03 Dodge Dakota daytime running lights not working and killing power to high low beams and interior lights how do I fix?

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i have the same problem.did you find out what it was? maintenance@rescraft.com
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Why might the daytime running lights not work?

Answer . check fuses if ok it should be the emergency brake switch, when ebrake is on the lights will stay off.. Answer . \ndepending on the the car/truck there is a control relay. Make sure all fuses have been checked inside vehicle and the engine compartment there is fuses there too . Check (MORE)

How can you disable the daytime running lights on a 2002 Dodge Dakota?

Unplug them-- there should be a clasp of some sort behing the light. Just push in the release button and pull the plug. Of course this may not entirely solve your problem, I don't know why you want then disabled... Jody Let me tell you what could happen with them disconnected. Should you ever be (MORE)

What could be the cause of the low beam lights not working when switching from high beam?

The simple answer may be that the low beam side is burnt out. Replace the bulb. However, if both headlights have stopped working when switching to low beams, there may be a problem with the relay or the switch itself. If the cost of a relay is low for your car, it may be less expensive to simply (MORE)

The daytime running lights and the high beams in your 1997 Sunfire don't work what might be the problem?

It's probably a bad fuse. Open the driver's door, the fuse box is right there on the left side of the dashboard. Remove the cover and locate the headlights fuse, pull it out and see if it's blown off. The metal filament should be burned or broken in half. The fuse cover also tells you what kind of f (MORE)

Is the daytime running light bulb same bulb as the low beam bulb on 98 Chevy Cavalier because the daytime running lights work but low beams don't when the switch is turned on High beams work also?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nOn my 97 Chevy Cavalier the daytime runnings lights are the Hi beams (brights). Have you replaced any of the bulbs?\n. \n. \n Answer \nYes, same bulb. This means your headlight wires are corroded and BOTH headlights lost the ground, so the circuit is open. The (MORE)

Do the daytime running lights or DRL in a 1999 Chevy Suburban 4x4 use separate bulbs from the low and high beams?

No, the DRL utilizes the LOW BEAM lamps (p/n 9006) there is a green indicator lamp on the dash that shows they are on. when you activate the headlight switch, this indicator will extiguish, to deactivate the DRL's While driving, simply depress the parking brake one (1) click. this only works on the (MORE)

Any idea how to troubleshoot faulty daytime running lights on a 1999 Chevy Suburban 4x4 that has a good DRL fuse and dash light along with working low and high beams?

This may sound funny, but make sure the parking brake is completely released Answer The daytime running lights have a fuse, relay, control module, and a diode. The last three are located under the left side of the instrument panel. They will all need to be checked. You may also have a short o (MORE)

The daytime running lights on my 1996 Chevy Silverado do not work Can you tell you what to check to fix them?

Fuses might need checking . A good place to start is your fuses and then check the actual lights.. I had that problem too, it might be the DRL module under the dash to the left of the ash tray. careful, its next to the airbag lines. it would be about the height of your right knee, if you seated (MORE)

What can be checked that has caused the low beams even with newly replaced bulbs working on daytime running light voltage on low beam but fine on high beam ground fuses and sockets fine?

You can check the ground in the wiring if nothing else works. However, it would also be a good idea to see if you are just making a simple mistake. Sometimes the light-on switch is separate from the hi-beam/lo-beam switch; try pulling back on the turn signal lever while the light is on. It should sw (MORE)

1998 sunfire why does daytime lights flash then go off and the low beam doesn't work but the high beam does?

This seems to be a very common Sunfire problem. It seems GM didn't do to great of a job with the wiring harness. I have a 2000 Sunfire and just spend four hours chasing down the exact same problem. Check the three bulb wires. If you have 12 V on all three wires the reason is probably a poor ground c (MORE)

Why are my day time running lights and low beam lights not working but my high beams work on my 2000 sunfire gt?

I have a 98 sunfire gt and i have only high beams which only switch on sometimes and no low beams just day lights my shop told me it could be wiring or turn signal switch they looked and determined it was the switch so i just ordered it. They can be found on carpartwholesale.com or autopartwarehouse (MORE)

Working on a 2002 Pontiac sunfire the daytime running lights will not work only the high beams Checked all fuses and bulbs?

Ok the DRLs don't work and what about the Low beams. Basically I had a similar problem that appears to be common on sunfires ranging from 98-04. The problem is in the head light wiring harness and there is a short some where in the harness that prevents power from being supplied to you lights. The (MORE)

Why dont high beam and low beam headlights stay on together. Lights work but low beams turn off when high beams are on.?

In most cases the high and low are separate elements in the same bulb and cannot work at the same time. Headlights pull a lot of power and to have them run together would be too much for your charging system to handle at once, not to mention the heat they would produce. Fog Lamps and Low beams (MORE)

What could be wrong with a 1998 Pontiac sunfire where the daytime running lights are flashing constantly but the regular and high beam lights work fine?

I have had this problem on my girlgfriends car. Check the wiring running to the lights behind the drivers side headlight under the battery box. The wires were sealed with duct tape from the factory and the connections have just corroded. It's actually a pretty easy fix but dont put it off too long b (MORE)

How do I activate the Daytime Running Lights on my 1997 Dodge Dakota?

Make sure fuse is installed in fuse box.. Sometimes a fuse has never been installed for this option or perhaps someone else has removed the fuse.. If a vehicle is equipped with DLRs then they have to be activated. It's probably a fuse. They are supposed to come on automatically anytime the engin (MORE)

Left low beam light on my 2007 Dodge Caliber rt doesn't work but the high beam does. what is the problem?

it could be one of two things, there couild be a loose wire on that headlight socket or it could just be that the low beam just burnt out and you need to replace the headlight. brewski hey i had simalar problem exept it was my high beam i tried everything but then my check engine light came on for a (MORE)

How do you fix the daytime running lights on Dodge 2005 neon?

It's called a Daytime Running Light Module or DRL or DTRL module. This controls/switches on the low beams automatically as Daytime running lights, it could be faulty, especially if your bulbs are fine (High and Low Beams both working). Required by law in Canada, but not the U.S. I believe. I just ha (MORE)

Why would your brake lights not work and when you turn on your lights you only have high beams and when you try to change to low beams you have no low beam lights on a 1999 Chevy 3500 truck?

1999 Chevrolet 3500 Bulb Troubleshooting (check in this order): 1. Check Fuses 2. Check Bulbs 3. Check Relay(s) 4. Check Light Switch(es) 5. Check license plate light bulb and wiring 6. Check trailer hitch wiring harness 7. Check all wiring harnesses and wire Most likely its the fuse or a b (MORE)

Why is the day running lamps and the low beam lights not working but the high beam and parking lights working?

most likely the fuse for low beams is burned out, OR the actual bulbs, themselves, have burned out. in many cars, the low beam and the daytime running lights are the same bulb, with less amperage being used during the day, making them a tad less bright. But this constant usage wears the filament out (MORE)

Why wont the running lights work in a 92 dodge Dakota?

Check the top three: Bad fuse Bad light bulbs And if those check out OK, then check for bad wires to the lights. . Chances are good that the DRL module is toast (Daytime Running Light). This is located on the right hand side of the engine as your looking from the front of the truck. Locate (MORE)