03 murano starts sometimes then will not start computer was replaced still has issues starter checked ok?

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check your battery, maybe it's time to replace it
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What do you do if your 1984 Volvo 240 DL still won't start after you have replaced the starter and thermostat checked the ground wires and it has gas?

Answer . I'm having the same problem ? Do you have spark. It not try ignition harness you will also need to replace control module and impulse sender. You can get qaulity harnesses at http://www.linkline.com/personal/dbarton/WireHarnesses.html#OrderingHarnesses. Answer . if you have a spark,

If a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee occasionally only clicks when trying to start then after cranking finally starts but usually starts ok replaced the starter solenoid checked battery starter what else?

That would be a coil located under the distribitor cap, it is a round disk shape thing with a wire comin out of it, real easy to change even for a women. about a 20 min Jon 2 screws , but make sure you mark your plug wires, you will need to take of drivers side wires only.. good luck JEEPMAMA Sorry

When battery and neutral safety have been replaced alternator and starter OK diagnostic and electrical no issues found key in start position but 2001 Chevy Malibu still won't start what could it be?

Answer . Some of the things mentioned indicated that you were checking things that don't allow the engine to crank but you indicated that the alternator and starter are ok. Does that mean that it is cranking but not starting or is it failing to even crank? The two issues are completely different

Why does Starter keep cranking even after the engine starts I Replaced starter but still cranking?

Answer 1 . There are probably severable possible reasons, but I can only think of a few at the moment. Some of the reasons include:\n. \n1. Misalignment of the starter when installed, which allows the teeth on the starter gear to bind with the the teeth on the flywheel, thus preventing diseng

You have replaced the parkneutral switch starter batt cables distributor module and engine wiring harness for your Chevy 350 and you still can only get your truck to start sometimes Any ideas?

Answer . A shotgun approach to automobile repair is guaranteed to maximize your expense and minimize the probability of actually repairing the problem. Unfortunately, there are many repair shops that use such a method, with the preferred mode of operation being, "just keep repairing parts until

Replaced car starter car still won't. start what could be the problem?

The most common failure is a poor connection at the battery. Make certain the terminals are clean and tight. Also make certain the ground cables are in good condition and not loose. Other things to check would include the "S" terminal on the starter solenoid, The neutral safety switch and possible a

Having intermittent issues starting my car I turn the key and I hear no noise.Sometimes it starts the first turn sometimes 10.I already replaced starter and battery.?

starter solenoid try replacing your starter solenoid also, if this isn't engaging, your starter wont turn & neither will your engine, solenoids are common for causing intermittent faults on starting., also check the wiring onto the starter, make sure its secure & clean. if you turn the key & it m

Is a check starting with 1000 a starter?

No, starter checks typically start at 100 and do not have any personal information pre-printed on the checks. Also, many companies will consider checks under 300 as starter checks.

What should you check next if you already replaced the battery and the starter and your vehicle still will not start?

Since you changed your battery and starter I'm assuming you are getting fuel and spark is your problem. You should check your starter relay, the wires from the relay to your starter, the wires from your battery to the relay, the wires from your locking cylinder to the relay, and your locking cylinde

My 98 sunfire has a push starter switch that was just replaced sometimes it starts sometimes it doesn't battery starter and alternator just replaced it's tempermental what is going on?

Check all the connections. Sometimes the ends of the battery cable are corroded where they connect to the starter and engine. Switch itself could be bad. Try the starter either by shorting across the terminal on the solenoid or run a jumper wire to the solenoid and try starting it several times in a