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plz answer me that who is the owner of this number? 03329313091
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Who is the owner of Vaseline?

It is owned by a company called Unilever the founder of Unilever is Merger of Lever Brothers and Margarine Unie in 1930.Vaseline was invented by Robert Chesebrough.

Who is the owner of Internet?

Nobody owns the Internet. The Internet is just the name give to the connection that exists between computers in different places. Despite constant attempts by many governments and organisations nobody actually owns the Internet.

Who is the Owner of the Steelers?

As of April, 2008 Dan Rooney is the chairman and owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers and member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. His father, Art, founded the Steelers.

Who is the owner of pokemoncrater?

i don't know the owner of Pokemon crater...but i know the online games of Pokemon the website is: www.tppcrpg.net in this website u can catch,train,buy, trade,sell Pokemon in this website there is no limit of Pokemon lvl.. another website is: www.pokemonlake.com in this website u can do the same, bu (MORE)

Who is the owner of Mac?

Apple Inc. is the owner of all Mac products including, but not limited to, iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air.

What does the owner do in at the hotel?

A Hotel Owner runs the day-to-day Operation and makes sure tht his Hotel and other Departments in the Hotel are making money, a Hotel Owner also has Meetings with his Staff to see how everything's working out and if his or her Emplyees are doing their jobs and a Hotel Owner most likely has to make t (MORE)

What is an owner in fee?

Fee simple is used to describe an estate of infinite duration and of absolute inheritance free from any restrictions, conditions or limitations regarding the ownership. An owner in fee is the absolute owner of real property. She can convey some or all the property or leave it to someone in her will. (MORE)

Who is the owner of Boeing?

Boeing is a publicly traded company, so the shareholders own Boeing. \n. \nHowever, that's not the question you asked: Boeing is not a subsidiary of a larger company, like Sikorsky belongs to United Technologies or Beechcraft used to belong to Raytheon. It stands alone.

Who is the owner of friendster?

riendster was founded by computer programmer Jonathan Abrams, Ellen Lee, and Rob Pazornik in 2002 before the creation, check this link for more info about friendster (Wikipedia) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friendster

Who is the owner of Nike?

Nike actually has two owners. The company was founded on January25, 1964, as Blue Ribbon Sports, by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight.It didn't become Nike, Inc. until May 30, 1971.

Who is the owner of YouTube?

Google is the parent company of YouTube. They took over on the company on th 13th of November 2006 at a cost of US$1.65 billion in Google shares.

Who is Oxfam's owner?

oxfam is a charity organisation and it is owned by arjun mehta pratab singh rathor.

Who is the owner of pizzahut?

No one owns pizza hut, its a Franchise, its headquarters are in 14841 Dallas Pkwy. Dallas, TX 75254. And the president is Scott Bergren.

Who is the owner of Touchmate?

Touchmate M.E. Fzco (Jebel Ali Port & FREE ZONE ميناء جبل علي والمنطقة الحرة) Manufacturer, importer & exporter for more than 650 products of TOUCHAMTE World / United Arab Emirates / Dubai / Dubai , 32 km from center (Ø (MORE)

What did the slaves have to do for their owners?

long ago when people had slaves they had to do everything they were asked to do, that probably envolved cooking, cleaning, gardening and whatever else the owner wanted them to do!!!! (if ya get me) hope this helps xxx (just wonder why you wanna know-you don't have slaves do ya-hahahahah)

Who is Pegasus' owner?

Pegasus is a white winged horse. At first it was Perseus' horse. When Perseus died, a young man named Belleropon blah blah blah.. you find out.

Who are the owners of Adidas?

The company was founded in 1949 by Adolf (Adi) Dassler, whose name formed the basis of Adidas, and his brother Rudolph.

What is a bank owner?

A person or a group of people who own the bank. In case of privately managed banks this definition holds true. In case of government banks or nationalized banks - it is the government of the country that owns the banks Ex: In India SBI - State Bank of India - is a nationalized bank - owned by G (MORE)

Who is the owner of etisalat?

Emirates Telecommunication Corporation - Etisalat was founded in1976 as a joint-stock company between International AeradioLimited, a British Company, and local partners. In 1983 theownership structure changed - United Arab Emirates government helda 60% share in the company and the remaining 40% wer (MORE)

Who is the owner of an estate?

An estate can be two things: all the property a living person owns and all the property a person owns at the time of their death . Once a decedent's estate has been probated the heirs-at-law or beneficiaries under the will become the owners of that property.

