03 trailblazer wont start after turning key electric components go out were would you start?

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that happened to me for a 3000gt and i figure out it was a short, something was sparking and was causing the whole car to go dead. i was fixing it at night and that was how i found the problem, the spark was bright
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Why would a car not start and the temp needle go all the way to hot when the key is turned to the 'start' position?

HUGE short in the wiring. i would check for any disconnected wires that are laying against metal. i would also trace the wire from the temp sensor to the dash to see if it is broken and/or shorting out.. Answer . because the car is overheated and its too hot to start. when you turn the key to th (MORE)

What would be the matter with a car that is completely dead and the accessories would go on only before attempting to start it why wont the key come out of the ignition?

Answer . \nThere's actually nothing wrong with your car. If it's a late model, this is a standard feature. Most sales people aren't aware of the feature because they don't bother to read their training stuff. I used to sell Hummers and I first noticed this on H2's that had been sitting for a whil (MORE)

On a 1994 Nissan Altima if the battery is good and all of the electrical items work why when you turn the key to start would it just click?

a few electrical self-help tests you can run to isolate the starting problem are: turn on the headlight & then try to start the car. if the hedlights dim then you are getting a good strong connection to the starter. If the clicking sound occurs then its a weak battery. If no headlight dimming, then (MORE)

Why would a 1992 Toyota celica ST and it wont start it goes to start but wont turn over what is it?

Answer . Hi there,\n. \nthere are numerous possibilities on what it could be so i have listed below in order to change first cheapest to the most expensive.\n. \n1. Change Sparkplugs and leads\n2. Get an auto electrition to check your altinator it may need changing\n3. If your car is EFI (Elec (MORE)

Why do cars start when you turn the key?

Answer . \nThe ignition lock has several positions; Off/locked, off, accessory, on, and start. The start position is what is called a 'momentary' switch, in that it will not stay in that position. When holding the key in the 'start' position, the battery sends current to the solenoid, which sw (MORE)

Why wont my remote start work in my trailblazer?

There are many possible reasons. You would need to provide some more detail on the vehicle (Year) and is the remote start "Factory" installed? Do the exterior lights on the vehicle flash when the remote start is activated? Is the "Check/Service engine" light on? The more info the better.. (MORE)

When you try to turn your key to start your truck the key wont turn?

your steering column is locked up. try turning the steering wheel left and right as you turn the key. but try turning the wheel with a lil umph! That's one possibility, some others are, the car is not all the way in park or the pin for the lock release in the lock tumbler is stuck. Simple fix - get (MORE)

How do a start a 93 aerostar i turn key wont start just clicking noise?

The battery is probably dead. Test the voltage of the battery with your volt or multi-meter, with the vehicle off it should read about 12.5v. Anything less than 12, and you have a dead battery. Try getting someone to assist you in jump starting the vehicle. If that works, make sure there is no un-ne (MORE)

93 525i wont start when you turn key you get one click what do you check?

Start with the battery terminals, see if they're corroded (between the battery post and the terminal. It doesn't matter WHAT the outside looks like). If that's not it, it could be that the battery has insufficient charge to operate the starter. LAST on the list would be the starter or the starte (MORE)

2006 Chevy Colorado 5cyl sometimes i have trouble starting it Turn the key let go of it and it keeps on like I'm holding key too long It acts like it wants to start but wont but will 10 min later?

Your having a problem with the passlock system. Contact your dealer and thell them the situation. They will need to change the ignition cylinder. I had this problem a couple fo years age and it took 5 trips to the dealer before they got it right. They changed the computer module , some sensors, and (MORE)

Why Wont my 2002 Toyota V6 Camry Start clicks once when key is turned?

First, remove the fuse box cover under the hood on rt fender and have someone turn the key over to listen for a clicking sound. If this sound is heard, the starter relay is working. Next, use a multimeter and turn it to 20 VOLTS and touch the positive and negative terminals with the approprate leads (MORE)

Your car will not start when you turn the key?

I have a 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme and had the same problem. The solution to mine was the following:. I had a loose nut on the linkage to the transmission located under the hood. Before the fix I would have to turn the car on in Neutral.. While I was looking at the trans from under the hood (MORE)

1996 f250 wont go into drive when you start it have to shut off turn key slighty put in neatrul to start?

first thing you need to check are the fues cant remember which fuse it is but there is one fuse that if blown will do this other than that have a steering colum specialist check and adjust linkage under dash. there is one part that wears out but can usually be adjusted, pretty much you can tell if t (MORE)

Why does 87 Mercedes 300d turbo does not start and the key would go all the way once but then locks and the music plays and lights turn on?

All Mercedes cars will only go to the "Start" position only once, to prevent the initiation of the starter while the engine is running. Check the glow plug light before you try to start the engine. The light has to go out before you start the car. If the light doesn't come on, then you may have a pr (MORE)

Why wont your car start when you turn your key and it makes no sound?

Check if your battery connections are tight and clean. Grasp them and try to twist, if you can they are not tight enough. -Get a meter, check battery voltage, it should be 11.8- -12,3 at rest. If it's below 11.8 that's your problem. Try charging it on low for 12 hours, It may come back to full power (MORE)