07 Chevy Colorado emergency lights wont turn off?

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Mine turns on while parked and wont turn off till I start it. Its a problem with the BCM. Body control module.
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How do you turn off the light on a 2000 Chevy Impala?

Answer . \nWhat light?. Answer . Headlights / Parking lights can only be turned off while in park. turn the engine off, set the parking brake. Start the engine..... as soon as you remove the parking brake the lights will come back on

You have a 1991 Chevy lumina it is hard to start when running the emergency light is on the emergency light flickers on and off when braking?

First of all, I don't think the 2 are related...hard to start andthe brake light thing. As far as the emergency brake-I don'trecall, but the light staying on might signal that a brake light isburned out. I'd check my brake lights first. Second, and I don'tknow this for a fact either because I never (MORE)

Why wont the brake lights on the 2002 explorer xls turn off?

Chances are you have a defective brake light switch. The switch should be found under the dash touching the upper part of the brake pedal lever. I would unplug it , see that the lights are off, and circuit test both sides. Most auto parts stores have these. I hope this helps you. Mark This can be (MORE)

Why do your lights stay on after you turn off your 2002 Chevy impala?

Delayed Headlamps The delayed headlamps feature provides a period of exterior lighting as you leave the area around your vehicle. The feature is activated when the headlamps are on due to the automatic headlamps control feature described previously in this section, and when the ignition (MORE)

How can I turn off the emergency brake light for 2003 Honda Civic Lx?

it is possible that maybe an electrical switch may be connected to the emergency brake and it is gone bad and won't send a message to where it needs to go to let the car know that the brake is off, or maybe there is something keeping the brake handle from going all the way down and keeping the light (MORE)

Ford explorer interior lights wont turn off?

Have you checked your gauge panel dimmer switch ( just to the right of your headlight switch in your dash ) If that has been rotated all the way in one direction that will keep all your interior lights on with all the doors closed

Your Renault clio interior light wont turn off?

Check that a door sensor isn't broken. When you are in the car and all the doors are closed and the car is on, check if the light on the dashboard that signals that a door is open is lit. If it is the sensor switch will need to be fixed on whichever door is broken. On the second generation Clio, (MORE)

2001 continental interior lights wont turn off?

The interior lights may sometime stay on due to accumulation of dirt in each door latch. Clean out all 4 door latches and remove grit. You can use silicone or WD40. To much WD40 will cause additonal dirt to accumulate so use sparingly. This will repair the door adjar error and allow the interior lig (MORE)

Turn off check engine light 204 Chevy Colorado?

First try and disconnect the battery (positive side) for about 10 minutes. If this does not work take it to a local auto parts dealer and usually they won't charge you to reset the computer. They can also tell you what codes come up. Dealer will charge usually a minimum charge of 1/2 hr shop rate.

PS3 turned off suddenly and wont turn back on no red light?

My PS3 did the same thing. It was because of dust building up inside the machine. Open the cover on the left side, unscrew the blue screw and carefully remove the harddisk. I used a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust inside and on the harddisk and then reinserted it. I then used the vacuum on all the (MORE)

How do you get your low fuel light to turn off on your Chevy Trailblazer?

Lots of things could be the culprit however the usual problem is sulfur buildup on the sending unit. If you run Seafoam or Techron though the tank it should fix the problem after a couple of tanks. Cheap gas (Non Top Tier) will cause these types of problems. If you need more help visit our enthus (MORE)

How do you turn off the security light on a 1998 Chevy Tahoe?

Go to the dealership and have a key made. The key has a chip in it that turns the light off. If you are just using a duplicate the light will stay on. On rare occasions a battery that will not hold a good charge anymore will cause the light to stay on. You can have your battery tested at any autopar (MORE)

Brake warning light wont turn off?

There is a reason why it is on. Check the fluid level, it may be low. This would be an indication that you need to have the brakes checked soon.

Why wont my Light turn off at switch?

The switch does not control that light. The switch controls another light or it may control a wall outlet or outlets. In very rare instances the switch has shorted out and needs replacing.

Why wont your brake lights turn off my daihatsu applause?

Had the same problem on my Applause. The brake switch punches asmall hole in the rubber stopper on the brake pedal and causes theswitch to stay on. Quickest way around this is to rotate the rubberstopper 180 degrees so the switch contacts a new area. Bingo goodfor another 10 years

1992 chevy Camaro rs hazard lights work but turn signals wont?

Your car has 2 flasher relays. One for the turn signals and one for the hazard lights. The one for the turn signals is defective and needs replacing. It is located on the drivers side, under the dash, on the drivers side of the steering column, behind the dash lower panel, mounted at the base of the (MORE)