What is owner killing?

r killing means that any man who seen his wife or sister or daughter with other man and incest between them .. If he killed her...That is owner Killing Normally it happens in some Islamic countries..in morocco owner killing's punishment is 2 or 3 years jail

Who is Hawaii owner?

Hawaii is a US state- and no one person owns all of Hawaii. Much of it IS owned by the US government, and several million companies and people own the rest.

Who is the owner of rustan?

Bienvenido Tantoco, Sr is the owner of Rustans , which he co-founded with his wife, the late Gliceria Rustia in 1951. The husband and wife combined the first syllables of their last name and came up with, "Rustans". In 1971, he opened the first Rustan's Supermarket in Highway 54. He also served as (MORE)

Who is the owner of siemens?

Siemens (German) is today a public company. About 6% of the share is still hold by members of the Siemens family, which can be regarded as a control post. The rest 94% is made up by institutional investors, private share holders etc etc. Siemen shares is increasingly attracting US. investors as Si (MORE)

Who is the owner of realafricanvoodoo.com?

If you have been scammed by this site here is the information of the owner of this site who also owns blackvoodoospells.com kunaka Charles 14302 merton ct rockville, MD 20853 United States

Who is the owner of atlantis?

Nobody 'owns' Atlantis just like nobody 'owns' Asia if you own something that means you bought it or you were given it. In fact, I've been to Atlantis and I am an Atlanteon.

Who is the owner of ourworld.com?

FlowPlay owns Ourworld. This so far is there only game. They're also working on another game, but you have to play Ourworld and be a volunteer to acces this game. Updated: January 10th 2011. 16:26:32

What is a resource owner?

An organization that has permanent specific control, rights and responsibilities for a Resource associated with ownership.

Who is the owner of www.msn.co.uk?

The answer is: Microsoft Corporation One Microsoft Way Redmond WA 98052 United States You can find this for yourself by using any search engine for "whois". There are many different companies who can do this search.

What do sawmill owners do?

sawmill owner process the wooden logs and wooden planks in different sizes and make it available for the ready use for the consumer.

Who is the owner of Gamestop?

Jermey The Chicken and if you dont know him play the legend of Zelda It will be Easy to find me Im Cloned And Everywhere >:D :D O.o :P:D:>>:D:D:

Who is the owner of Epcot?

The Walt Disney (Company) (especially the Disney Parks Corporation) is the owner of Epcot and all of it's component sister parks.

Who is the owner of corporation?

The owners of a corporation are its stockholders. For a privately held corporation, this might be a small group of people who tightly hold the firm, or maybe a larger number of investors. For a publicly traded corporation, stock is bought and sold on the open market by thousands upon thousands of in (MORE)

Who is the owner of Dilmah?

Its owned by the Fernande Family. Founder - Merrill J. Fernando Now two sons are co owners too - Malik J. Fernando and Dilhan C. Fernando You will see all three normally on tv ads saying Do try it.

What does the truck do to his owner?

Get the hell out of me! I'm the truck and I own myself you man! I'm a truck and I"m useful! Oh girl look at that Ford! I know how to work out!

Why did the owners of the slaves do what they did?

Slave masters took slaves so they would not have to pay anyone to do the work and would not have to work themselves. They beat their slaves: a) after they ran away so the particular slave and other slaves would not try to run away again, b) to make slaves do their work, do it faster and better (MORE)

What is divided owner?

Divided co- ownership allows the division of a building into fractions. Each fraction belongs to one or several persons.

What is a website owner?

Usually the person or company who purchased the domain name that is used to access the website. Without a domain name a website is not accessible from the internet. You can also specify who the owner is when purchasing the domain name.

Who is videocon owner?

Videocon Industries Limited is an Indian multinational industrial multinational headquartered in Gurhaon, Haryana. It was founded in 1979 by Mr.Venugopal Dhoot.

The owner of airplane?

The owner of an aeroplane generally is also the pilot of the plane. Most owners register their planes with the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association in their own state.

Does a partnership have an owner?

Yes. A partnership is owned by its partners. A partnership is an association by contract between two or more people engaged in a business enterprise whereby profits and losses are shared proportionately. Real property owned by a partnership is similar to a joint tenancy as long as the partners (MORE)

Need owner of?

If you are looking for the owner of a house, you may want to check your county's tax records. If you are looking for the owner of a car, you can check with the DMV - Department of Motor Vehicles, in your state.

Who is the owner of Britishair?

The ownership of British Air is divided among the many share holders British air has but British Air is owned by its parent company IAG SA which is run by the chief executive Willie Walsh.