04 Yamaha raptor 660 idle problems?

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adjust your idle screw on the side of the carb its the one with the spring on it. if that doesnt help then take the carb apart and clean it to make sure theres no dirt in it.
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How do you repair oil leak on a 2005 Yamaha raptor 660?

It depends on where it is leaking. The more common leaks will be fixed by replacing o-rings. The most common leak on these engines is the countershaft or sprocket seal. These are replaced by removing the sprocket and the spacer and popping the seal out. There is a small o-ring in there as well that (MORE)

01 Yamaha raptor 660 runs at idle pops when throttled?

Check your parking brake, it will do this if your brake is set. Otherwise, check your air filter, change the spark plug, and clean the carburetors one at a time if the problem still persists.does the machine have a throttle override? I know Yamaha has them on many models. it was meant to retard the (MORE)

Timing marks for Yamaha 660 2002 raptor?

you have to have the 2 holes that are in a line on the cam on the top center and the dot on the top gear top center and line the dot on the bottom gear up with the arrow above the gear to line the bottom gear up you have to have the clutch assembly off. just remember everything has to be top dead ce (MORE)

What makes a 686 on 660 raptor?

Answer . raptors 06 and newer are stock with 686cc, it is also a very common mod to the raptor 660 (01-05) by boring the cylinder from 100mm to 102mm (obviously changing the piston), just for reference, the bore and stroke on a raptor 660r modded to 686 and a newer raptor 700r have the same bore (MORE)

How do you change the oil on your 2001 Yamaha raptor 660?

There is a small bolt in the bottom of the oil tank that is directly in front of the exhaust pipes where they come out of the motor. I cut the top out of an old oil container to use as an offset funnel to drain the oil to the side. Remove the plug and drain all the oil out of the tank. Replace the p (MORE)

How do you adjust lifters on a Yamaha raptor 660?

Instead of going into the details, I will attach two links for answering how to adjust your Raptor valves. . This first link is for a service manual in case you do not have one. . http://www.scribd.com/doc/2601979/Raptor-660 . This second link describes the tools needed and the process. It has a (MORE)

How do you adjust drive chain tension of Yamaha raptor 660?


How heavy is a raptor 660?

A raptor 660 is about 450lbs. When the raptor 700 came out, many found it to be much faster. Not only is this due to the extra displacement of the engine (668cc to 686cc) but they used an aluminum frame instead of a steel one, reducing the weight to 398lbs. The front end on a 660 is realy light per (MORE)

How fast is a Yamaha 660 raptor?

I have an LRD pipe that carb was jetted for on my 2001 Raptor 660. I have seen 65-70 mph on State Hwy 360. I had to get to another part of a course and the only way that was accessible was about a half mile down the hwy. I opened her up and was keeping up with traffic @ 65 and still had a lil thrott (MORE)

What is the Yamaha Raptor 660's top speed?

Stock gearing mid to upper 70's The best I can do for you is a comparison with a modified, (excerpt with site following): I am a very experienced rider who loves to go fast and ride hard. I have an addiction to speed. My Suzuki has been clocked on the long straight stretch at over 75 miles an h (MORE)

Decode raptor 660 VIN?

the 10th number in the vin is the year of the quad. example 2764j6353249656 tenth digit is 2 so wheeler is a 2002. this goes for most yamahas

HP for Yamaha Raptor 660?

The horsepower was measured at the rear wheels on a chassis dynamometer in a 2001 edition of Dirtwheels magazine when the bike was introduced onto the scene. The dyno test resulted in 38 hp measured at the rear wheels. This translates to 44 - 45 hp measured at the crankshaft when using the usual dri (MORE)

Where is the starter for a 2003 Yamaha raptor 660 located?

It is on top of the motor, just below the carbs. The gearing is housed on the clutch side, but the starter is bolted on the brake side.\n. \nYou can see a picture of the gear housing here: http://www.twitpic.com/9w6py \n. \nAnd you can't really see the starter bolts in this photo, but they are b (MORE)

How can you make a Raptor 660 faster?

Put a new pipe on it, a good high flow filter with a pre filter. Run no air box lid and have it jetted (assuming it is not EFI). You could also change your gearing. If you add teeth to the front and/or put a smaller sprocket on the back you will have more top end.

Can a 400ex beat a 660 raptor?

no only if the raptor stayed stock and the 400ex had full exaughst, airfilter(no airbox lid), dyno jets, 440 big bore kit, and other mods

What type of oil goes in a Yamaha raptor 660 transmission?

10w40 semi synithetic 4 stroke ATV oil. motor x bike 4stroke oil 10w40 is the same only more expensive . your local bike shop should keep you right . also when you top up run the bike a min or 2 and check the level again .. im a 660 owner

How do you ride a raptor 660?

hmm well i would say stay off a raptor 660 if you dont know how to ride it and start on somethin a little smaller and get some expirence but if you dont want to get someone to teach you in person not off a screen would be the best way!

Specs on Yamaha raptor 660?

Engine Type Liquid cooled, SOHC, 5-valve, 660cc, four-stroke single Bore x Stroke 100mm x 84mm Compression Ratio 9.2:1 Carburetion Dual Mikuni 33mm BSR Ignition CDI Starting System Electric Transmission 5-speed manual clutch with reverse Drive Train 2WD, chain Chassis Front Suspe (MORE)

Where on your raptor 660 is the carburetor located?

Carburettors are usually quite conspicuous on any bike. They can be found connected between the air-filter / expansion box, and the air intakes on the engine. Usually this means they are located between the engine and the fuel tank. Removal of the fuel tank is almost always necessary to gain access (MORE)

How do you set the idle on a Yamaha 350 raptor?

you need to adjust thecarburetor it will tell how in the owners manual.Also the adjustment for the idle is a gold colored knob that sticks out on the left side of the atv(clutch side),Idle mixture screw is in the middle of the carb under the intake side of the carb(hard to get to)(venturi)side

What is theoil weight for a 2003 Yamaha 660 raptor?

Depends on where you ride, the numbers mean thickness and it depends on temp. Lower the first number the easyer it starts in cold temp and higher the second number the better it can stand high temps. A good 0W-40 or if you dont live in a cold place 10-50 should do a little better. I run Amsoil 0W-40 (MORE)

How many decibels does a Yamaha 660 raptor produce?

I believe its 87 stock, (idling next to my car it sets off the car alarm) most aftermarket exhaust systems will put you close to 95, with some municipalities imposing noise ordinances of around 96db. Many high performance exhaust systems are over this but may include a 'silencer' insert that brings (MORE)

What is the fix for 660 Yamaha raptor 2nd gear is out?

just rev it up real high in first till you think its good then shift real fast to 3rd and there you go. Whoever first worte this answer to your question is a real idiot and aparently doesnt know anything about an ATV or probably cars either! You will have to get the gears replaced,it would be best t (MORE)

How do you change the rear shock on a Yamaha Raptor 660?

First remove the compression from the shock by either propping up the rear of the bike or lifting up the rear of the bike. I tied the rear grab bar behind the seat to the ceiling. You will need to remove any skid plate for the swing arm as the shock assembly needs to go downward. You will also need (MORE)

Where can one buy a Yamaha Raptor 660?

You can buy a Yamaha Raptor 660 at a local Yamaha dealer. These bikes are also sold online at Ebay Motors and Auto Trader. You can purchase a used or new bike at any of these places.