05 Chevy Express van steering and brake pedal is hard?

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change the p/s pump. the pump helps the hydro booster with braking.
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How do you remove the left brake light lens or the bulb on a 2001 Chevy Express Van?

The entire taillight unit can be removed by removing the black plastic headed nuts that hold the unit in place. Use a 6 point socket to prevent rounding the plastic nut off. If the nut does not come off easily, spray under it with a good penetrant like Kano "Kroil," let it soak for a while, then try (MORE)

How do you find a brake light wiring diagram for a 2002 Chevy Express Van 2500?

First and fore most try your local dealership/manufacturer's parts department or repair department.. If you don't have any luck there try a local car stereo/alarm shops.Believe it or not that is where I found my wiring diagram for my 1959 cadillac.(Example: personally owned shops will probably be m (MORE)

How to you install brakes on Chevy Astro van?

Answer . \nBrakes are a very important, so proceed with great care. There is too much to list here, I would recommend buying a Chiltons or Haynes manual for reference. These can be purchased at most parts stores for less than $20.00 new, or for even less on Ebay. I also advise to ask around, one (MORE)

What would cause the wheel cylinders not to move when brakes are applied in bleeding the brakes on a 1980 chevy van; and when bleeding the pedal does not go to the floor?

Answer . \nWithout seeing it, I would say that the wheel cylinders may have rust/corrision in them preventing them from moving in their bores.That would explain why the pedal does not go to the floor when trying to bleed them.. Answer . \nCrack the bleeders open and see of fluid comes out eit (MORE)

Why would the rear brakes of a 1996 Chevy Corsica engage very hard with the slightest touch of the brake pedal?

Answer . The rear brakes are called a dual servo brake system... it uses one shoe to activate the other in a braking situation. When the rear brakes are over adjusted the slightest touch of the brake pedal will cause them to engage. what is actually happening is your rear brakes are engaging (MORE)

1994 Chevy astro allwheel drive van and the brake pedal occassionally locks and you have no brakes but can pump 3 or 4 times to get brakes back sometimes humming associated with brakes coming back?

Answer . If you're saying that the brakes lock with the brake pedal UP, it's an ABS problem and it will probably be very expensive. You could check the wheel speed sensors and hope that's the problem. Otherwise, you'll need to have the code read and unfortunately you can't yet buy an ABS code re (MORE)

Why is Chevy van hard to start?

A Chevy van may be hard to start because the engine may bemalfunctioning. Bring your Chevy to an auto body shop and get atune up performed.

Why Hard brake pedal on 1990 Jeep Cherokee?

Your brake booster is bad. Replace it. You should be able to get an upgraded (bigger) booster in any junk yard for under $60. Take my advice & join one of the Forums I mention below. You'd be surprised how many times this question has been asked. For the answer to this and hundreds of other Jeep rel (MORE)

Why is your 96 Chevy Camaro brake pedal hard?

Most likely the vacuum has been disconnected from the power booster. ie. a line is off (engine should run rough) or the plastic check valve is defective. You should hear a sucking sound from the hose connecting manifold vacuum to the brake booster. repair the leak and you should be OK. Its always po (MORE)

1995 Chevy blazer brake pedal is hard?

Sometimes a piece of carbon will get caught in the EGR Valve. If is is hard starting, idles rough, and the brakes are hard, check the EGR Valve, it probably has a piece of carbon stuck, keeping it open.

What is the problem when you can not steer nor brake the car 96 GMC safari its very hard t o steer the steering wheel and hard to brake its very hard when pressing the brake pedal?

There is a vacuum attachment on the power brake booster. If there is a vacuum leak this part could be causing the brakes to be hard, or this part could be the vacuum leak. The steering could also be vacuum assisted occurring from the same source. Are there any other symptoms (i.e. vent/floor/defrost (MORE)

How do you replace an alternator on a Chevy Express Van?

Remove the serpentine belt by going clockwise with a 3/8 breaker bar on the belt tentioner UNDER the truck (I had to use my 1/2" breaker bar with a 3/8" adapter). Have someone remove the belt off the alternator as you remove tension under the truck (jack the truck up just a bit to fit) there is a sq (MORE)

What would cause the brake pedal to be hard and not have any brakes on a 1983 Ford Trucks?

