02 tacoma that wont start new fuel filter and has fuel to the throttle body will run if starting fluid then dies?

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You have a fuel pressure problem it sounds like b/c you spray starting fluid & the car runs & then shuts off after the fluid has burned off. If you continued with this starter fluid - it would keep running. So if you had adequate fuel pressure - the car would run. Maybe faulty fuel pump or vacuum loss in fuel system not allowing fuel to flow where it is needed.
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What is wrong if you have replaced the fuel pump fuel filter and ignition module on a 1992 Tracker and it will still only run with starting fluid?

Answer . \nIt's probably the computer. Answer . \nit is most likely to be the map sencer located on hose coming from air cleaner.make sure hose does not have a hole in it. Answer . Replace the ECM capacitors that have burnt out or simply replace the ECM!. Answer . \nI have a 92 and th (MORE)

You have a 91 Plymouth Voyager 4 cyl it was cutting out sounded like running on 2 cyl you changed the fuel filter plugs plug wires dist cap now it barely starts it wont idel dies when you let off gas?

Answer . 1. Inspect AIR CHARGE SENSOR \n\n Damaged or faulty air charge sensor or air \n\n\n\n\n \n charge sensor circuit.\n. \n2. Inspect AIR CLEANER TEMPERATURE SENSOR Damaged or faulty air cleaner temperature \n\n\n\n\n \n\n sensor or air cleaner temperature sensor \n\n\ (MORE)

92 Camaro Rs and have just recently changed the fuel filter on it and after you did the car stopped starting you tried to start it by spraying starter fluid in the throttle body whats the problem?

First turn your key on and listen for the fuel pump to pressurize the lines. Then check to see if the fuel is leaking from the new filter. If it is you may have got the connection wrong. If that's the case your engine is not getting the proper fuel pressure to run. Hence its sucking air. If that doe (MORE)

Engine starts then runs rough when cold for 5 seconds then fine Only when vehicle has been parked for 5 or more hours changed plugs fuel filter PCV air filter and cleaned throttle body Any suggestions?

Answer . Hmm, if it only runs rough for 5 seconds, I doubt a coolant temperature sensor could do it. Any codes stored?\n. \nActually, I'm thinking you may have one or more injector leaking. Do you notice a puff of black smoke upon startup? Were the plugs carboned up at all? Does it take a littl (MORE)

Why does a 1988 Toyota Supra non-turbo start and then die and do the same if gas is sprayed directly into the throttle body after the fuel filter and fuel pump have been replaced?

Try replacing the fuel injectors. They are expensive but you may try RC injectors. www.rceng.com is the site to go to. They were a cheaper alternative to me...Hope they can help you too. Answer There's a good chance your fuel injectors are bad. I had the same problem and had them replaced, starts (MORE)

Why won't your 1996 Chevy truck 5.0 fuel injected start even though you are getting fuel up to the throttle body it will run if you put fuel into the throttle body until it burns it out?

Answer . Possibly inadequate fuel pressure. I forget the Minimum acceptable pressure, but that's easy enough to have checked.. It has to have no less then 9 LBS. And no more then 13 LBS. to start and run. You need to take the fuel line loose on the tank side of the filter and install a press (MORE)

1998 Pontiac Sunfire It starts and runs great and will run till you turn it off then it wont start again for a couple days I changed the fuel filter that wasn't it?

To get started ...... . \nGosh, this is another question that doesn't quite give us enough information.\nI'm guessing that even though the car won't start sometimes, that it DOES\nturn over. In other words, it's not a battery/starter problem?\nIs your check engine light on, or has it been on rece (MORE)

My 1993sable won't start has new fuel pump and new fuel 1ilter new fuel pressure regulator and no pressure on the fuel rail but it will start if you use starting fluid and run fine all day long?

try changing the fuel pressure regulator which is located on the front fuel rail. when you put the new one in make sure you put some lubricant on the o ring to keep from damaging it. . Make sure the vacuum hose going to the fuel pressure regulator is good. The vacuum hoses wear/collapse and break (MORE)

1991 Audi 80 5cyl has fuel delivery problem pump appears to work gas comes out of filter car tries to start very briefly catches then dies will run on constant starter fluid?

Answer . car has mechanical fuel injection, so a dirty jet or jet setting is very unlikely. check the rubber boot that runs to the intake plenum for cracks. may also be a fuel distributor issue, or dirty injectors.. maybe a dirty jet or carby also check that the fuel pump still goes while moter (MORE)

93 Subaru Legacy 2.2 MFI have fuel on eng side of fuel filter can start and maintain idle with starting fluid but will not stay running no fuel any suggestions?

Answer . First check fuel pressure with a gauge and make sure it is within specs. needs to have sufficient pressure to push fuel through injectors. Air cleaner neck must also be installed for vehicle to get proper mass air flow meter signal to ecm.(all hoses to air cleaner neck must also be ho (MORE)

Your 1997 crown Victoria wont start when gas is sprayed into intake it runs briefly you just put a new fuel pump and fuel filter into it also Its apearently not getting gas?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nYou need to check for fuel pressure in the fuel rail, check for proper operation of the fuel pump relay, and make sure the computer is detecting that the engine is running.\n. \n. \n. \n. \nOn many FORD cars they use a relay switch which is usually located on the drive (MORE)

You just replaced the fuel pump in your 1989 gmc k1500 with a 5.7 tbi It get fuel up to the throttle body And it still wont start what else could be wrong?

