02 chevyHD 4wdwhat does it mean if oil presure goes up while driving?

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It is suppose to go up. As engine RPM increases, so does the amount of "preasure" or flow of oil . Each engine/manufacturer has "limits" on the amount of preasure that any given engine can tolerate. If oil preasure "exceeds" these limits, it can lead to faliures within your engine....ie: blown gaskets, seals etc. If you are using a "thicker" viscosisty oil, this will also increase your oil preasure, especially during "colder" weather. Check with a dealer, they should be able to tell you what your perimiters should be for your oil preasure....low/high readings.
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The oil pressure light flickers on for a few seconds while steady driving on my 1995 Taurus 3.0 liter is it a pump or oil presure sensor?

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What cause low oil presure?

Worn main, rod and cam bearings, worn oil pump and clogged oil pump pick up screen, all contributed to high mileage, lack of maintenance and abuse.

Why does 4-cylinder 1998 TJ with nu oil pump and sending unit when warmed up while driving then at idle or stopped at traffic lite oil gage goes to zero and chk gage lite comes on?

If the oil pressure is up when the engine is cold but drops once the engine warms up a bit, you probably have worn rod and/or main bearings. The oil pressure created by the

Temp gauge drops while driving 02 trailblazer?

If it drops to zero it is the stepper motor in the cluster. If it drops down several degrees then it is the thermostat and will eventually make the check engine light stay on.
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