04 Durango trailer running lights are inop checked fuses and relay all ok used test light on prongs only able to get power at battery terminal turn signals and brake lights work fine?

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Check ground circuit
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Why are the rear signals and tail lights and brake lights inoperative on a 1996 Suburban and the front turn signals work at a high speed?

Signals fast in the front and inoperative in the rear is an indication of an inoperative (or burned out) brake lamp. Check the rear brake/tail/bu light wiring harness, for it

On your 1985 Toyota Pickup the tail lights and turn signals work fine and all bulbs check out OK so why don't the brake lights work?

I had a similar experience on my 57 Chevy back in the 60's. 1. CheckFuse Panel fuse under Brake Lights. 2. Check bulbs High Beam filaments. 3. Withrunning lights on tap tail l

Your trailer lights and signals all work until you turn on your vehicle head light when headlights are on and you signal left or right the trailer lights blink as if the hazards are on you checked the?

Answer . grounding. Almost always an inadequate ground for one or other the light assembly or most commonly the ground between trailer and tow vehicle (tongue ground is no

My 1998 Ford Contour dash light and tail lights don't work anymore brake and turns work fine fuses and bulbs do check out ok?

you may want to check your dimmer switch it may be the problem. Possibly a bad headlight switch or connector. I just had a `93Sable that the headlights would turn off when the
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What would cause the running lights on a newly wired trailer to not work even though the brake and turn signal lights are working?

Sounds like a bad ground to me. Trailers are NOTORIOUS for have ground problems. Make double-triple-quadruple sure that: (A) The tow vehicle plug is properly grounded to the v
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Dash lights and tail tight inop on 93 suburban but the brake and turn signals work its not the fuse under the dash?

A short in the tail light circuit. Brake and turn are on another circuit. Dash light power is fed from the tail light fuse to the dimmer switch and on to the dash lights. Look