04 Isuzu diesel truck will not shut off when key is off?

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In Isuzu
check engine shut off electronic valve on injector pump -most likely valve is stuck or fuse is blown -use a test light to check for power at the switch on the pump when key is turned on -to clean valve u need to remove the electrical wire with 8 spanner then undo solonoid valve located at the back top of the injector pump -usually a 25 or 27 mm. spanner will fit -make sure u dont loose the the poppet valve or spring and o ring when removing --when its out you can test on a 12v or 24 v depends on truck voltage - battery with live on pin and earth on frame of valve -valve should pull in when given power-
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Why does your fuel injection 90 4-cylinder diesel when it is shut off?

Run-On . \nThis condition can occur for a multitude of reasons:\n. \nBuilt-up carbon in the ignition chamber can glow red after the engine is off, providing a mechanism for sparking unburnt fuel. Such a thing can happen when the engine runs very rich, depositing unspent fuel and particles on the (MORE)

Why does your truck start by key but not turn off?

Answer . \nThis can happen in the older GM trucks and cars (the ones with 2 different keys, square for ignition and round for the door). There are a couple of different ways this can happen. Either the gear at the back of the lock has broken (or come loose) or there is a part further down in the (MORE)

How do you shut off a jammed horn on a 2000 Isuzu?

Answer . Possible causes are a fulty horn relay, faulty horn switch (probably part of the steering wheel SRS module), or a short circuit between the horn relay & horn switch. Quickest temporary fix is to remove the horn relay, but as a horn is part of the required safety equipment on automobiles (MORE)

How do you shut off a car if the key ignition won't turn off?

You can disconect the battery, which i wouldn't recommend. This means the engine is still spinning, and might still be drawing fuel, but it wont be using the fuel. This will either break something outright, or eventualy lock the engine, where you will be unable to turn it over. I would recommend tha (MORE)

Pontiac aztek key won't shut off?

Won't shut off or you just can't remove the key....there is a small hole located under the steering wheel, if you push in a small screw driver or possibly a pen or pencil in this hole and this will manually releases the key. there is a solenoid that is suppose to actual the key release when you shut (MORE)

Where is the fuel shut off solenoid for a defender 2.5 turbo diesel located?

Shut off solenoid is located on the fuel injector pump, near the round diaphragm at the tip of the pump, towards the firewall. There is one white wire (usually white) that goes to it. That is the only electrical connection on the pump. The solenoid iteself is round, with a small male electrical blad (MORE)

1995 E350 diesel Engine shuts down intermittently. On The 7.3 what causes the engine to shut off when you turn the key to the off position?

The reason the engine shuts off intermittently is probably a crank position sensor, this is an electronic part which mounts on the front of the engine. When this goes bad the engine will sometimes just not work, or will work sometimes but then just dies. Fuel shut off is what happens when you tur (MORE)

If your key does not shut off the car alarm how do you turn it off?

If your key will not turn off your car alarm at drivers door lock cylinder, remove drivers door panel, and check the rear of lock cylinder for a switch which should be attached to back of lock cylinder(often can be knocked off when door has been opened using a slim jimmy), if not attach, re-attach, (MORE)

Why does 1995 Lincoln not shut off when key removed?

When the key is turned off and the engine continues to run normally it is probably an electrical problem like a bad ignition switch. However, if the engine is "dieseling" and the ignition is really off, then the problem may be a buildup of carbon deposits on the tops of the pistons and the head and (MORE)

Why won't my truck shut off?

If your truck is dieseling or running on, it could be that the fuelis too rich. Try using a lower octane of fuel.

How do you shut off the ABS light on a 2002 Isuzu rodeo?

Repair the brakes. The light can be set on by a variety of problems from a burned out tail light bulb, to an unsafe condition such as stuck emergency brake shoes, or air in the lines, a bad sensor, or even the ABS module is bad.

Why does the alternator light come on when you shut the key off?

