03 astro van A C only blows out of defrost vent where do you look for vacuum hose?

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under the dash on the passenger side
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What causes the air conditioner and heater to blow only on the windshield and floor with very little coming through the vents on a '97 Astro van?

A small diameter vacuum tube that controls the vents becomesbrittle and breaks. Open the hood and look for a tee connectionbehind a canister on the passenger side. This tube runs over themotor and connects to a port just to the right of the throttlebody. You will need to remove the air intake cover (MORE)

Why does the heater in the rear of a 96 Chevy Astro van blow cold air and in the front of vehicle blow hot only when the defroster is switched on?

Probably programmer, It needs to be checked out. I had the same problem....the easiest way to know is to safely jack the vehicle up, run it until it's hot then follow the rubber coolant hose from rear heater to the engine. You will likely find it is cold all the way to the front. If you remove the (MORE)

Why would your ac only blow out the top defrost and not vents 92 firebird?

Answer . \nNear the firewall under the hood, there is a little vacuum hose that has a plastic disk looking thing in the hose. This piece actually has to do with an engine backfiring, but that disk thing is probably cracked from heat and age. Needs to be replaced. If that is okay or you can't fin (MORE)

What is wrong if air only blows out of the defrost vents?

the problem you are haveing could be a broken actuator oractuator door... mine is in the shop currnetly for the sameproblem. . Under the hood... There is a small "red" vaccuum tube from thefirewall to the bottom of a canister on the passenger side and to a"t-tap" on the block. Mine got melted after (MORE)

Why does AC and heater blow air through defrost vents and will not blow air into cabin vents on 2000 Ford E350 van?

Answer . There is a vacuum switch that controls an air gate that diverts the air flow to the proper outlet. Blowing air out the defroster is the default setting of the switch. Most common causes of this problem are vacuum leaks. Check the vacuum hose on the passenger side engine compartment first (MORE)

Why on a 1999 Chevy Astro van does the ac work out of vents only comes out at defrost?

Answer . There are two questions. First, MAX AC makes the air colder, usually by recycling the cooled air already in the vehicle. Normal AC pulls fresh air from outside the vehicle into the interior. \n. \nSecond, if your vehicle has an electronic control for the environmentals, you may have (MORE)

Why would air only blow out of the defrost vent on a Ford Tempo?

The first answer is correct and heres where the leak most likely is. Under the hood, against the back firewall close to the middle, you'll see a vacuum tree. Several hoses plug in here. Both the Tempo and Topaz I've had this happen to, occured here. Look for a unplugged hose or a cracked or dry-rott (MORE)

Why does air only blow on defrost but not on vents or floor setting on 98 ford contour?

there is no vaccum to your control panel, check from engine area a small little some are gray lines under hood to fire wall check for woren spots or broken lines to fire wall then inside under glove box check if all hoses are good and hooked up not getting vacum to unit or bad control unit take out (MORE)

2002 ford expedition max ac only blows out thru defrost vents?

Answer . Check for vacuum leak--either under dash or in engine compartment. Check for bad vacuum motors under dash. Defrost is the default position for this system. There is a vacuum resovoir located behind your battery , it is for this condition. When you accel your engine doesn't produce v (MORE)

1989 s10 blazer stop blowing through the vent only defrost and heater?

Answer . Thats a vacuum leak.. The vacuum lines (7/32" and 5/64?") dry rot after a few years. There is a "vacuum storage" ball, either on the hood, behind the Driver's side hood hinge or behind the fender, depending on your model. The vacuum for this and the controls comes from a "t" off of the (MORE)

Where can you find a vacuum hose diagram for a 2002 f150 54l v8 My AC switchs between vents an defrost vents .I need to check the vacuum hoses but not sure where all are?

It is most likely the EATC module that controls the temperature in the vehicle. About $500 at dealer. I advise you to try and fix this problem your self. I had the same problem and ended up fixing it within 30 minutes and less then $2.00. This may or may not work for you and it will not hurt to chan (MORE)

What would cause the windshield defroster in a 2002 KIA Spectra to only blow air from the panel and floor vents instead of the defrost vents?

Underneath the driver side dashboard, near the center console, is a plastic control knob with a metal wire/bar connector that is attached to the main directional control knob (defrost, vent, floor vent select knob) on the center console. The metal wire/bar will sometimes pop off the plastic control (MORE)

Your astro van wont blow air out the front vents?

In the past on my 89 and 99 Astros.. When this happens the small vacuum line that runs from the front of the Driver Side Valve Cover to the HVA System on the Passenger side has been broken.. This line runs across the front of the engine and becomes brittle from the heat and can crack or break in t (MORE)

Why does a 1996 town and country van blower only blows out through the front vents will not switch to defrost or blow out to floorboard?

had same problem w/ my '96 LXI. Run this diagnostic check, With the engine running, on the climate control panel there are four wiper buttons on the left side. Press and hold the top and bottom buttons at the same time until lights begin to flash. Ventilation system will run through a check of the v (MORE)

What causes the ac to only blow from the defrost vents on a 94 Buick century?

There are a couple of possibilities. The vent diverters are either physically stuck in the duct work or the diverter motion has been stopped by losing a power source. The diverter is the vane within the duct that changes the location/direction of the fan controlled air movement in the vehicle cockpi (MORE)

What makes the ac blow only through the defrost and heater vents?

usually one of two things. 1 the switch control may not be working. 2 under the dash are dampers which control the air flow direction. check to see if the vacuum lines going to the diaphram on the dampers have a vacuum leak, you may hear a hissing sound and possibly the engine running a little rough (MORE)