03 dodge neon ignition key wont turn it was fine the other day before it turned very cold?

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Could be condensation in the switch that froze.
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Why wont the key turn in the ignition?

Answer . \nMake sure that the shift lever is fully in park. Make sure it is the right key... Key or ignition barrel may be worn out. Try pushing the shift lever up and turn

Dodge Neon 1998 When you turn on the ignition key the car wont turn on but the OIL light is on What should you do thanks?

Answer . \nTurn on your headlights and try to start the car. If they don't come on at all or go out when you turn the key, you probably need your battery recharged or repl
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Key wont turn in ignition is the ignition locked?

So it would seem. If the ignition is in the column it may also be jammed by the steering wheel lock. Try turning the steering wheel and holding it while turning the ignitio
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How do you remove an ignition barrel if the key wont turn?

Its different on different cars, but if its a older chevy once the wheel,lock plate and turn signal switch is removed you can use a small screw driver or punch to manually rel