03 plate golf tdi gt150 have cambelt or chain?

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What is ASR on an 02 golf gt tdi?

Answer . ASR is the same as traction control. it stands for anti-slip regulator. dont know why its different on an 02 model blame the germans.

Whats the difference between a golf tdi and golf gti?

\nThere are a number of important differences arguably the most important being that TDI is a diesel engine and GTI is essentially a faster sportier version of the regular gasoline golf/rabbit. Goyette.. \nThere are a number of important differences arguably the most important being that TDI is a (MORE)

What is TDI?

Tdi is short for Total Drama Island, Which is an animated reality show from cartoon network.

Mk4 golf tdi misfire?

serviced my car today and started fine took it for a drive today then cut out like ran out off fuel but had fuel in took a while to start and then drove a little bit and cut out got it starting again but running lumpy what could be the problem

Where are jack up points on golf tdi?

Ther should be little arrows (4 in total, 2 on either side) on the bottom sill under the door, if not, place ur hand 15cm away from any tyre and u should feel a metal lip this can be used as a jacking point be sure tht its not a weak point... i.e underlay of footwell.

Where is the pollen filter on a mark v golf TDI Sport?

\nUnder the glove box. There are two small plastic screws which you take out and then remove the foam cover. There is a rectangular cover at the back which you slide to the left and pull it out and the pollen filter is attached. Easy.

Is the golf tdi a good car?

Yes , I had a 2000 Golf TDI for seven years and loved it. I regret selling it every day. Great on fuel. Drove like a sports car. Very comfortable on trips. Low cost on maintenance. I highly recommend buying one if you have the chance

Timing chain or cambelt on rover 75 v6 engines?

The Rover v6 has 3 timing belts (cam belts) they must be changed every 90000kilometers, if the belts snap you will have to replace all 24 valves, Do not forget to replace the idler pulley as well.

Does the Hyundai excel have a cambelt or cam chain?

My daughter has an X2 1993 and it has a cam belt. All models from 1990 will have a cam belt but I'm not sure about the earlier X1 series prior to 1990. If you are replacing the belt, make sure you buy a cam belt kit with the new tensioner pulley assembly. I found this out the hard way when I pulled (MORE)

Mk3 golf 1.9 TDI cold starting fault?

It will more than likely be the Glow Plugs but there is also a chance that it could be the crankshaft sprocket coming loose. A friend of mine had the same problem and changed the plugs which made no difference, we then checked the crank sprocket, which had come loose and the keyway had worn down all (MORE)

Does a p reg 1.3 fiesta have a cambelt or timing chain?

The 1.3 is known as the old 'HCS' (High Compression Series) engine, no it does not have a timing belt or chain, it instead uses pushrods to operate the rockers to open and close the valves, these are driven by a cam inside the crankcase.

How do you check cambelt on Volkswagen Golf iv tdi?

I need to change the cambelt on my '03 Golf IV TDi, but i don't want to do so purely on the recomendation of the local dealer, as I don't trust their motives! (I firmly believe they'll sell me one even if it was brand new!). Having said this,I really don't want it to break either. Is there a honest (MORE)

Does mondeo tdci have a cambelt or chain?

The TDCi uses a chain not belt Not always! On the Mk 4 TDCi 140 is fitted a Peugeot engine called Duratorq, and being peugeot, has a BELT, I believe part belt part chain drive actually. This applies to all the Mk 4 Duratorqs, 1.8, 2.0 maybe 2.2 as well Apart from early auto cars, when the change i (MORE)

How do you make my golf gt tdi faster?

Well my openion is if your car has done less mileage and turbo is healthy then it worth remapping, put exhaust D cat in to it and induction kit, then it will be blowing a lot of cars away ;)

When to change cambelt on 2002 vw golf tdi?

80k miles or 128k kms. Water pump and idler should also be changed at this time, and any reputable mechanic should tell you this too. Its only another few bucks for the extra parts and a few extra minutes worth of work. They will have to flush the coolant at this time also to ensure theres no air in (MORE)

When did the VW Golf TDI come out?

The Volkswagen Golf TDI is a new car manufactured by the German car company Volkswagen. It is a new car that just came out in 1974 and is still selling until today.