The alternator light goes out on starting the engine when both the ignition source, and alternator are producing positive voltage. When the ignition switch is turned off, the engine, and of course, alternator are still turning momentarily. The alternator is then still producing positive voltage, whi (MORE)

Snow blower won't shut off when key is pulled?

Type your answer here... my areins snow blower wont shut off after it turn it off what could be the issue? Most of the time either your ground wire has broke off or the pin on the key barrel is rusty: Depending where your swith is located you have to get to the back of the key barrel to see if th (MORE)

1996 Chevrolet 2500 turbo diesel Truck shut off will turn over but will not strart?

It could be one of several things. I am assuming it is the 6.5 litre turbo diesel. Your starter motor could be out of alignment and need adjustment. Another thing is the starter motor and/or celonoid could be bad and need replacement. Any number of things could be wrong with fuel systems and intakes (MORE)

Why wont your car shut off when you shut the key?

Hey, Maybe you should check and make sure your key tumbler is actually working...If not replace it. Also make sure your ignition cut off wires are not cross shorted with another wire. Hope this helps. God Bless.

How do you fix windshield wipers on an 04 Avalanche that won't shut off?

Change the wiper motor. There is a cam on the output of the wiper gearbox ( part of the motor) that shuts off the wipers when they reach the parked position. Yours is worn, never opens the internal switch, and the wipers just keep going. To just make them stop, unplug the electrical connection (MORE)

Can off road diesel be used in an unlicensed dump truck?

Yes but off road diesel is usually highsulfur and may cause you some injector problems over time. Very hard to find but look for low sulfur off road. The only physical deference between low sulfur off road and low sulfur on road is a die that is put in the fuel causing it to be red and more easily d (MORE)

Isuzu npr failure to turn off when key off?

I'm assuming this is a diesel. These engines have mechanical injection pumps and will continue to run indefinitely without "ignition being turned on" -- unlike gasoline engines which go off when power to the spark system is cut off. There is usually a grounding system connected to 'key on' whi (MORE)

How do you shut off the key-in-ignition chime for a 2004 F150?

Place key in ignition and leave door open. Chime should be sounding. Get under the dash and see if you can find the source. It is likely a plastic or metal can near or in the fuse box. If so pull it out. Make sure the ignition still works after doing so. Otherwise it is in the dash and you may have (MORE)

Why would your truck shut off driving down the road?

Today's vehicles have computers with all sorts of sensors. A broken wire or a wire with bad insulation can send bad information to the computer. A broken sensor can send bad information to the computer. Check for a bad wire. Check all fluid levels. If you can't find it, you will need to hook it up t (MORE)

The 1977 GMC truck will start but it wont shut off?

Most likely a worn electrical ignition switch. There is a steel rod that runs from the key cylinder to the electrical part of the ignition switch. As you turn the key the rod is pushed down and activates the different areas of the electrical switch. The switch is usually mounted on the top of the st (MORE)

Why does your 04 silverado shut off at 98 mph?

I'd think 98 MPH in a truck is plenty....but to answer your question, just about every computer controlled car since the late 80s has been governed from the factory. It is in the programming. The reason sited most of the time is safety.....most passenger car tires are only rated around 105 mph. Some (MORE)

What causes a diesel engine to over rev and not shut off?

When engine oil leaks past the turbo seal it can collect in the innercooler. This collected oil then can be sucked into the engine and burns as fuel. This uncontrolled oil that has now being burnt as fuel causes uncontrolled revs of the engine resulting in over rev of the engine. Since the oil is no (MORE)

What causes a motor to not shut down when you turn the keys off?

It depends on the engine. A diesel engine will stay running until the fuel source is removed. Gasoline engines need the fuel and spark to stay running. If the engine fails to cut off it could be an electrical problem, mechanical problem, or your may have accidently put diesel fuel in your unleaded o (MORE)

Why will your car radio and lights not shut off with keys out of ignition?

Some cars are designed to do that; and the radio will shut off when you open the driver's side door, the lights will probably "time out" after 30 seconds after leaving the car. if radio is aftermarket the installer gave constant battery power to memory and power leads p.s yellow wire gets constant p (MORE)