03 f250 desel heater is hot and cold every 30 seconds?

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Check thermostat, if that's ok make sure the system is full of coolant. If you have recently changed a cooling system part (water pump, thermostat, heater core, etc.) then you may have an air pocket in the system which will make you think it is full of coolant but actually is not, thus intermitten heat. Hope this helps.
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Got a renalt laguna and car is hot but heater blowing cold air what do you do to fix it?

Answer . \nThe two hoses going into the firewall are for your heater core. Chances are the core is plugged if one hose is hot and the other is cold. If so, remove both hoses and attach two 3 ft 5/8" plastic see thru hoses on them ( $3) the pour in a container of cooling system flush ($4)into bot (MORE)

When the heater is on the headlights and middle console go out and come back on every 30 seconds why and how do you fix it?

Answer . It sounds like a defective relay. Some cars have one, others have two relay centers. One should be under the dash on the passenger side. It may be covered by a plastic panel. They are individually marked and you should check the ones marked HVAC and HDLP. The other center is under the h (MORE)

How can you tell if your heater core is not working for a Chevy Malibu 2000 It blows cold air instead of hot air when on hot but every now and then it works then stops Why?

Make sure coolant level is correct\n. \n Answer \n. \nIt could be a clogged heater core,maybe it is a birds nest or a rats nest if the car was stored.Usually replace the heater core and it will solve it or maybe it is the radiator itself needing flushed.also it could be the switch is not thro (MORE)

How do you add a second gas hot water heater?

By calculating the the load required on the existing gas piping to make sure you can get complete combustion so no one gets asphyxiated and double check the flue requirements so there is no possibility of spillage of toxic fumes

Changing heater core F250?

Remove glove box door. Behind that is heater core. Remove the cover,the core is right there. Under the hood, against the firewall you'll see the hoses going to the core. Remove 2 hose clamps then the core will come out from from the inside of your truck.

Can you manually change from heater from cold to hot if actuator is broken on a Ford Windstar?

Yes - BUT - the effort to attach something to the actual blend door, and have to keep it functioning is not going to be easy. I would strongly suggest a repair. The motor itself prices about $35-50 (more at a dealer). I'd guess you could find one for less at a local auto salvage/junk yard. And t (MORE)

Why won't my heater blow any air hot or cold?

Check the fuse(s) first . Blower motor fan - might come loose from the motor shaft . Blower motor itself The reason the A/C or the heat won't come out is probably the fact the fan is busted. My advice is to change the fan.

Is 30 degrees Celsius cold or hot?

30 degrees Celsius isn't cold at all, in fact it is hot, but not extremely hot. It is the average temperature during summer in Australia, though sometimes it can reach 42 degrees! So yes, it is considered hot-ish. It is equivalent to 86 degrees Fahrenheit and 303.15 degrees Kelvin

Why does your oldsmoble silhouette heater go hot then cold?

My Silhouette had that same problem. I found that the coolant level was too low and not circulating through the interior heating system. Once I topped off the coolant it worked properly. I just completed repair of the original problem that caused the coolant level to go down in the first place wh (MORE)

Why does your Montana heater blow cold when idling but hot when accelerating?

why does the fans not work when car is running (on the 1999 Montana car) most likely a blown fuse or worst case the fan is no good. to the original question on why the air is cold at idle than warm during acceleration most likely low coolant is causing this **************************************** (MORE)

1996 vw sharan heater blows cold cabin hot?

can you please clarify what you mean, do you mean that the front heater blows cold but the rear blows hot or do you mean that when the heating is on cold it blows hot? many thanks paul

Why does your temperature gauge read hot and your heater go cold at idelle?

You have an air pocket in your cooling system. You either need to bleed out the system or, if it keeps reoccurring, replace either the intake or head gaskets. Also, try replacing your cap, it normally isn't the problem but hey, you may get lucky. A leaking cap will let air in also. Air in the system (MORE)

Is 30 degrees hot or cold?

Well 30 C is hot, 30 F is cold. That depends if it is 30 degrees Celsius or 30 degrees Fahrenheit.If it was 30 degrees C then it would be hot because it is around 85degrees F. If it was 30 degrees F....then it would be darn cold.

Does your 2009 F250 have a block heater?

most ford deiels have a block heater . take a look between front grill and radiator to see if an electric cord is rolled up and hidden there . pre 25 models the cord was in front of radiator on drivers side . most now are in front of radiator on passenger side . sometimes this cord is hard to g (MORE)

Why does your car heater blow hot and cold at the same time?

most cars have two sections in the blower box if you want heat vacuum oprated valves direct air through heating coils,same with air conditioning vent from out side. if you have vacuum leak you could get both cold and hot air. depending on which one is more extreme depends on which one you feel most. (MORE)

Ford fiesta 1998 1.25 zetec heater blowing hot instead of cold?

The most common cause of this is a faulty heater valve. These are simple and cheap to replace. I bought a new one through eBay for £12. You need to open the bonnet, the valve itself sits in front of the windscreen and has 2 rubber pipes at the front coming from the engine and an electrical connec (MORE)

Why does the heater blow cold and not hot on 95 Chevy 3500?

check thermostat to be sure enging is getting hot. Heater control on dash opens doors to direct air flow. check that cables are working behind the dash control. you should hear the doors open and close. Also there are vacume operated doors. Srart with replace vacuve lines on engine. At the front (MORE)

A bacteria doubles every 30 seconds how many after an hour?

I am not sure how realistic "every 30 seconds" is, but here goes.\n\n. 30 seconds is 1/2 minute, so there are 120 doublings in an hour. The answer, therefore, is 2 120 , or about 1.3 x 10 36 . (Assuming the "30 seconds" is realistic, it is not realistic to assume that there will be enough food for (MORE)

94 Buick Roadmaster no heat one heater hose cold other is hot?

The heater core may be plugged. Flushing it may help. Disconnect both heater hoses from the engine, fabricate a fitting to attach a garden hose to one of the hoses, direct the other hose into a pail, gently turn on water and flush it until it runs clear then swap hoses and reverse flush until clear. (MORE)

Where is the cold water line on a hot water heater?

The two pipes going into the heater should be marked with either Hot and Cold or a H and C. There should be a shut off valve on the cold side, but sometimes there is one on both sides. If the piping is visible, you can follow one or the other to where it comes into the house. The water heater is usu (MORE)

Should you use hot or cold water to flush the heater core?

depends if you are using any detergents some say cold some say hot and some say in the pot nine days old if I was you I would use hot then cold and then hot and cold because then it would expand and contract and hopefully loosen up all the debris and if its a water heater core I would use white vin (MORE)

Why is there a block heater plug on the F250?

Why wouldn't there be? You specifically ask about a 250... as if you know why there is one on a 350... and so on.. If you do, the answer is the same. If you do not, why didn't you ask why there is a block heater plug on diesels in general..

Why does your car heater only work when its hot and your ac only work when its cold outside?

It sounds like it may not be working at all. Does the warm air get warmer that the ambient air outside your car? Does it get colder than ambient air in the cool cycle? It sounds like it is just passing the outside air through the blower but doing nothing to it. Possible blown fuse in the fuse box un (MORE)