06 Chevy engine light on computer sayin tightin fuel cap?

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Any large vapor leak in the fuel system will make it read gas cap. Check all of the hoses around the fuel tank.
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Your 1989 Chevy truck 2500 V8 5.7 engine has lost a lot of horsepower you've already changed the spark plugs dist cap rotor air filter put in fuel cleaner Fuel filter is also new What can you do next?

Make sure the catalitic converter is not plugging. They are usually good for about 100000 miles.. Replace the oxygen sensor. It's on the exhaust on the passenger side. There will be 1 wire going to it. It's a black wire. Make sure you soak it good with a liquid wrench or something. The threads are (MORE)

How can you tell if the gas cap or fuel is bad on a 1997 Ford Expedition when the check engine light comes on and AutoZone said a fuel valve is sticking?

Before changing any gas caps.. Why don't you try using a fuel injector cleaner.. Get a real big / or the bigger fuel injector cleaner you can buy and pour it in on your next fill up.. I bet after the next fill up or two everything will be ok.. I had the same problem on mines.. The only way to c (MORE)

Fuel filler cap seal cause your engine light to come on?

YES . On a newer 1996-up OBD2 vehicle, a loose or bad gas cap can cause the check engine light to come on.. Answer . \nsome cars yes\n. \neveryone should have a shop manual for their vehicle, and the library should have a professional shop manual(wiring diagrams and more detailed info) avai (MORE)

Why would a 1989 Chevy Suburban engine miss throughout driving speeds but started as a stumble at acceleration new fuel filter dist cap and rotor?

Miss? oh Miss? . Check plug gap, timing, wires, pcv valve or other emmissions component, uneven cylinder compression, ignition coil, vacuum leak at intake, dirty carb or fuel injector. Any one of these can cause a hesitation during acceleration followed by a constant miss, the only thing that i (MORE)

The check engine light came on in my 2000 Pontiac sunfire and the code said that is was fuel emission not the gas cap what else could it be?

Answer . \nThats the $50,000 question. It is not easy diagnosing todays engine faults because sometime all you have is a code and it will not point directly to a certain device. \n. \nDid you drive your vehicle at least 50 miles and a couple of days to see if the check engine light goes out n (MORE)

How do you reset the Service Engine Soon Light on a 2000 Chevy Blazer after replacing the fuel pump?

Answer . Any of the newer, more elaborate OBD2 code scanners can do that for you. If you don't want to buy one you can probably borrow one from your local auto parts retailer. They can often help you figure it all out if you go at a time when they're not too busy.. Answer . \nif the problem (MORE)

1991 Chevy beretta will not run after removing aftermarket alarm New ignition module crank sensor and computer No check engine light?

Answer . \nDid you remove it yourself? PLEASE have a professional check your ignition wiring. You do NOT want to burn or short anything. You should be ok thus far...but I don't have diagrams handy for your car neither do I have pictures of the mentioned alarm removal. There was no need to replac (MORE)

How many miles will pass before check engine light recycles and goes off due to the fuel cap not being on properly on a 2004 mercury mountaineer?

Mileage is not what determines when the trouble code is cleared. There specific criteria that has to be met before the light will turn off. For example some codes require that the car go's thru a specific number of drive cycles. A drive cycle would be the engine starts cold then fully warms up. Some (MORE)

Chevy check engine light?

What year is the vehicle if it is a 96 or above you can take it to a auto parts store and they will give you the code stored in the ECM(engine control module) there are many codes associated with the engine sensor fault codes, misfire, emission, converter, transmission, until you see what it is you (MORE)

Does a 1986 Chevy truck have an engine computer?

No, I think they started using simple and not so great computercontrolled systems in 1987.. ************************************************* Rule of thumb is if it is fuel injected it has a PCM or ECU (samething) a carbuerator, no. There are exceptions but you won't go farwrong with that. The last (MORE)

Engine light Chevy cruze?

Take it to a dealer. My cruze is less than a week old and the engine light came on. They are now replacing 3 diff parts. O2 sensor, wire harness and something else.

What lights the fuel in a diesel engine?

Diesel fuel is ignited by a combination of heat and compression. The heat is caused by the very high compression in the cylinder. The fuel also has to be very finely atomised to be able to burn.

How to reset engine light on chevy colbalt?

You can. 1. repair what is wrong with the car and wait for the computer torerun tests. 2. use a scan tool to clear the codes. 3. disconnect and reconnect the cars battery for a minute or so andthat will clear the codes. #2 and #3 will only clear it until the system reruns tests, if theissue still ha (MORE)