06 Nissan Murano is it a good car?

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The 2006 Nissan Murano has 8.5 out of 10 rating on the Kelley Blue Book website. It has a 17 mpg city and 23 mpg highway.
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What is a Nissan Murano?

It is a Luxury Crossover SUV with a VQ35DE 3.5 Lite V6 From a Nissan 350Z and AWD and Leather, With A Standerd LCD With a Fuel Consumption Meter

When is the 2010 Nissan Murano coming out?

The 2010 Nissan Murano should be coming out in the Spring of 2009 like around March or April. There will be a ragtop/convertible coming out later that year as well.

Where is the Alternator on a Nissan Murano?

If you stand facing the engine with the hood open. The alternator is located on the left side of the engine. It will be difficult to see from the top. But can be seen if you r

Is the Nissan Bassara a good car?

Yes, the Nissan Bassara is a good car. Japanese owners give it about an 80% positive rating. It is probably not quite as good as a Honda or a Toyota, but it's good.

Replacing rear wiper blade on a 06 Nissan Murano?

1. Buy the correct-fit replacements. The 2006 Nissan Murano takes a special 14" rear wiper blade for the special rear arm. Your dealer will have them (may be expensive) or you

How do you use the key on a Nissan Murano?

If you need to know that you should get rid of your car, it's akey!!you put keys in the slot and turn. How do you get into yourhouse- You put the key in the slot and turn.

Is the Nissan Murano a good car?

To expensive to repair, and will need repair often. 2003-2007 Nissan's I would avoid. Useless warranty, poor dealerships experience. Great idea, poor quality and execution. Ni
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Why is the Nissan Altima a good car?

Nissan Altima is a good car for many different reasons. It is not a flashy car but it gets good gas milage and has a reasonable price tag. The car also has nice safety featu
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How many miles per gallon do Nissan Murano cars typically use?

Figures have been found for the miles per gallon for the Nissan Murano but it varies slightly between the different models. For the 2012 Nissan Murano the car gets 17-18 mpg
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What are the car specs of the 2003 Nissan Murano?

The 2003 Nissan Murano is a mid-sized SUV. It is built with a V6 engine, comes in four wheel drive, CVT and 6 speed auto transmission. It was nominated for truck of the year