02 ranger edge high pitched whistle under the hood not belt noise was told might be a sensor any thoughts?

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a vacuum leak can often cause a whistle sound.
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Why is your 2003 mitusbishi galant making a high pitched noise when it starts after having the belts changed?

Answer . Sometimes this is normal for a new belt until it breaks in alittle bit. If it is still doing it then the belt could be too tight or just a little too loose. If it is too loose the tensioner might be bad and need replaced. If it is too tight it is possible to have the belt routed wrong. Th (MORE)

Why does your jeep make a high pitch whistling sound?

On my 89 XJ it's the 4 roof mounted deer whistles positioned below the front roof rack bar. Whistle about 55 - 60 mph. I travel 60,000 km per year. Yes the deer whistles do deter the deer. It could be your side mirrors or a trim strip, per haps at the window. Or some weather strip leakage at the doo (MORE)

Where is the noise coming from under the hood of your 1996 grand voyager van after you have change out the belt the tenisor wheel and idle wheel?

Answer . The noise can be 1 of acouple of things, could be that the belt is on slightly crooked... or dirt being on belt and tensioner pulley or the tensioner pulley is on slightly crooked causing the noise... the belt wont slip off, but it will just make that noise... just put some oil on the b (MORE)

What is the high pitch whistle in your c 230?

Are you getting this whistle when the car is stopped? If so, shut the radio off and see if it still exist. If it does, then shut the blower/fan down. If it goes away, then it is more than likely the bearings on the blower motor.

There is high pitch noise from the hood of my car - mercury sable 1998. Trends to get worse at higher speeds.?

Sounds like it is your belt. Look under your hood and find a belt that seems to be routed around lot of things, up and under, a long belt. Look and see if it looks worn, and it so, this may be your problem, you need to have that belt changed out if so. Could be a bad bearing in one of the belt dri (MORE)

02 mountaineer with a bad noise from the belt you replaced the belt the idler pulley and the tensioner pulley any ideas?

If you have replaced the belt, tensioner and idler pulleys, then the problem could be the water pump bearing, alternator bearing, camshaft bearings, power steering pump or any of the items attached to the serpentine belt. You may try to isolate the sound by listening with a length of rubber hose (MORE)

My 02 olds alero has no power and is also making a whistling noise?

you likely have a vaccum leak- check the big 3/8 id hase leading to your vaccum booster for your brakes- it might have been pulled out. if not look around for cracked or broken vaccum lines- if no avail get a can of carb cleaner, start the engine & spray alon the throttle body, intake, vac hoses, et (MORE)

High pitched noise?

It could be your shocks, connection between you tire or your brakes could need a good oiling.

What makes a metal on metal and a high pitch sound under the hood of an automobile?

Generally that metallic sound is really coming from your front disc brake sensors, they make a squealing sound when they wear down to a certain thickness of the brake pads allowing a small metal bracket called a brake sensor to rub upon the disc brake rotor in order to aleert the driver its time for (MORE)

What causes a popping sound under the hood of an 01 ranger?

P You're going to have way more detail than that! If it is an electrical sound (Fast buzz) then look at your plug-wires in a dark setting. If it's a firecracker pop sound, then inspect your manifold for cracks or blown gasket or leaks.

88 Chevy K1500 Truck What would cause a high pitch screeching sound under hood it is not the serpentine belt but seems to be coming from an internal pump or bearing?

You need to remove the serpentine belt, And then start engine and see if the noise goes away with the belt off. That will eliminate all the things that the belt runs. If your noise is still there with the belt off, then ask your question again saying that you have removed the belt and you have a h (MORE)

How high pitched is a dog whistle?

\n. \nA dog whistle is very high pitched. Typically, a dog whistle is within the range of 16,000 Hz to 22,000 Hz. Humans can only hear frequencies between 20 and 20,000 Hz while dogs hear frequencies between 40 and 60,000 Hz. That's why these whistles seem silent or nearly silent to humans but do (MORE)

What causes a noise under the hood when the air conditioning is on in the car?

I'm not a mechanic but these are the culprits that I've experienced:. 1. If you turn off the AC and there is no more noise then:. a. Your compressor belt may be loose. Check the tension of the belt near the AC compressor. If the belt seems loose a +/- 1/2 inch give then it's too loose. If the Belt (MORE)

Why does your monitor have a high pitched noise?

There are many small transformers and electronic oscillators in a CRT monitor which scan the electrons across the screen, blank them at the end of a line and return the beam to the left of the screen in order to start the scan again. These transformers have alternating currents flowing through them (MORE)

Your Dodge Caravan is making a whistling noise could this be the belt?

I have a 2008 Dodge Caravan that whistles when either I reach a speed between 65 - 75 or when a strong wind comes from the front left corner of the vehicle. Took it to the dealership when I noticed the front fender came loose where it meets thefender well. They replaced the fasteners to reattach the (MORE)

How can I have everything under the hood new and still have a whistling noise?

This question has information missing. Make model year engine are all required. In short my Diesel has a turbo whistle all the time that is normal Many Diesels make this noise. Whistles are often wind noise and caused by other than mechanical faults, so this car needs to be shown to a qualified pers (MORE)

When you press on the gas why is there a noise under the hood?

Some of the reasons that there could be a noise under the hood when pressing the gas follow: . Clattering: This in most cases could be from the valves getting too hot. This could be any cause, from the car over heating to the catalytic converter being clogged. If you are hearing a clattering nois (MORE)