05 jeep liberty has a dash light that is dd off?

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You mean OD off. That is overdrive off. If it stays on all the time, you need to have the trans computer checked for codes.
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How do you replace a tail light in a Jeep Liberty?

Open tailgate and use a #20 Torx screwdriver to remove two screws located on the inner side tail light assembly. On the driver's side, the screws are accessable through the tailgate hinge area with the gate open. Pull taillight assembly straight back from the vehicle to get it off. You may need to u (MORE)

What does the ets off light on dash mean?

Enhanced traction control . Read your owner's manual. The ets is the traction control, and the light means it is turned off. Enhanced traction control used the ABS system improve your vehicles traction by slowing an individual wheel down ( slipping wheel will spin ) thus applying more power t (MORE)

What do each of the dash board lights on a jeep liberty represent?

Its hard to list them all but some examples are: parking brake on, overdrive off, stability control off (2006 only), airbag service, tire pressure problem, etc etc. You can see what many of them mean when you turn the key to "accessory", many of the lights light up for a few seconds before starting. (MORE)

How do you turn on fog lights on a Jeep Liberty?

Answer . To turn on the factory original lower foglights on any model year, locate the left stalk (sticking out of the steering column, you turn it for your headlights.) Now pull out on the end of it. To turn on the upper (roof) foglights, press the button in the dash to the left of the steeri (MORE)

How do you change a tail light for Jeep Liberty?

Answer . \n1) You will need to open the rear swing door.\n2) On the inside jam there are two torx headed screws (T-15's if I remember correctly).\n3) Unscrew the two torx screws.\n4) The light is now held by two mounting tabs (small spherical headed plastic sets that go through a rubber grommet) (MORE)

How do you turn off the Malfunction indicator light on a 2005 Jeep Liberty?

Answer . \nThe light may be turned off by correcting the problem, then with the computer that is plugged into the vehicle to read identify the code. There will be an option to erase and/or reset code. This will erase the code. Also one could disconnect the battery wire to reset the system, howev (MORE)

Jeep Liberty Transmission warning light?

Did not receive a owners manual when I purchased my Jeep Liberty 2004. There is a warning light that looks like a transmission lighting up - what does it mean?

Can you reset the oil light in a Jeep Liberty?

The oil light in a Jeep Liberty can be reset. To reset the lightturn the ignition switch on or off without starting the engine.Next depress the acceleration pedal at least three times and thenswitch the ignition switch in a locked position.

Why does 2002 Jeep Wrangler dash brake light blink?

Check the emergancy brake cable- as it starts to wear, it stretches & leaves slack in the cable. There should be an adjustment to remove this slack. The tension in the cable pulls the lever to not make the switch for the brake light come on.

What does the waring light od off mean in a Jeep Liberty?

Normally O/D means "over drive" so if the warnign is on saying "O/D off" it just means that you are not in overdrive, it is best to drive in over drive because it can conserve on gas. Just find the O/D button and press it back on.

How do you reset tpms light on Jeep Liberty?

You can't, by Federal law. You must properly inflate your tires for light to go off. If a sensor has gone bad, see your dealer or a competent tire dealer (Discount Tire is good). i live in Canada no law for tpms just want to turn it off is there a ways i hate that system don't need and bring a lot (MORE)

Jeep liberty part time light is on in 2WD and off in 4WD?

your selection sensor is bad or the sensor hasn't figured out you are in 2wd. try driving in reverse for a good couple hundred feet, then pull forward, sometimes this will help the sensor realize what position the transfercase is in. the sensor is on the top front of the transfercase

Does the radio lock when you turn off check engine light on 2004 Jeep Liberty?

I think you are assuming that to reset the check engine light you can just disconnect the battery. Disconnecting the battery on a 2004 OBD2 compliant vehicle will not reset the check engine light. It must be reset with an OBD2 scan tool. This would work on OBD1 vehicle but not on OBD2 vehicles. So t (MORE)

How do you turn the airbag light off on dash?

You buy a $30k- $150k scan tool, once you get it hooked up you check for any codes find the one for the air bag (mine was code "PO55-301A") and delete it have fun with that TO ADD TO THIS... Ignore the above "advice". Simply "deleting" or clearing a code will probably not fix the problem. It may (MORE)

What does DD off mean on dash of 2003 jeep liberty?

The light actually reads 'OD' off and shows you have turned off the Over Drive for the automatic transmission. (The button on the side of the shift). This will result in faster acceleration and lower lower gas mileage)

Inside lights on 2002 Jeep Liberty will not go off?

my 02 liberty was doing the same thing. the dealer told me it was the light swith that operates the lights getting stuck. they ordered a new one. But before i had it put in I noticed if I jiggled the switch they would go off. so after a few days of playing with the switch the lights went out. haven' (MORE)

Dash lights go on and off?

i own an 03 concord limited. my dash lights except for the miles and transmission positioning go off. the come on and stay on longer the colder it is what is wrong with this car

How do you turn off the check engine light on a 2002 jeep liberty to pass smog?

The check engine light (service engine soon) comes on and stays on when a problem is detected by the self diagnosis system of your vehicle. Generally, the problem is in the emissions or something that is affecting the effectiveness of the emissions, but other causes can trigger the light to come on, (MORE)

Why do dash lights keep flickering on a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

I have worked on many Jeep Cherokee vehicles. There are three wireharnesses each with a ground wire eyelet grounded at the oildipstick bracket. these will tear away because the engine flexeswhile in rough terrain pulling the harnesses away from theirground, usually just pulling the ground wires enou (MORE)

How good is a Jeep Liberty on off road?

Well I haved taken my 2005 jeep liberty renagade off road a few times, I have owned many other 4 wheel drive vehicles and this one sucks the most. It does not have very good ground clearance so you bottom out on the skid plates all the time. If it wasn't for the skid plates I would of torn off my oi (MORE)

Why is an explanation mark lit on the dash of your jeep liberty?

The Jeep Liberty is equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), and a light on the dashboard that looks like an exclamation point will light up if one or more of the tires on the Jeep is significantly under-inflated. You should check the air pressure in all of your tires, and make sure t (MORE)

How to get yellow engine light on dash off?

If the Check Engine light is on then there is a problem with the emissions system. Once that is repaired the light can be reset. Reset it without repairing the problem and it will just come back on.

How do you get the brake light to turn off on dash?

You need to find and fix the problem. Either your emergency brake is not completely off or you have a problem in your cars brake system. That warning light is there to warn you that a serious problem exists.