02 ford f350 diesel manual?

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Where is the water drain for the Water in Fuel light?
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How do you change the Gas filter in a Ford 2002 F350 Diesel?

Remove the powerstoke name plate on the front of your engine 13mm socket. This exposes the top of the fuel filter looking down on it. Reach behind the filter housing and locat

Where is the location of the fuel pump on a ford F350 diesel?

If you 350 diesel is a 1995 it will have a manual fuel pump it is located in the middle of motor right behind the water/fuel filter look & answer on how to replace on this hom

How do you change head gaskets on a 2004 ford f350 diesel?

well from what ive heard its easier to take off the front clip to replace them. But if you blew you head gaskets your better off just pulling the engine and studding your head

How do you change starter on 97 Ford F350 diesel?

to change starter, first disconect battery. there are 3 bolts that hold satarter to bell housing. thses bolts are easiest removed using a socket on a socket extension. you
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Ford f350 2000 diesel does not start?

need a lot more information that that does it have a battery, does it have a good battery does it have fuel etc just not enuff info to even start on that question
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Ford F350 7.3 diesel mileage?

From 17-19 two wheel drive on the highway. 12-14 four-wheel drive in town, not towing. towing a hefty load and some hills, 8-12. Really depends on what you are doing. These al