04 trailblazer Why did the instrument panel gauges suddenly just stopped working causing battery to run down Jumped started and was working again Now not working?

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You may have an electrical problem. need a professional tech to look at it. I just found out that it is a gauge cluster problem. This is not the first time I heard this as I did call the dealership and explained to the mechanic what was happening, he said and the same thing. It is not uncommon for this problem in trailblazers. If the gauges are not working, then your battery is not getting charged up.
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What could cause all the gauges and most lights in the instrument panel of a 1998 Jeep Wrangler not to work if changing the fuses did not solve the problem?

Are the gauges mechanical or electrical? (LED DISPLAY) If it's both the gauges and the lighting, i'd use a voltmeter and probe the circuit where the fuse is that you replaced. Check to see if voltage is flowing thru. If it isn't, then there's a break in the circuit somewhere... and the hard part sta (MORE)

The temperature gauge on your Chevy 350 just stopped working entirely what are the possible causes?

Answer . the three possible problems to this question are . your temperature sending unit is defective ,you could have problems in your wiring harness, or your temperature gauge is inoperative. I am a licensed mechanic and i have found your best place to start is to make sure you have input power (MORE)

What could cause the instrument panel gauges not to work and the car not to come out of park after replacing the battery in a 2001 Saturn L200?

Not certain on the instrument cluster, could be a fuse. But as for the shifter, I'm pretty sure it IS a fuse. Same thing happened to a friend of mine with the "won't come out of park" issue, when he replaced his battery. After everything we tried it finally came down to the relays and fuse box, wher (MORE)

Just replaced the battery in 2003 Trailblazer now the AC Dash vents do not work Everything else works fine Any suggestions Has anyone else had this problem?

Same Troubles I have an 04 Trailblazer and just had my battery replaced as well and a 125 amp fuse. The mechanic at the dealership told me we blew the fuse because when we jump started the suv, we crossed polarity. I told him we didn't but he wouldn't check the dash vent fuses without another labo (MORE)

2004 trailblazer with 105000 miles when stopped and idling with ac on the rpms cycle down and up the truck dies but will start right back up the ac is working fine happened after replacing battery?

Answer . The PCM has learned how to run with a dirty throttle body. Clean the throttle body by removing it and cleaning the entire backside. Go here to learn more of how to do it. Join the forum and get all your questions answered. \n. \nhttp://forums.trailvoy.com/articles.php?do=viewarticle (MORE)

You have dodge neon 1998 4 doors with 151 k on it you were returning from the work when problems started odometer stopped working fuel gauge was going up and down service engine soon and battery light?

Answer . Sounds like it could be a bad instrument cluster. I've had the fuel gauge bounce up and down and the speedo stop working. Might cause the other lights to come on too. If the car is still running. You might want to take the cluster out and put it back in and see if that corrects the prob (MORE)

Fuel gauge stopped working after battery went flat and recived boost start?

I,ve had the same trouble. take off the negative cable, once the battery is charged enough, and then re-connect. This should correct the trouble. . I have the same problem, Audi have told me to check sender unit in fuel tank, if this doesn't show up anything then they will put it on their fault r (MORE)

What would cause rear speakers on 2002 trailblazer to just stop working front still work?

\nI saw on another blog that each speaker has their own amp, so each speaker works independently from each other. I have a 2005 that the left rear speaker works part time, but the right rear speaker does not work at all, but yet the front speakers are fine. I have not taken the time to take mine apa (MORE)

What would cause the gas gauge in a 06 Chevy Trailblazer to not work?

It may be the fuel sensor going bad. I had an '05 with only 40k miles, and the fuel gauge wouldn't come off of E. They had to replace the fuel sensor and it went back to working normally. Not a particularly cheap repair since the gas tank must be removed to get to the sensor.

F100 runs but when shut off it will not start again. Alternator light works when I try to start again. If I jump battery truck will run fine until I turn it off and try to start again.?

Try having the alternator checked at a local parts house, off the truck and on. If it tests good on a bench tester, then bad on truck, then you might have a bad voltage regulator or wiring problem. If it's an older ford, (should be if it's a 100), then the regulator should be separate from the alter (MORE)

Jumped started my 04 pt cruiser and accidentally crossed the cables on battery for 1 sec and now i have no radio and auto door locks dont work and odometer is flashing no fuse 'but checked all fuses?

I recently had the original battery on my 2003 PT Cruiser GT finally go bad and I replaced it. In the process of it dying (and me having to jump it a couple times before I could get to the store to buy a new one), I lost my interior lights, the memory on the trip odometer, my power locks, my remote (MORE)

Your car suddenly stopped while you were at a stop At first attempt you could not start is again you retry again and it started you kept your car overnight without driving it and now It works What mig?

You probably have a 2000 Grand Am. My daughter had the same problem. She had the fuel system checked, and the diagnostic did not reveal a problem. Whatt she does is turn on the ignition and then off, three times before trying to start it. The car starts up every time. I believe the electronic fuel (MORE)

What is the problem when all a car's instruments - speedometer odometer etc stop working all at the same time occasionally and then start working again later on while driving down the road?

If all the instruments behave erratically like that it could be caused either by the main plug onto the circuit board just being loose - it needs pushing back on tight - or maybe it has a worn-out connector pin? Or it could be just one loose wire such as a chassis bonding wire. (Also called a ground (MORE)

Why won't my 2003 Chevy trailblazer crank The battery is not dead We had jumped it off a few times before but that won't even work now?

First thing is, is the car cranking but not starting? IE engine turns but no start? If so check the Fuses, In either case check the fuses in that truck there are fuses to the starter and there is a fuse for the computer one for the fuel pump and many other fuses that will prevent it from starting! (MORE)

Do batteries stop working because you jump start them?

It is possible, especially if the battery is old. It is more likely however to blow something else electrical in your car. Before jump starting read the manufacturers recommendations on how to do it for your particular vehicle.

Why has your site suddenly stopped working?

Your site has been working fine for months and suddenly it stops working and displays an error page or a blank white screen. First you call your Website designer / developer and find out that they have not made any changes in weeks. What's going on? The site was fine last night. There are only tw (MORE)

How does a battery jump starter work?

A battery jump starter works by taking the charge from another battery, such as in another car, and passing it to the dead battery. When the charge is sufficient in starting the dead battery, it should then start charging itself as the engine runs.

Why does my running total suddenly stop working in Microsoft Excel?

I set up function to give me a running total (or so I thought) thatseems to work perfectly for the first few cells, but then suddenlystops working. It gives totally incorrect numbers that don't seemto come from anywhere. How can I fix this, clever people? This ismy first time using Excel and I'm a l (MORE)