switch tests "good," meaning it is operating properly [opens and closes the electrical circuit when the plunger is depressed and extended/released]. IF the brake light switch is definitely good [working properly] then the most likely cause for the brake lights to remain turned on is that the position of the switch [the distance of the plunger tip from the brake pedal arm] is not adjusted properly. Most mechanical type switches are adjusted by screwing the switch [which has a threaded mounting to a hole in the mounting bracket] either toward or away from the brake pedal arm [which depresses the switch plunger to turn off the brake lights]. It is immeasurably helpful to have an assistant stand behind the vehicle to observe and report the changes [on-off, etc.] as you make adjustments of the switch position. You should continue to make changes in the adjustment until the brake lights stay OFF when the brake pedal is not depressed, and the brake lights come on when the pedal is depressed.
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How do you get the brake light to go off if your hand brake is not in service?

%DETAILS% I had the same problem. There is a small part in the rear axel that needs to be replaced/reset. It is a sensor. I was told I could do it myself, but didn't want to mess anything up so I took it to the dealer. $45 later, no brake light on. Check your brake fluid reservoir. On some vehicles (MORE)

Why won't a 1994 Toyota Tercel rear stop light turn off even though the car is turned off however when you pull up on the brake pedal the rear stop light goes off?

OK..I own a 95 Tercel and had that same problem. I found out that between the brake pedal is a piece of rubber that prevents the two metal parts from touching. If that rubber breaks or is missing then the brake lights remain on. I just used some crazy glue and glued a penny where the rubber was. Tha (MORE)

What could the problem be Chevy silverado o2 has no brake lights and only one turn signal and has back up lights and the back glass brake light works any suggestions?

Answer . So you're saying that you have a 3rd brake light but nothing at the lower brake lights, and only one of the turn signals work.\n. \nIf that's the case, it's probably the brake light switch in the steering column. Don't touch it!!! The air bag is in the steering wheel, and if you make a (MORE)

Why is the brake light staying on in your 1991 Chevrolet silverado 4x4 ext cab?

Answer . The brake light switch is connected to the brake pedal. It's damaged, worn or misaligned, not allowing the brake light to turn off. You'll need to either adjust or replace the brake light switch. It's only a couple screws and a connector and shouldn't take too long to replace, but unfor (MORE)

Why does the brake light on the cab of your 2003 Chevy truck work but the two main brake lights do not even after you checked bulbs and fuses?

there is a brake switch under the brake pedal that is probably bad. Call an auto parts store to find out how much they cost. I had a 98 Pontiac Montana that did the same thing, the center brake light at the top worked but the two main ones didn't. I paid maybe 7.00 for the part and it took about fiv (MORE)

Both your brake lights are out in the rear of my 1998 Chevy Blazer but the rear high brake light works fuses are good?

I have a 1998 Chevy Blazer with the same problem I traced the stop light wires back to the turn signal assembly. By taking the steering column plastic off you use a torx bit and a pair of vise grips to get the bolts out of the turn signal assembly. Otherwise GM says you need to pull the steering whe (MORE)

Why are your rear brake lights staying on?

Defective brake light switch - attached to the brake pedal or its associated circuitry. It might take many hours to find the problem - best to let the dealer solve this problem and soon as you could be causing false impressions on the road that you are slowing down when in actuality you are not - wh (MORE)

1994 Chevy silverado brake lights don't work?

Check your fuses, if there's nothing wrong there, trace down the wiring and check ALL OF IT, even the smallest break or short can cause major problems. All you need is a multimeter and someone to press the brake pedal, check all the brake light bulb connectors, you should get a 6 - 12V reading. If y (MORE)

Why is the abs brake light on silverado?

You probley have a bad wheel sensor on 1 of the wheels. You need to have a shop scan the ABS system to see whats wrong, That's the only way to know for sure whats wrong.

When vehicle is off the brake light stays on?

I don't know about the brake lights. I know that most cars, when you turn it off and get out, the head lights and main backlights stays on for a while but then goes off. The brake lights? Maybe it's the way that car is or something is wrong with the brake or you have it on wrong. .

Why does the brake light stay on without using the brake pedal 07 Pontiac G6?

Brake Light Failure to Turn Off . The most common cause for brake lights to remain ON when the pedal is not depressed as that the brake light switch is not properly adjusted . . IF the brake light switch is definitely good [working properly] then the most likely cause for the brake lights to re (MORE)

Why does e brake light stay on after replacing rear brakes?

When replacing the shoes, it is usually necessary to reconnect the parking brake cable to the shoe assembly. Be certain that 1) The parking brake pedal/handle is returning properly aligned to a full "rest' position. OR 2)Look under the car and be sure that the junction of r/r and l/r cables are even (MORE)

Why does your rear brake light stay on?

Normally its a bad bulb - see sources and related links below for bulb information . Could be corrosion in one of the bulb sockets . Could be a bad brake switch . Could be wiring harnesses or wires shorting out 03 Elantra...there is a plastic "spacer" on the brake pedal linkage, that the tip o (MORE)

How do you replace a right rear brake light bulb on a Nissan Frontier crew cab?

Nissan Frontier brake light bulb replacement: Purchase the correct replacement brake light bulb(s) first, before disassembling the vehicle. See sources and related links below for replacement brake light bulb information. Then consult your owner's manual for the replacement procedure. As simple as (MORE)

Why the third brake light and rear brake lights not working but lights work?

Depending on the vehicle, the brake light is either a separate bulb or a single bulb with two elements in it. A power surge could blow all three bulbs, but a bad brake switch is more likely. Could be a fuse also. The brake swith is at the top of the arm that the brake pedal is on. You can jump acros (MORE)