06 banshee magneto has power but no spark at plug?

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The magneto has 2 separate outputs - 1 to the ignition and 1 to the accessories (AKA Lights). If you are sure that you have power coming from both parts, then you need to check your switches (On/off switch and Key Switch).

If they test OK, then check your spark plug wires for continuity. If that is OK, then you need to check your coil (There are coil tests on youtube).

If your coil is functional, then the last thing to replace is the CDI. Unfortunately, there aren't any tests for that. It is either good or bad. You can and should check the pickup gap for the CDI - (Distance between the pickup and the flywheel at a predetermined point - typically a thicker or raised point on the flywheel).
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Do spark plugs loose power?

Spark plugs do not loose power, rather, they become worn and erroded. On occasion they may also become fouled, indicating a mechanical or fuel problem.

What is the spark plug gap for a Yamaha banshee?

0.6 to 0.7mm (0.024 to 0.028 inch). Previous answer was wrong! Sorry about that, that was for a "Warrior" 1987-2001 & up.. For Banshee it's 0.7 to 0.8mm (0.028 to 0.031 inch). This is for 1987-2001 & up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you change spark plugs on 06 Yamaha roadstar?

First, remove the driver's seat. There are 3 screws holding thespeedometer to the tank that need to be removed as well. Disconnectthe vent hose at the top of the fuel tank. Turn the gas supplyvalve off and disconnect the gas line. Disconnect the electricalplug at the back of the tank and remove the

How do you change spark plugs in 06 Saturn ion?

Remove oil filler plug. Pull the plastic cover off. On top ofengine, remove the 4 bolts and pull that plastic piece up. Thespark plug boots will pull up with that. Spark plugs are down inthe wells.

How does a magneto power the coil in a scooter?

Magneto Operation . A magneto is an electrical power generating device which operates without the need for a battery to energize the coils. A magneto uses permanent magnets to induce an electrical current, which is "pulsed" Direct Current [DC].. These pulses are controlled [by "points" in the "o

What if I have power to coil pack and no spark to plugs?

ab q654s64ws5gfchx If your question is the situation then the coil pack for that cyl should be replaced. You can buy the coils 2 different ways. First way is it comes complete with coil and boot attached (recommend). Second is it comes with just the coil and no boot. If on a budget this may be a b

How many spark plugs in 06 dodge charger RT?

16...just changed mine....real easy....just remove the coil packs and both spark plugs are below...you'll need a fairly long extension to get them out...but it's pretty easy good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why don't your Yamaha banshee have spark?

It could be any number of things but I would check them in this order. 1. turn key on 2. check the connection of the spark plug to the wire 3. see if the spark plug has proper gap and isn't totaly fouled 4. check to see if the magneto is rusty or wet or dammaged 5. check other wireing conn

Why wont my banshee spark?

Either you plug is bad, the cable is bad, or the key way in the bike is bad, also the generator is off its set position or the contact.

How do you change spark plugs in 06 lancer OZ Rally?

1) Disconnect the wire harness from the ignition coils 2) use a 10mm socket to take off the bolts on the ignition coils 3) pull the plug boots out in pairs ( so you don't have to disconnect the wires) 4) remove spark plugs with standard spark plug tool(comes with most socket-sets) 5) gap new