04 silverado drivers door wont lock or unlock others are fine mirror remote wont work for driver but will for passenger?

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its the fuse
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Why wont Passenger Door unlock?

Answer . \nSometimes the lock sticks because either the door handle or door lock rods are not fully disengaged and they may need oiled to free them up.If you lift the outside or inside door handles and they feel like there is no resistence to them they may be stuck or if the door lock rod stuck a (MORE)

You have a 1997 Mercury Mountaineer the drivers side door lock will not unlock with the key the auto door lock works some times not others how do you fix this?

I have the same problem with my 99 explorer.I've removed the door panel and sprayed the lock mechanism with carburetor cleaner and it has improved. The power unlock works about 50%.After closer inspection I also noticed a small spring is missing from the drivers door lock and is present on all the o (MORE)

How to lubricate 1999 Chevy Tahoe passenger side door lock which sticks when using remote but unlocks with driver side unlock button or key?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nI had the same problem with my 1996 tahoe, the best way I have found is to get a can of PB BLASTER penetrating oil. Then spray the lock mechanism on the door and let it sit. Then try working the lock from both the manual lock and the remote. If that does not work, yo (MORE)

Would anyone have a diagram of the inner workings of the rear drivers door Lock of a Hyundai Accent 2000 GL as the door wont lock seems the rod that goes to the psrt to lock the door is jammed.?

Answer . i would go to your local junkyard and ask them if they have any vehicles that match yours, if so try your luck and take off the door panel and look at the assembly, and take digital picture of everystep you did to achieve it....then when u get back home you will have a diagram to rely on (MORE)

Why wont the key lock or unlock the drivers side door but it does lock and unlock through the trunk how do you fix it?

It can't be the valet key because the valet key works the opposite...It opens the doors but not the trunk. That model car has almost like a "double lock" on the trunk. If you put the non-valet key in the trunk keyhole and turn the key all the way to the right and remove the key while turned all the (MORE)

Why wont the passengers brake lite on a 1991 Honda accord lx work i changed the bulb still wont work the drivers side works?

it could be the socket the bulb goes into some of them have a spring under the contacts and when it goes it is best to just buy a new socket or do what i did. i went to a junkyard and got one and cost me a dollar. Rewiring is easy since it should only be three color coded wires. another reason (less (MORE)

Drivers side ford Explorer door wont unlock?

Answer . If you are referring to your power door lock on the driver's door, I. know that on my 1995 Explorer XLT, in the jack storage compartment. there are relays for driver door unlock/all door unlock/all door lock/ and. two more relays for interior lamps and trailer park lamps.

2000 Ford explorer driver side lock will not unlock with key or remote It makes an attempt to unlock but will not unlock All other doors will unlock?

Answer . I had the same problem. I think it is due to wearing of the internal part of the door mechanism. The handle on the inside of the door will open it. I removed the door inside panel and can see the mechanism but I cannot figure out how to remove it just yet. The window slide rail is in the (MORE)

On my 97 Explorer. Automatic door unlock does not unlock all doors on drivers side only. Will lock all doors fine. Was working fine until i had car detailed. Now nothing Any help?

Ford Explorer Electrical-Woes... . question...But I feel your frustration, as i had the exact same. I regularly took my 97' Ford Explorer (4-door, 4-wheel drive,. I loved it!) to the dealership for its service and it seemed that. Think), everytime it came back from the service department. ele (MORE)

Drivers side lock on peugeot 306 wont unlock but will lock why?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nThe lock is sticking. It needs to be removed and cleaned.\n. \nIt could also be faulty wiring. 306's are notorious for this. Open the drivers side door & check the rubber piping by the door hinges for damage. Make sure the plug is in properly.\nIf all looks ok, you'll prob (MORE)

Why doesn't your passanger side door locks or power window work on your 2003 Silverado when the drivers side works fine The key Fob doesn't work either.?

Mine has been out for the past year on my 03 and I found online that a lot of others had the same problem. I read that it was either the window switch or the door lock switch on the passenger door, they couldn't remember. I mentioned it to a friend who owns a repair shop and he traced it to the pass (MORE)

Driver side panel wont work on jeep grand Cherokee Laredo 04?

The 04 is common for this if you are referring to the door panel. The wires rub the inside of the opening where it runs out of the door into the hinge area...causing it to break. If you pull the panel and inspect each wire, you will probably find one broken or shorting out against metal....so all yo (MORE)

Will not start until lock and unlock drivers door then runs?

This happens when the ignition has been of for a period of time the car is immobilised even when the key is left in the ignition. The only way to switch of the immobilizer is to lock the system, and that includes the doors and unlock. It does the same in my Holden.

The key is stuck in the drivers door lock of a w reg golf and wont lock or unlock the doors or come out of the lock.?

This is a tricky one. The lock on a VW Golf uses a series of wafers (small brass tumblers) which block the rotation of the cylinder unless the correct key is inserted. If your Golf is newer than 1999, it will have what's called a "sidewinder" style high security key (the cuts are milled onto the sid (MORE)

How do you unlock the drivers door on 1998 Honda CRV when key and electric button wont work?

Not too much to go on with your question -however- assuming that you can open the door from the inside - this could be a problem with the electric solenoid switch that powers the locking mechanism. With the engine off operate the drivers door lock switch in both directions (lock & unlock) and listen (MORE)

When you unlock drivers door other doors stay locked?

This is by design. It's done to help prevent you getting car jacked by someone jumping in the passenger door . This might be normal. I have two cars, one requires a key and the other can use a wireless key. With the key I turn once to unlock the driver door, then turn a second time to unlock pass (MORE)

Why doesn't the automatic door lock work from the driver side switch on a 2000 silverado when it works from passenger side?

I am have the same problem with my 04 to include the mirror remote it work on the pass side but not the drivers have you found an answer yet?. Check out the wiring between the door and the body. Constant flexing weakens the wires and they break inside the covering but the covering remains intact. H (MORE)

Why wont my passenager door lock open or close when you push the driver side lock?

Locks are operated using a air vacuum pump. If only one lock goes down, chances are you need to replace or repair leaking hoses or a leaking system. If a lock goes up or down you know it is not the pump itself. Normally speaking, if you push or pull all locks repeat the process when in proper workin (MORE)

2001 grand caravan drivers side passenger door wont slide open and the door ajar light is on what is the problem?

I have a 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan SE, the drivers side passenger door would not open, I removed the trim which is mostly pop joints and checked the linkage mechanism, which was all functional. After disassembling the lock from the inside and spending hours pondering the mechanical permutations of wh (MORE)

Why does remote only unlock drivers door on passat?

Ok the issue you have is that the comfort module lost its programming that why it only opens the drivers door with the remote to reprogram this feature you will need a vw specific scan tool to change the coding in the value blocks you will need to find a vw service shop to be able to do this for you (MORE)

Why wont drivers door close ford contour?

I had this problem with my 1998 Sable... Cleaned the door latch mechanism with something like brake cleaner and then followed up with liberal amounts of spray lubricants. Actually had to oil the drivers door a couple of times over the first few months. Been good ever since (4 years). Work the oil i (MORE)

Why wont all 4 doors lock with key on driver side door?

Depending on the accessories installed on the car and the way the key cylinder is monitored by the body controller. Chances are your car is not equipped with the capability to do this, however if it did when it was new, then diagnosis will be required; most likely the key cylinder position switch ha (MORE)

What fuse controls drivers door on 04 silverado?

whats up with the door? window quit working or what? theres not a seperate fuse just for the drivers door... if the window quit in that door, its probably the window lift motor or maybe the regulator broke,,, these are both VERY common to these trucks.. hope this helps!