03 F 150 Blower motor stopped working suddenly Is there a relay in the pass compartment and where besides the resister?

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It's possible that it is a faulty fuse switch.
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What can cause the blower motor to stop working on a 96 Cadillac Sedan DeVille?

Answer . 1. electrical short 2. bad switch 3. dead motor Answer . More than likely it's a bad motor. Cadillac revised this version with more heat tolerable one on later models. I just replaced mine with the new version and it works great.. a little tricky to remove, but well worth doing yourself. (MORE)

96 villager van blower motor only works on high relay problem or switch problem if a relay where is it located?

This symptom is caused by the fan speed resistor board burning out. It is located on the underside of the dashboard on the passenger side of the van. Right above where the passengers feet would be. It is screwed into the bottom of the heater duct with 2 screws and there is an electrical connector th (MORE)

Blower motor wiper and stereo stopped working on a 1990 Plymouth Acclaim. I checked all the fuses but they seem to be fine. Are these things cotroll by a relay?

Answer . They are things that are all controlled by the "accessory" circuit of the keyswitch, but don't just run off and replace the keyswitch. Check the wiring, see if there is power to the accessory terminal block when you turn on the keyswitch. You may need to find a book that contains a wiri (MORE)

Where is Toyota t100 blower motor relay?

On the passanger side under the dash, behind the blower motor. there is a wire harness with 2 screws unscrew the 2 screws and unplug the wire connector and the relay will fall right out Install in reverse order

On a 2001 town car is there a blower motor relay or a motor speed control somewhere besides the climate control the blower will not run and I know it is good.?

I had the same problem with my Town Car. It had a thermal cutout switch on the hot water line coming from the engine to the heater. This switch kept the fan from coming on before the engine got warm. I bypassed the switch by taking both wires off and connecting them because the price of a new switch (MORE)

How much is the blower motor resister?

Cost? depends on manufacturer. Ohms value depends on resistance winding of blower motor and can vary from a few ohms to around 1000. However, resistor normally has more than one segment and each segment should be roughly the same and on the low side. But basically, if theres a reading try somewhere (MORE)

Blower motor stop working in 1998 Chevy silverado?

Well you got ten years out of it. Put in a new one. . Fuse??? Take a test light and see if there is power to the blower. . Had this problem on my 1998 silverado with blower working on only high speed. Replaced the resistor, relay, and motor. Didn't help. Finally decided to use a test light to chec (MORE)

Where is a blower motor resistor on a 03 trailblazer?

It is located on the passenger side behind the glove box. If you remove the kick plate at the bottom of the underside of the glove box and look up you will see the module with the wire going to it. They are conected to the blower motor and you can trace them back. I you drop the glove box out of the (MORE)

How does one test the resister on the blower motor?

With all the effort and unnatural angles one must twist the neck and body to get the resistor OUT, it's easier just to replace it. Did mine yesterday (Aug 2010), simple. It cost $22 at Advanced Auto. It's located under the dash on the passenger side. You'll need a Phillips head to remove a plastic (MORE)

Operation of a blower motor resister?

a blower motor resistor controls the speed of the fan from low to the 2nd highest by going through a resistor block. The resistance changes on each coil, therefore changing the speed of the blower. high setting bypasses all of the coils and runs at full speed.. You know yours has gone bad if it onl (MORE)

AC heater blower on MercedesBenz 300CE suddenly stop working?

you could have anything from a fuse to a blower motor problem ,,the blower moter is under the wiper assembly ,,, remove the assembly by removeing the 10 mill bolts ,,, and the plastic cover on the blowermotor houseing is held on with clips ,,, also check the blower resistor module which is in the bl (MORE)

Where is the blower motor resistor on a 1998 f-150?

The blower motor resistor is located under the front dash on the passenger side of the truck. It is a fairly simple job to replace...maybe 15 minutes.. The blower motor resistor is located under the front dash on the passenger side of the truck. It is a fairly simple job to replace...maybe 15 minut (MORE)

Why does the Blower motor stop working on Geo Tracker?

Hi,There could be a few reasons, the fuse, the blower motor resistor, the fan switch. Any of these could be the problem but you need to first do the checks, fuse first, if ok then look further. I also hve the same problem and I believe it's the an resistor as I've had to replace one before. I've als (MORE)

Where is the 2006 h3 blower motor relay?

There is a blower motor resister, AC Delco part #15-80647, under the dash...behind the glove box. It plugs into the duct system and bolts in with two screws. There seems to be alotta issue with this area online. I don't know if your having climate control fan problems, but this may or may not fix (MORE)

Where is the blower motor relay on a 1992 Ford E-150 van?

Ok I will anser it myself the blower motor relay is located in the power distribution module (under hood fuse pannel) it is the front passenger relay the one on the drivers side is the horn (I called my local ford dealer on monday to find out)

Where is the blower relay on a 1988 e 150?

The Relay is attached to the sheet metal that supports the Radiator and is located kinda between the Radiator and the Battery.....right next to the Voltage Regulator. It's VERY hard to see and get at......will probably have to remove the Battery to access it.

Where is the blower motor resister on your Pontiac Sunfire?

Up under the glove box, you'll see a cover that is held in by 3 7mm bolts. Take those bolts out, then the cover will come off. After you take the cover off you'll see a round metal thing (blower motor) held in by 3 6mm bolts. The blower motor resistor is directly behind that. You can get to the resi (MORE)

Where is the blower motor relay in a 2002 Sunfire?

The Blower Motor has a resistor attached to the blower motor itself. I'm not familar with a relay for the motor. I think you have to remove the Blower Motor itself to get access to the resistor. The blower motor is under the dash on the passenger side. It's like 3 maybe 4 bolts to remove.

What does a blower motor relay do?

A typical relay uses small (primary) wires to cause points to close, completing (closing) the circuit for the bigger wires that carry the current to operate a device, such as a cooling fan, starter or the high speed circuit on a bower motor. A blower resister unit has different paths for the electri (MORE)

How do you check blower motor resister?

If your fan works on some of the speeds, but not others the most likely culprit is the resistor set. These are cheap and I wouldn't recommend spending a lot of time troubleshooting them.

Why would your blower fan resister stop working?

Because for each speed except the higgest one, to slow the motor of the fan, a resistor is choose and it's a big resistor, bigger to slow the speed and after long use or if the motor is defect (use to much currant), the resistor burn and no currant can pass trough