02 trailblazer ltz service engine reduced power light comes on --replaced fan clutch water pump help?

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Use an OBD2 code scanner to find out what's wrong with your vehicle. It will tell you what's wrong and let you clear the code when you're done. If the problem hasn't been taken care of, the computer will set the code again. BTW, why would you replace parts that weren't causing a problem?
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How do you remove the fan clutch to replace the water pump on a 1998 Chevy Silverado?

It is threaded onto the pump shaft. You need a special tool that will hold the pulley and a large wrench for the bolt behind the fan. you can rent the tool at napa. These tools can be rented at any Autozone as well. Ask for the fan clutch wrench set. One Method: If you don't have access to NAPA (MORE)

How do you remove the clutch fan to get the water pump off to replace it on a 1999 Dodge Durango?

If it is like a dodge van the clutch fan has a large nut on the back of it you need to trun it counter clockwise to remove it,it might have locktight on it so you will need to leave the belt on and apply preasure to it as you turn the nut and try some heat some times that will work,be carefull not t (MORE)

How do you remove fan clutch from water pump shaft on 91 Ranger with 3.0L Engine?

First, lubricate the large nut on the fan clutch with wd-40 or equivalent. Let it soak overnight if you have time. Then you will need a strap wrench to wrap around the pulleys to hold them from turning. Next, take an open end wrench and loosen the nut. The threads are left-handed, so turn opposite o (MORE)

How do you replace a water pump on a 87 ford tempo the pump is powered by a fan belt?

the pump is driven off of a accessory belt,YES,jack the car up,and look underneath,you will see a pipe mounted to the oil pan and the back of the block sometimes,unbolt it,and pull the pipe out of the waterpump,now look up at the water pump and you will see 3 bolts holding it on,take them out,and fi (MORE)

Replaced radiator fan fan shroud fan clutch in your 2002 trailblazer v6 right away and still the engine sounds like a jet engine and the idle seems to always run high wth loud soundofair limitedpower?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nI had this same problem and it had nothing to do with the fan but the transmission. The dealership did some computer upgrade and fixed the problem\n. \n. \nThe older model years should have had a PCM re-flash from the dealer. If this problem re-occurs after the fan (MORE)

Repair shop said that the jet engine noise on your 02 TB 90K comes from the power steering pump Sounds like it too Could this be possible Is there a chance that it's not the fan clutch making noice?

\n. \n Answer 1, Noise \n. \nNo,not the fan clutch or power steering pump for that matter. Had same touble with my 2000 Buick. Turned out to be, of all things, the front struts not properly lubricated. Dealer dismantled the top of the struts and used a very heavy grease all over. Put it back t (MORE)

How do you remove the fan clutch to get to the water pump on a Ford Aerostar?

Not all the fan clutch nuts are left hand thread some are right handed. It states which type you have on the top of the radiator shroud. Answer Put a rag on the pulley and wrap your chain wrench around it to hold on and keep the pump from turning when you put your monster adjustable wrench on t (MORE)

How do you remove a fan clutch to get to the water pump?

\n. \n Fan Clutch \n. \nThere are usually 4 bolts that hold the clutch to the water pump shaft. It's often an awkward process to hold the shaft from turning while you remove the bolts, but it can be done.\n. \nThere is a tool available to assist in holding the shaft in place. Most auto parts (MORE)

2003 Chevy Trailblazer service engine soon light?

Same happened to me. It would come on, then a few days later it would go off. Took it to Jiffy Lube for an oil change, and they came in and told me that the connector to the light was loose. So they pluged it back in. And its fine now. I believe Auto Zone does a free diagnostic test. You could do th (MORE)

How do you Replace water pump on a 2006 trailblazer?

A few weekends ago I had to replace the fan clutch on my '06 Trailblazer EXT LS. In addition to getting the P0495 code from the check engine light, when I rev'd it up it sounded like a jet engine. Instructions: http://www.diystew.com/2006-trailblazer/

Why your Envoy 2003 reduce power light and service engine soon?

The reduced engine power light comes on to make you get your problem fixed ASAP! It may be a rich code being picked up by an O2 sensor but whatever it is, the code must be diagnosed and cleared. You may disconnect your battery for 15 minutes to clear the code to see if it resets but if you are no (MORE)

How do you reset a service engine light on a 1999 trailblazer?

Service engine lights need to be read with a code reader for your make and model. If the problem has already been fixed, you can reset the light by removing the appropriate fuse, or disconnecting the negative battery terminal for at least 30 seconds.

How do you reset the service engine soon light in a 2004 trailblazer?

Alot of times your local auto parts store will have free check engine light reader. Make sure you attend to the problem if one exsists but they should be able to reset it for you at no charge (Autozone for example). Not sure with the trailblazer but sometimes if you disconnect your battery for a hou (MORE)

When Service engine light comes on?

There are pages and pages and items that can cause a check engine light. You need to have it checked for codes with a scan tool. After repair light can be shut off with scan tool.

When Service engine light comes?

There are pages and pages and items that can cause a check engine light. You need to have it checked for codes with a scan tool. After repair light can be shut off with scan tool.

You have an 02 trailblazer and when you start the engine the fan clutch engages and it blows normally then when temperature rise up it disengages until its too hot around 250 F?

It should throw a code and cause your check engine light to come on? The code will tell the story. Things that are common problems with these symptoms would be: Thermostat - Usually fails in the open position but not always. Fan clutch - It should go in to full lock up at increased engine t (MORE)

What does it mean when reduced power light comes on and you have little power on a 2004 chevy trailblazer?

Many modern vehicles have a feature known as "limp mode." Thisreduced engine throttling is caused by the vehicle's computerdetecting a potentially serious mechanical problem. It reducespower to allow the vehicle to still be driven. ideally to thenearest repair facility or safe location to stop for h (MORE)

How do you reset service engine soon light in Chevy Trailblazer?

Get the Trouble code read then have it reset at the same time. You can also disconnect the negative battery terminal for 10 minutes and it will reset. If you have not fixed the problem the code will set again causing your check engine light to come back on.

How do you remove the fan clutch to replace the water pump on a 1996 dodge Dakota?

First, the neg. battery cable should be removed from the battery, the appropriate belts should be removed, the rad should be drained to at least as low as the bottom of the water pump's lowest point, and the top rad hose should be removed. Then the fan shroud bolts should be removed. The fan and clu (MORE)

Why does the engine power reduced light come on in a 2005 Chevy Cobalt?

Check the gas pedal. My daughters engine power reduced message came on and we thought it was the battery and alternator. We replaced those and the car still was doing the same thing--(loss of power only would go 50 mph). We were told it was the gas pedal. We had it changed and the sensor changed and (MORE)

Reduce engine light comes on and the car stops accelerating the engine service light is on continuously?

The check engine light (service engine soon) comes on and stays on when a problem is detected by the self diagnosis system of your vehicle. Generally, the problem is in the emissions or something that is affecting the effectiveness of the emissions, but other causes can trigger the light to come on, (MORE)

How do you replace the fan clutch wiring harness on a 2003 trailblazer?

Just did this myself on my 2002 TB. Not sure how old your question is... but for future reference (since I don't see any other related help out there for this thing, most people just change out the entire fan clutch): Step 1: Loosen the bolts that attach the Radiator Fan to the Fan Clutch. (MORE)

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What are the apps that come with the iPhone 5c?

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