03 Malibu starts runs fine drive and get it warmed up wont start no codes ECM has been replaced?

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had similar problem and found out the the neutral safety switch when hot would become inoperative and would not give any codes
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Your '95 Neon starts and runs fine while engine is cold after engine has warmed up to normal operating temp it stalls out and will not restart until engine has been allowed to cool down again.?

Answer . \nCheck the coil pak. Known to do this.. Answer . I own a '95 Neon that is doing JUST THIS SAME THING! Today I decided that I would change the ignition coil, but oddly that DID NOT solve the problem. I'm exactly sure what the problem is now....any other ideas???. Answer . \nIt is (MORE)

What could be causing 1996 buick riviera to die while driving down the road normally starts right back up and runs fine - when engine dies its approx 15 min from cold start no codes?

Answer . Most common problems are Crank Sensor-cheap part, hard to change. Or Ignition Module-expensive, but easy to change. . I have a 98 Riviera stalling out at coast or down hill. Chevy Dealer/Service $70 Diagnostic Vacuum harness, had to order so they taped it off as I drove away and started (MORE)

1993 mercury sable starts fine wont idle or drive it stalls?

check fuel preasure, first I would check fuel preasure,second I would make sure the exhaust isn't plugged causing back preasure. You didnt say if you have a check engine light, also check for vacume leaks or disconnected hoses.You should also check the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor to see if it is dir (MORE)

03 ION Why would it not start in cold weather works fine at running temp or in warm weather?

Answer . The grease in the ignition becomes 'frozen' in the colder weather. When you insert the key and turn, it triggers the anti-theft system. The 'solution' to this problem is to keep a lighter in your car and heat the key up BEFORE you insert and turn to start the engine. If you trigger the a (MORE)

Why would a 96 Tahoe start good cold but not when it is warm you smell fuel bad you have done a tune up and replaced map sensor ecm and it pulls miss fire code and wont reset?

Keep in mind the #1 problem with these vehicles is fuel pumps. As the fuel pump gets weak it can still allow the car to run but, it will have starting problems like you mentioned. Have the pressure tested. Sounds like broken fuel pressure regulator. it is loccated on driver side of engine with vacuu (MORE)

99 vw jetta 2.0 does NT run right at start up then warms up and run fine code says p 1128?

Mass Air Flow Sensor . I have a 99 Jetta with exactly the same problem. I don't have a definitive answer but I am being told that it is a problem with the Mas Air Flow Sensor, which needs to be replaced.. Likewise, I had CEL on and error code 1128. Fixed it myself in about 10 minutes. Went to Sc (MORE)

1989 f250 runs fine until warm then starts to miss and finally dies most sensors have been replaced and also the coil and computer could the problem be in the distributor?

Answer . the ignition controle module is mounted on the side of the distributor, this is most likely the problem. When it cools down it should start and run fine. To replace this you will need some small sockets, poss. tourqes sockets. Good Luck you might check your fuel psi when it is acting up (MORE)

Skoda 120LS wont start but will when bumped then runs perfect but wont restart until its fully warmed up any ideas have been advised could be hole in petrol pipe?

If the starter motor works ok and during start it turns the engine the the problem might be in overal setting of the engine. 1) Spark Spark might not have the sufficient power to start the engine. When bumping, you dont need power for starter motor, so then there is more power for ignition. Chec (MORE)

You have a 1991 ford e150 van with a 350 and when you first start it up starts fine the 2nd time you start it up befor an hour goes by it wont start you have replaced the battrey and spark pluson it s?

I had the same problem on my 1988 and would have to leave it on. On that motor, there is a heat shield that surrounds the starter and if it is not there, when the motor heats up it will transfer that heat to the starter simulating a bad battery/starter problem. Once it cools down it starts fine. Sta (MORE)

C 1500 Chevy runs rich after warm up Starts and runs fine when cold. After warm up runs rich throttle bogs and puts out black smoke like it's being choked.?

sounds like its a carbureted truck id blame the carburetor for the problem most likely the choke is sticking or the choke control is not working. typically there is a spring like coil that opens and closes the choke based on engine temperature (the throttle plate on top and the linkages connected to (MORE)

What if your 1994 jaguar xj6 wont start when its cold but runs fine when started why?

The coolant temperature sensor is usually bad. It tells the computer that the engine is cold and to give extra pulses to the Fuel Injectors to make it rich enough to fire. Much like the choke function in older cars. This sensor is located on the thermostat housing, drivers side front, on the top of (MORE)

I've had the alternator checked and replaced the battery so why will my 2002 Chevrolet Silverado will start up fine but won't keep running?

Engine Stalling Issues Without doing a personal, onsite, troubleshooting of your vehicle, NO ONE on here can precisely identify the cause of your problem. However, the symptoms you describe suggest that the problem never was related to the electrical/ignition systems, BUT INSTEAD... It sounds like (MORE)

When a car starts up and you drive it and then wont start up what could be wrong with it?

Hi, I had the same problem with my car just after I bought it. It's an older model with a carby. I was told because of the heat of the engine it makes it harder to start the car after it has been driven at normal operating temperature. You shouldn't have trouble jump starting it, or just give it a l (MORE)

What is it when the car is cold at starting up it wont drive or back up but when your car is warm it runs perfect?

Your car has to achieve operating temperature before it functions as it should. Your heads which contain your valves are cold and don't move as easily as they do warm. This is why your thermostat doesn't open up until it reaches either 185 or 192 degrees. If you have a cold-blooded engine, you have (MORE)