The most common is that you either have a vacumm leak or the brake power booster is failing internally. The way to check is:. Run the truck and check for hissing noises under the dash (brake pedal area) and under the hood. If no leaks are heard then shut it off & don't touch the brake pedal. Beside (MORE)

Where is the ecm on Chevy Express van located?

Im not 100 percent shore but I belvie the ecm is located directly beneath the fuse box under the hood of the vehicle. It seems to be completely enclosed. I also read somewhere that they are not interchangable. please double check this.

Chevy Express van doesn't fire?

there are three things that make a vehicle run: spark.gas and air. Without one of the three, the vehicle will not run. A simple test is spay starting fluid straight into the carborator or throttle body. If the engine tries to start, then it is a fuel problem. the second test is to take the spark plu (MORE)

What would cause your brake pedal to go hard and your brakes to get very hot and stinky?

"Brake Fade". If you hold your foot on the pedal for a long time, the brake pads and rotors will heat up to the point where they cannot dissipate any more heat energy. At this point, your instinct will be to press harder on the pedal, but alas, there is no additional braking capacity available unti (MORE)

What is cause of hard brake pedal on 1993 toyota'S 4runner?

The cause of hard brake pedal is malfunctioning brake booster. Check the hose from the intake manifold going to the brake booster for cracks or leakage, replace if necessary. Check the one way valve located in the middle of that hose, make sure the valve opens when you put pressure on one port.. If (MORE)

Why your brake pedal is too hard to push?

Sounds like the power brake booster is bad, that is what the master cylinder is bolted too. There is a rubber hose that has a plastic valve in it were it snaps into the booster, Pull that rubber hose out of the booster and off of the engine, Now the end that you took off the engine. You should be ab (MORE)

When depressing brake pedal hard brakes lock up?

Most likely you do not have anti-lock brakes in your vehicle. Other possible answer is that your anti-lock brakes are malfunctioning. If you have anti-lock brakes you should see a mechanic as soon as possible.

Why won't our 05 Chevy Express van start after we changed the fuel pump when it will run on starter fluid?

make sure you prime the new pump with fuel so it is not dry, pour or squirt fuel into pump. From original poster:. We took the van to a mechanic. He tested both the old and the new fuel pump. They both worked. We checked all of the fuses and relays and they were all good. So he changed out the fus (MORE)

Bleed brakes on 2005 3500 Chevy Express van?

start from rear passenger wheel find bleeder valve on on of brake drum top side take off cap,take a 5/16 long socket put on valve reach in with vise grips lock and loosen have someone step on brake slowly to the floor and open and close with full stream no air 4-5 times do same on driver side loosen (MORE)

What is the problem when you can not steer nor brake the car 97 GMC astro its very hard t o steer the steering wheel and hard to brake its very hard when pressing the brake pedal?

For several years of the Chevy astro van had a power brake and power steering system that was linked together. Instead of a brake booster, the power steering pump provides power to the power brake system. Often, if the brake pedal would become hard to push, it is a power steering pump problem. Chang (MORE)

How do you replace rotors and brake pads on a 1996 Chevy 1500 express van?

first remove the tire and then you can remove the two larger bolts on the bracket that holds the cylinder and brake pads. The bolt size is either a 13/16 or 3/4 inch. Tap the rotor with a rubber mallet or hammer, if their are clips on the studs you need to remove them first and the rotor should come (MORE)

Why doe brake pedal get hard when turn off engine?

On modern vehicles the brake system is enhanced by a vacuum operated "booster". This makes the brake pedal softer and more responsive. When the engine is turned off the engine no longer produces vacuum to supply the booster so the pedal gets hard.

Why is it hard to push down brake pedal?

A hard brake pedal can be caused by several different factors. It can be as simple as the brake pedal getting caught on something to the power brake booster being bad. You could also have a brake pad or shoe that is sticking, causing the brake fluid to boil. When brake fluid boils, it expands and ca (MORE)