Answer Is the injector actually jetting fuel into the throttle body? Ifnot the injector could be fouled. Make sure you have spark from the plugs. If not check the coil\distributor. if that doesnt work, make sure the vehicle is not backfiring because that is caused by a bad timing.. check your injec (MORE)

What if your 92 grand prix will start but not stay running when the throttle is pressed Is this a fuel problem?

Answer . I have a 1995 Grand Prix, and it was doing that same thing. I checked all I could think of , Wires Plugs, Vaccum Leaks, PVC Valve, Fuel Filter, and at last I checked Battery Volts and it was weak to say the least,so I knew the Battery was old so I put in a new one,and that was it. Car ha (MORE)

Why would a 1988 Chevy silverado die on road replaced fuel pump and still no start but it runs with starting fluid thens dies with out the starting fluid?

Check fuel injectors at the harness plug at the injector, with key ON, engine off. There will be 2 wires at the injector plug, 1 while using a ohm and volt meter, and 1 wire should have battery voltage with key on at all times, the other wire use a test light and back probe while someone else is cra (MORE)

87 Jeep Cherokee-inline 6 4.0Lt and it will not stay running. It will start with starting fluid dies soon as the fluid is burned up. replaced Fuel tank pump assembly filter near rear axle..more....?

continued...replaced - air filter, battery, distributor cap & rotor button, sparkplugs & wires. Cleaned the carbon build-up in the throttle-body intake. After adding either (starting fluid) to the air-intake the jeep will start and run rough for a second or two and then die, may re-start once or tw (MORE)

Your 87 Camry 4cyl wont start it runs with starting fluid sprayed in it you just replaced the fuel filter it has gas in it it acts like the fuel inertia switch is open but you cant find the switch?

Make sure the fuel pump is functioning properly. A faulty fuel pump is far more common than the switch. If the fuel pump is receiving voltage but does not build pressure, you have a faulty fuel pump. Often a failing fuel pump will cause the fuel pump fuse to fail. People tend to want to blame the co (MORE)

2000 rodeo will not start died while driving. thought i ran out of fuel. changed fuel filter also fuel pump but still wont start. just cranks but no fire.?

Try checking the oil packs for spark.Happened to me on my trooper.The second time it happened it was a broken wire to the fuel injection.I also replaced the gas filter to no avail.Hope this helps.. I accidentally typed in oil packs.It should be coil packs for spark. also check for any broken wire (MORE)

I have a 1996 Chevrolet 1500 I replaced the fuel pump and the filter still will not start if I dump gas in the throttle body it will fire but will not run what is my next step Thanks?

Possibly something wrong with CSFI ( central sequential fuel injection)system. Or maybe wrong fuel pump installed. If fuel system is TBI (looks like a carb.) then maybe aproblem with fuel pressure regulator. You could also have an electrical issue, check for power at the the fuel pump. Uses a fuse a (MORE)

What could be problem on 1990 GMC 5.7 engine with throttle body Pour fuel in and engine will start and run at high RPM. Lower RPM it dies. Checked compressiongood. Checked vacuum leaksokay?

I would look into the throttle position sensor first, make sure it's adjusted correctly. Next thing to look into is the engine coolant temperature sensor. It is connected by 2 wires 1 black 1 yellow at the front of the intake manifold. That being broken, or malfunctioning could cause it to tell the (MORE)

You have 45 to 50 lbs fuel pressure at the release valve have spark voltage and 96 blazer still wont start you can dump fuel into throttle body and it starts and runs til fuel runs out Fuel pump or re?

First off,Your fuel pressure is too low..... Specs are 55 - 61 psi. These vehicles will not start/run if pressure is even 1 psi below specs.... sounds like a fuel pump problem.also,these are known for corroded/faulty connectors at the fuel pump module and new pumps come with an updated wiring har (MORE)

Have 91 Toyota 4 Runner with V6 hard to start and only bearly runs for a few seconds with or without throttle pressed all the way down has new fuel pump filter plugs cap rotor?

Diagnosis: Engine Won't Start or Run WHEN AN ENGINE WON'T START Every engine requires four basic ingredients to start: sufficient cranking speed, good compression, adequate ignition voltage (with correct timing) and fuel (a relatively rich air/fuel mixture initially). So any time an engin (MORE)

You have spark and fuel but it wont start?

It may have wrong timing. May be, the electrical wiring are not fixed properly, e.g, they are opposite. There can be different reasons. i was chasing down a tail light problem and blue a fuse. i still have that problem? fusible link?

Why wont your 1992 silverado start after running out of fuel?

Turn the key on,DO NOT try to start wait 3 seconds are until you hear the pump quite then turn the key off and wait 1 minute then turn key back on again until you hear the pump quit again. Repeat these steps about 4 times. Then start the engine. If you can't here the fuel pump running then the fuel (MORE)

Put in new fuel filter and car still will not start?

Still won't start? Does that mean it didn't start before you replaced the filter? Obviously it wasn't the filter. Get back to basics. Test for spark and fuel. A filter is almost never the cause of a no-start.