04 trailblazer takes a long time to cool and sometimes barely cools could it be the fan clutch and how do you remove it to replace it?

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Sounds more like a thermostat or water pump. The fan clutch locks up when it is toast. Fan will wiggle a bit when the water pump is shot.
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What can cause a high cooling fan speed error in a 2002 Trailblazer?

Either a PCM reprogram or the fan clutch asembly will fic this condition. Replacement of the fan clutch is very labor intensive, and it is easy to put a hole iin the radiator or break something else if you do not have experience doing this procedure. TechJK ------------------------------------ (MORE)

How do you replace the engine cooling fans on a Ford Windstar?

disconnect the battery and then disconnect the wiring from the cooling fan. there are 4 screws( 8mm) that hold it on the radiator. be careful when removing it as not to damage the radiator. I found this information at www.autozone.com, under the repair info

How do you replace a cooling fan on a 2000 Hyundai elantra?

Answer . 1.Remove the radiator and cooling fans as a single assembly\n2.Remove the bolts and separate the fan/shroud assembly from the radiator\n3.Remove the clip and detach the fan blade assembly from the motor shaft\n4.Remove the screws and detach the fan motor from the shroud

How do you replace the radiator cooling fan assembly?

\n. \n Replacing the Radiator Cooling Fan Assembly \n. \nDepending on model, the radiator cooling fan(s) will be replaced by disconnecting the power (an automotive connector) then physically unbolting it from the radiator. Newer vehicles with less room in the engine compartment might require p (MORE)

How do you remove and replace a clutch fan on a 93 240sx?

Answer . \nthe clutch fan is easy to remove and replace. you will see it on the upper most pully(water pump). just four 10mm nuts to take off. however the pully likes to spin so i use a screwdriver to hold it still or you could tighten the belt so it wont spin, just remember to loosen the belt (MORE)

How do you remove the cooling fan assembly in a 2000 Impala with 3.8L?

It appears that you will have to remove both front motor mounts in order to make room to lift out the entire dual fan assembly. After that either replace entire assembly or replace both motors. I would be darned sure that the fan motors are the problem before getting into all that. The front mounts (MORE)

Could the Fan Clutch be bad on a 2003 Trailblazer?

\n. \n New Answer \nI asked a few mechanic friends of mine. All pretty much said it was the fan clutch by my description. The answer above is really just, terrible. I understand that it is a part that can and does wear out just like any other part. I was really asking, if anyone thought the fan (MORE)

How do you replace a Engine Cooling Fan Relay on a 2001 windstar?

Here is the schematic diagram that shows the locations of the 2001, Ford Windstar fuses and circuit breakers,,in both the cabin (passenger compartment) and "under the hood" circuit panel boxes. (cooling fan relays,, separate high speed and low speed relays are located near the car's battery under th (MORE)

How do you replace the cooling fans on a 1999 LHS?

There are two ways, each with benefits. The first is to locate the four mounting bolts of the fan shroud on the back (engine side) of the radiator, remove them, disconnect the electrical supply to each of the fans and wrestle the shroud containing the fans out of the car. It may be necessary to loos (MORE)

Why does your cooling fan not work on your 1986 Trans Am. I have replaced cooling sensor fan relay switch and AC clutch control switch the fan works when AC is on but not any other time?

Answer . Check to see if you are getting power to it with A/C or defroster on Try Hot wiring the motor to see if it is defective Check fuse and relay Check temperature sensor switch. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX ANSWER XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. The temperature sensor works the light or gauge. The cooling fan sw (MORE)

How do you remove the cooling fan on 1996 Pontiac Sunfire?

Although the Haynes says to simply disconnect the electrical plug, remove bolts, and pop it out of the retaining clips and pull out, it's not quite so simple. First off, there is only one bolt to remove almost dead center of the car. (passenger side of the fan). After removing this, you will have li (MORE)

Location of cooling fan relay on 2005 Trailblazer?

Right behind the battery, under the hood is a fuse box. In the fuse box there are two black relays. One is the headlamp driver module and the other is the cooling fan relay. They are right next to each other. I am not 100% sure which is which, but unplug them and put one in at a time and you will fi (MORE)

How long does it take to cool a refrigerator?

It would take about 3-4 hours to cool down and 24 hours to stabilize. It is also faster if you don't turn up the temperature to max because that would only block air flow to the fridge from the freezer until the freezer gets the right temperature.

How you remove a fan clutch from a 04 envoy xuv?

Buy a spanner wrench with studs on the face to hold the pulley and a open end wrench that fits @ the fan bolt at auto parts store. Then turn the fan bolt in the direction the fan turns when the engine is on, holding the pulley with spanner wrench. And its off. Not that hard. Stan

How do you remove cooling fan on 2000 cavalier?

Radiator Cooling Fan....From the bottom of the car. One screw at the bottom(engine side) 10mm I believe, then deal with that plastic thing at the top side,driver side. Careful of the radiator....

What if you replaced the cooling fan relay and still overheats?

Check to see that the cooling fan is moving a lot of air. Sometimes they'll get slow without blowing a fuse. I've also seen new replacement fans wired backwards. Make sure the fan is pulling air through from front to back. If the fan is OK you might find out if the thermostat is working properly.

Fan clutch removal 04 ram 1500?

To remove the fan clutch in an 04 Ram 1500, hold the fan in placeusing a special fan removal tool. Turn the nut to remove the fan.The tool should be able to be rented through a local auto parts.

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Cooling fan sometimes wont cut off?

With many cars now days, the fan may continue to run after the car is shut off, or they may even start and run for a while after the car is shut off. An engine will actually get hotter for a short time after being shut off. Sometimes that will trigger a sensor to turn on the cooling fan. If it co (MORE)

Is it possible to replace a laptop DVD drive with a cooling fan?

Yes you can, Take the bay out, find the fan, put the fan in and make sure to use the correct volts to your fan. may want to make it an external switch. as setting it up on your computer may be difficult, couple things you can do. look at your internal fan, buy the same model, mod it, then solder th (MORE)

How do you replace the fan clutch wiring harness on a 2003 trailblazer?

Just did this myself on my 2002 TB. Not sure how old your question is... but for future reference (since I don't see any other related help out there for this thing, most people just change out the entire fan clutch): Step 1: Loosen the bolts that attach the Radiator Fan to the Fan Clutch. (MORE)

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It cools mainly the Central Processing Unit (CPU), as well as the other components close to it. The CPU gets very hot, due to the speed at which it operates. This heat is dispersed with the fan on top of the CPU. There is also a fan incorporated within the power supply - this also helps to remove ex (MORE)