02 radio dont play car wnt start all lights comes on what is it?

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Remove the radio and see if everything is normal. If yes put another one (known to be working well) in and see if the car starts. If yes then the older radio is faulty. If not then get the electrical system (including battery alternator) thoroughly checked.
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In a 02 VW Beetle GLs the Water Temp light comes on when car starts and goes off after 10-20 min of driving is something wrong with coolant system?

It is perfectly normal if it is blue. It is telling you that the car has not completely warmed up yet. You can drive it, but shouldn't "push" it. Drive at lower speeds for just a few minutes until the car has heated up and the light will go out. This information came from my owner's manual which als (MORE)

Why would your 1987 Buick LeSabre's engine cut out when you put it in Park and now the car will not start although power comes to lights radio etc when the key is turned?

Answer . \nI have the same problem with a 1993 Buick Le Sabre. We can not find anything wrong.. Answer . \nI have the same problem with a 2000, no "check engine" light come on and no codes show up. Does anyone have any answers?. Answer . Engine cut out in park: HAD SAME PROB ON `90 WAS C (MORE)

Why won't a 96 Maxima start but the lights and radio come on?

Answer . \nit could be a number of things but the usual causes are the neutral safety switch or an "open" in the starting circuit or simply a bad conection,at battery or starter. Try putting your vehicle in neutral and then try turning it on.if is manual transmission instead of the neutral safety (MORE)

What could be wrong with a 1991 Ford Escort LX 2dr hatch back if the car won't make a sound when you try to start it but the all the lights and radio come on?

Actually, if the battery is bad it will click or turn over very slowly. If all the electronics work and there is no noise, it is the starter. Take a small hammer and tap very lightly on the starter (sometimes there is a label on the starter, aim there). This is only tempary and you will eventuall (MORE)

Your car wont start when turning the ignition you hear a clicking sound The radio and lights come on The starter and battery are about 2 months old what do you think?

Answer . Did you buy the battery from new or was it a spare? Clicking sound when trying to turn key in ignition is usually low battery. The radio and lights may still work for a few minutes if there is enough charge left but the engine wont turn over. Turn off all lights, alarm and radio - wait 20m (MORE)

How do you fix the radio and time lights in the head unit of a 1998 Eddie Bauer Explorer when they started fading in and out and now don't come on at all?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nreplace the head unit\n. \nThis is a very common problem with the head units in that year since Ford Mo. Co. switched from Pioneer oriental units(Mach and Premium packages,the ones with the problems) to the Visteon-latin manufactured head units(do not give problems a (MORE)

You changed the alternator on a 92 Acura Legend But now your car wont start .all the lights come on but car wont start?

well first off honest alternator wouldn't really have anything to do if car doesnt start what i can advise would be check starter that's more than likely it... hmmm hang on whaen u replaced alt? did you put all the wires and clips on correctly because there is a wire that is hooked to starter that g (MORE)

Pontiac Grand Prix 1995 you put key in ignition lights and radio come on but car will not turn over no clicks no sound.it will start after i play with the steering collum and take my key in and out?

Check on the dashboard if there's a security light on or flashing it probably is because the cables from the vats key have broken off the ignition. you would need to replace the ignition switch. I've been an automotive locksmith 12 years -- You may also want to check your fuse box connec (MORE)

If your car does not start but all the lights and radio come on and it starts after a jump what happened?

1. Battery could have a weak cell. 2. Brushes on starter motor may be worn. 3. check battery connection at battery for good connection. 4. either positive or negitive battery cable broken at connector. 5. starter solenoid not working and allowing starter to spin engine over to start. 6. (MORE)

You put a new starter on your car all lights come but it still want start?

Answer . this just happened to us -- after installing new starter, it turned out that the battery connection was not correct -- auto parts store checked and cleaned terminals and fixed connection, all for free.. Answer . this just happened to us -- after installing new starter, it turned out (MORE)

Why would the ABS light come on in a car and then the car not start?

The ABS system requires 10.5 volts to operate, so if the charging output of the alternator was below this level, the ABS light would come on, and the ABS system would shut down. If the output is far below this level (say, zero, if the alternator failed), your battery would not charge, and the car wo (MORE)

My 1997 Chevy Monte Carlo lights and radio will come on in the car and all of the lights on the dash light up but it will click but wont crank up is it the starter or start switch relay.?

Assuming that you have checked the battery and that's not the problem (many times you will have enough juice to light the dash and headlights but not enough to make the starter turn the motor over) I would recommend you take out the starter and check the solenoid (commonly referred to as the Bendix) (MORE)

What is wrong with the car when it won't turn on but all the lights inside the car and the radio come on but the head lights won't?

Maybe you have a problem with your car's battery. If your battery's dead, your interior lights and radio wont turn on. So if you wait for a while and your radio wont turn on, then probably the problem is with the battery. If it is, than you should check the your battery fluid. If its not the battery (MORE)

You are having the problem with your 98 Plymouth breeze 2.0 l the car wont start and the lights and radio and all that come on you had the starter tested and it is still good what could be the problem?

Check to see if your fuel pump is good. Buy starting fuild and spary some in the hose that's attached to your air fliter spary it towards the engine. Have someone turn the key while you spray and see if the car turns on. If so then you need a new fuel pump. If not It could also be you ignition coil. (MORE)

Why does your ABS light come on when you start your car?

When you start your car all / most of the warning lights and other light in the dashboard will come on. It is just the procedure of the car starting and checking all the systems.. If it stays on throughout the day, then the computer has detected a malfunction and set a code.

Your car will not start but lights and radio are working is it your car battery?

It's possible. Your starter draws more power from your battery than the lights and radio combined, so they may work, but when you try to start you car, there isn't enough power in the battery to operate the starter. It's best to have your starting and charging system checked by a reputable automot (MORE)

What if the Battery good lights and radio come on but wont start?

Check all of your wire connections from your battery, starter, and alternator. First, disconnect your batter to avoid electric shock, followed by your alternator and starter. Leave the wires in place, but disconnected. Acquire some electrical parts cleaner (brake parts cleaner may work, but could po (MORE)

My 2000 Monte Carlo is having some starting problems the lights come on radio everything but sometimes when the key is turned it does nothing no sound at all anyone know?

Did you try jumping it? Ok. The Monte Carlo DOES NOT NEED JUMPED! Like stated above the LIGHTS/RADIO/EVERYTHING Turns on just fine. Battery is fine, We've tested the starter and wiring, battery connections are fine. It starts just fine any other time. Once in awhile you turn the key and it doesn't (MORE)

How do you start a car if theft lights comes on?

If the theft lights blink, then that is just to scare criminals away and you can start it with any method you want to. If you are trying to break in(BAD), are hot-wireing it, or are messing with the onboard computer, then the car has detected you are trying to break into it and will not start.