04 Dodge Dakota rear bumper towing capacity?

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Only 200 pounds/90Kgs tongue weight and 2000 pounds/910 Kgs gross trailer weight.
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How do you remove a fender and bumper from a 1998 Dodge Dakota pickup?

You have to have a little mechanic ability to unbolt them and reinstall them. ^^^^that is a given, here is a step by step instruction on how to remove the bumper on a Dodge Dakota 98-99 (i'm sure it's the same for a few other years mainly generation 2 Dakota's), and a list of tools needed. Tools ne (MORE)

What it the towing capacity of a 1981 Dodge 350 custom van?

Answer . It depends on the engine you have, the 318 or the 360, and the rear differential. The lower the gear, the more towing capacity you will have. A transmission cooler usual adds towing capacity as well. My 2001 3500 van with a 360 and 4.10 rear end will tow 10,000 lbs.( I think).

How do you replace rear speakers in Dodge Dakota?

You have remove panels where the speakers are. And not just any speakers will fit same holes. I bought the Sony Explode the small ones that fit the size from a seller from E-Bay. They are wonderful compare to the factory ones. You can actually hear the voice and sound come out of them. But make sure (MORE)

What is the towing capacity for a 1997 dodge ram?

A 1997 Dodge Ram Club Cab, 8ft box and 5.2l (318c.i.) motor has a towing capacity of 8100 lbs when properly equipped. Options that would be beneficial are a transmission cooler, heavy duty alternator, heavy duty battery, and possibly the trailer tow prep package. If you are looking to haul a RV ca (MORE)

What is the towing capacity of a 2003 Dodge Ram?

Trailer towing capacities range from just 3050 pounds for a 3.7-liter V6 Quad Cab with 2WD and manual transmission, to 8450 for a 5.9-liter V8 Regular Cab with 2WD. A 4WD Ram with the 4.7-liter and automatic transmission is rated to pull a 7450-pound trailer with the 3.92 rear axle ratio. So those w (MORE)

Towing capacity of the dodge 318 engine?

Well, the local parade float association tows a 42 foot trailer that weighs probably 7 or 8 tons loaded. Its a 1972 dodge D300 with a utility bed on it and daul tires in the back, its a manual transmission. It's very low geared, nobody has ever gotten going faster then 55 unloaded, 45-50 when its lo (MORE)

Looking for a bumper cover for 2007 dodge Dakota?

Answer . Have you checked JC Whitney? They have tons of automotive accessories. They had bumper covers at their website. Request a catalogue while you are there.. http://www.jcwhitney.com/autoparts/Search?catalogId=10101&storeId=10101&sku=bumper+cover&searchbtn.x=13&searchbtn.y=13. These are th (MORE)

What is the towing capacity of a 2007 Dodge Magnum?

I think that the R/T has a max rating of 2000 lbs., with a 200 lbs. tongue weight. There was also and option for a load leveling system, which changes these numbers. The 2005-2008 Magnums have the same specifications.

What is the towing capacity of a 2006 Dodge 1500 Ram?

Ram's maximum towing capacity is 3750 lb with V6, 7650 with 4.7 V8, 9100 with 5.7. Most likely your tow package is a Class III hitch which limits you 5,000 lbs gross trailer weight and 500 lbs of tongue weight. If you have a Class IV hitch, the hitch can handle up to 12,000 lbs of gross trailer weig (MORE)

What is the towing capacity of a 1995 dodge Dakota 4X4 with a v8?

The owners manual is the only accurate source of towing info. GAWR is only a rating for the vertical load on each axle. Which is not a consideration, unless your heavily loading the vehicle.. GCWR is the total max combined of truck and trailer. With proper equipment, you can tow the GCWR - GVWR. (G (MORE)

What is the towing capacity of a 2008 Dodge half ton V6?

Bumper hitches are generally about 2000 LBs maximum trailer weight with 200 LBs maximum tongue weight. The following assumes that a tow package is installed: 2008 3.7L V6 QC w/6spd Manual & both 3.21 or 3.55 rear end = 2900 LBS 2008 3.7L V6 QC w/ Automatic & 3.92 rear end = 3400 LBS 2008 3 (MORE)

How do you tow behind motor home for 2001 Dodge Dakota?

tow with the drive wheels up this will be our back wheels if you have 4wheel drive tow with all wheels up if you don't you have a good chance of causing tarnsmission problems because of the trans running with no fluid to lubribate the gears.

How do you remove the front bumper on a 2001 dodge Dakota?

There are a flat head nuts on the back side of the bummer, you will need to remove these nuts then pull the bolts out. the bumper (if it has not already done so) the bumper will fall off. If you also wish to remove the braces you can do so just as easily.

What are the 2004 dodge Dakota fluid capacities?

FUEL TANK 2-Door: 83 L (22 U.S. Gallons)****. 4-Door: 91 L (24 U.S. Gallons)****. ENGINE OIL - WITH FILTER 3.7L Engine 4.7 L (5.0 qts.) 4.7L Engine 5.7 L (6.0 qts.). COOLING SYSTEM 3.7L Engine 12.3 L (13.0 qts.)*** 4.7L Engine 12.3 L (13.0 qts.)***. POWER STEERING SYSTEM Power steering fluid cap (MORE)

How do you remove the front bumper on a 2004 dodge Dakota?

Support the bumper with a jack or jackstand . With an assistant supporting the bumper remove the bolts/nuts retaining the bumper to the frame . Remove the inner bumper bracket mounting bolts and the push-in fastners securing the air deflector to the bottom of the bumper fascia . Disconnect any wi (MORE)

Will Dodge Durango rear bumper fit Dakota?

No it wont. The durango bumper wraps around the side. it might have similar brackets but the bumper design is completly different. Even if it did bolt up it would look pretty funny.

How do you remove a rear bumper to a 2002 dodge Dakota?

It's pretty simple, just disconnect the wiring to the license plate light, and disconnect any wiring harness routing clips from the bumper. Then you remove the 3 bolts from each side that hold the bumper to the frame rails. I would estimate that it's about a 30 minute job if you're mechanically incl (MORE)

How do you tow a 4x4 dodge Dakota?

With automatic transmission, you must dolly all wheels, or remove the driveshaft(s) to whichever (or both) axle with wheels that will be on the ground. With manual transmission, you can get away with leaving both the transmission and transfer case in neutral, but if you tow serious distances, like (MORE)

How do you tow a 1999 dodge Dakota?

For 2wd's : With automatic transmission, you must dolly the rear wheels and tow it backwards, or remove the driveshaft to tow it frontwards. With manual transmission, you can get away with leaving the transmission in neutral, but if you tow serious distances, like cross-country or something, the (MORE)

What is the towing capacity for a 2002 dodge Dakota 4x4 4.7 engine?

It depends on what, if any, towing equiment is installed. Here is an excerpt from the Dodge Dakota Owner's Manual found under "Trailer Towing Requirements": "All Dodge Dakota trucks are intended to tow trailers up to 2,000 pounds without added equipment or alterations to standard equipment. Your v (MORE)