03 ION Why would it not start in cold weather works fine at running temp or in warm weather?

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The grease in the ignition becomes 'frozen' in the colder weather. When you insert the key and turn, it triggers the anti-theft system. The 'solution' to this problem is to keep a lighter in your car and heat the key up BEFORE you insert and turn to start the engine. If you trigger the anti-theft system, you are going to have to wait 10 minutes for it to reset. Another problem could be in the ignition switch The switch contains the anti-theft logic and is suseptible to moisture This is a very common problem. If your security light flashes when it won't start it's your problem for sure Also if you have the codes checked it will have B2960 and B3033 in the body control module history
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Why would a 1994 Ford Probe GT with a newly rebuilt engine not start in cold weather when it starts just fine in warm weather?

first how cold is cold?? winter -30 or just not started at 0 degrees?? plug it in and go from there. lighter oil mabey?? ACE Answer alot of ford probes have intermitant starting problems, if you look on the internet for this you will see many people have tried many different things from cheap to (MORE)

What would cause no oil pressure for about 2 minutes on a 2001 Ford 150 in cold weather until engine is starting to warm up?

Make sure you have the proper viscosity of oil. 5W30 is what the specs are for a 4.6L engine. Answer You have a serious problem here. Don't continue to drive this truck in this condition. Severe damage is being done in these 2 minutes. Your oil pump may be failing, or you may have a bad filter. C (MORE)

Why would a 1991 Lumina with 250000 miles run like new but sometimes be very hard starting especially in cold weather?

Answer . Take the vehicle in for diagnosis and tuneup. Starting with tune up is a good idea if your planning on keeping the car. It may save diagnostic money. On the other hand if the problem is an expensive repair and you decide to dump the car, the tune up money is wasted. Check your record (MORE)

Your 1991 Corolla runs fine when it is warmed up completely but if weather is cool or cold it runs rich and misses until warmed up - How do you adjust the choke?

there is no choke in a 91 corolla. there is an idle an idle air bypass valve under the throttle body that is temperature sensitive. when cold, the valve should be wide open to allow extra air to bypass the throttle plate. as the car heats up, the valve closes slowly until the only air let into the e (MORE)

What causes reverse not to work until engine warms up in cold weather?

Morning sickness . I was told fluid drains out of the torque converter(overnight)\ndue to a bad inner seal when cold,once the car warms up and fluid is pumed back in the converter it operates fine.I'm going to try a additive to swell the seals,my olds acheiva(96)has over 200,000 and I'm going to (MORE)

How do you fix this 1997 Chevrolet Silverado starts up fine in warm weather now in cold weather acts like it's out of gas in mornings until the weather warms up during the day?

Answer . \nYou most likely have water or water vapor in you fuel lines, try adding one of the moisture removing products available at your local auto parts stores to your fuel tank during warmer time of day to remove moisture from the fuel system. In cold (below freezing) temperatures the water (MORE)

What would cause a 99 contour to not start in cold weather 36 - 45 degrees it will turn over but not start Starts fine in warm weather?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nYou need all the cranking amps your battery can supply in cold weather. Check your battery connections, take them off and clean them and reinstall and tighten. You can use dilectric grease to keep them from corroding. Once you have them reinstalled, and TIGHT, then (MORE)

Why does the heater not work in cold weather when it works fine in warm weather on a 1992 Plymouth Acclaim that has a new thermostat and the core and radiator and water pump are okay?

Flush and clean your heater radiator wich is located inside the car. No that is incorrect. All you have to do is add antifreeze to your reservoir keep adding it till you get heat. You may have to let your car sit awhile on the on position. I know this is your problem because it works in the warmer (MORE)

Why would a 300zx not start in cold weather?

Answer . \nClean the mass air inflow sensor. You may also have some engine sensors that are borderline working and won't cause a check engine code but are feeding the engine control computer the skewed readings. If you have a check engine light on- go repair that problem. LOL

Car will not start in cold weather?

batteries are rated by their number of cold cranking amps or CCAs the battery you have in your car is either bad or does not have enough CCAs to start a cold engine

How to start Alero in cold weather?

IF YOUR BATTERY DIES I found the answer to this under Alero 2002 security system will not let you start the car with out leaving key on for 10 minutes then you turn the key off then it will start? and this worked for me too. My battery went dead and after a boost and several other things the car w (MORE)

Sometimes there is warm weather and cold weather why does this happen?

There are two main phenomenon that affect weather temperatures. There are seasons and there are fronts. With seasons the earth tilts the different hemispheres closer to or farther from the sun. For example, during winter it gets cold because the hemisphere experiencing that season is tilted away fro (MORE)

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Just about anything that is hot, such as hot chocolate, coffee, tea, spiced tea, etc. can help warm you in cold weather. But alcoholic drinks are not a good idea. They give a false feeling of warmth, and actually cause more body heat loss, which can lead to serious complications, even death.

Is it healthier to run in warm weather or cold weather?

Really depends on what you think of as "warm" and "cold". If it gets really warm/hot, people can suffer heatstroke, andrunning becomes tougher. And if it gets proper cold - like close or below freezing - therisk of suffering from something like asthma becomes greater. For marathons and similar, t (MORE)

Why would an engine not run after very cold weather?

There are far too many answeres and guesses to this very vague question, can you be more precise, example...does the engine crank over slow???? fast???? does it back fire???? does it not crank at all???? What type of vehicle is it????what year???? Make Model.. Carburator?? fuel injected???does it ru (MORE)

Does douglus fur live in warm weather or cold weather?

Douglas Fir grows wild in Western Pennsylvania. It is harvested in the winter. It is used to make Christmas Wreaths and Swags. It is soft and plyable and lasts for several weeks as it adorns your house for the holidays.

Why do your noses run in cold weather?

because of the extreme coolness,when you face is exposed to the snow your entire face becomes pink this is because of the shortage of blood .i.e when you do not put some thing warm in your face like monky cap,the blood freezes and it will be difficult for blod to circulate to all parts of the body. (MORE)

Why would a car not start in cold weather?

batteries are rated for cranking amps and cold cranking amps.. in warm or hot conditions your engine oil is also warm and not thick so your batteries do just fine.. now in cold weather conditions your engine oil is thick so your battery doesnt have the potential to crank the engine