02 trailblazer engine goes to idle when running 65 mph or more this has only happened when pulling a trailer it will run fine when you pull over and let it sit for a second or so then it will do it ag?

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It's probably fuel starved. check the fuel filter. i am having the same problem only now it happend when i was not towing. i changed my fuel filter and it still did it. i think it may be a fuel pump going bad. i did take it to a shop but they had no clue what they were doing and told me that my truck was fine. i told them to test the pump with a guage but i don't think they did it right.please let me know what you find. thanks. ssanga02@aol.com
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What causes an engine to stall at idle but run fine over 1000 RPM?

Your throttle body is probably dirty,The throttle body has a hose from the air filter housing attached to it,the throttle body is attached to the intake phlenum.Take the hose

What might happen if you are pulled over and found to have insurance that has run out?

%REPLIES%. Answer . If your issurance has run out and you are pulled over what happens can depend on your driving history. If your driving record is good the worse that ma

Your car was running hot and it overheated you pulled it over and got towed to the garage What are the chances your engine is blown only could smell antifreeze?

Answer . If you stopped as soon as it overheated, you probably have no damage, unless the head gasket has blown. This would require replacing the head gasket and possibly r

99 Seville SLS - Any solutions when experiencing a rough idle run when starting cold that goes away after a minute or so and only happens when cold?

It could be a bad head gasket. Coolant gets in the combustion chambers and makes it hard to light the mixture. Check for exhaust smells in the coolant reservoir or gurgling

Briggs and stratton engine over idles runs so fast that oil spits out can only be shut off by pulling spark plug wire?

The governor is stuck, causing the engine to over-speed and not return to regular idle speed. You can check the travel of the governor by moving it back and forth with your fi

I cut off the car the ck engine light goes off a doesn't come back til I go over 65 mph It run fine I had it check they didn't find anything but the check engine light still come on it doesnt stay on?

The check engine light turns on to inform the driver that the computer has detected a 'fault' and that the driver should address the problem. If the light is on constantly, it
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What causes a 1995 cirrus to run fine 1 minute then engine light comes on car gets sluggish till you pull over restart car then light goes out till next time?

The check engine light comes on and stays on when a problem is detected by the self diagnosis system of your vehicle. Generally, the problem is in the emissions or something t
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Why does my 2000 Chevy Tahoe with 5.3 engine show its overheating only when you pull a trailer an usually when you get over 55mph?

Sounds like a stopped up radiator. Do this to check it. Drive it about 4 to 5 miles and then bring it back home and turn it off. Open the hood and take your hand and reach ins