02 Wrangler Sahara when you hit 76 mph you hear a loud annoying buzzer sound from under the steering column any ideas on how to stop it?

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Don't go over 75 MPH.
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What is that buzzer sound when a car is started and how do you stop the buzzing if it will not go off?

Answer . is it a buzzing from the back of the car. it is probably a fuel pump in that case. nuthin to worry about.. Answer . If your buzzing is coming from under your dash or up by your seat somewhere it is a faulty warning buzzer. If this is the case you will either need to find the buzzer u (MORE)

2003 Grand Caravan - occasionally hearing a loud thumping sound from underneath the front passenger area - they told me it was the belts and replaced - Now I'm hearing it again - Any ideas?

Suggestion . Do you hear the thumping a certain amount of time after filling the fuel tank? I have noticed that some time after filling up i also hear a thumping sound, it could just be fuel sloshing around in the tank.. Have you had the struts replaced this is 03 everyone seems to forget these (MORE)

Your 1995 Toyota Camry v6 le is making a loud whining noise when cold stops when car is warmed up - Any ideas?

there are many possibilities for noises such as these. you have to think to yourself what changes with temperature because that is what happens when the car WARMS up. so you could have a belt squeal or the wrong weight of oil causing improper lubrication at lower temperatures or low oil or even the (MORE)

On take off from a stopped position it makes a loud clunkpop sound can feel very much on the front driverside and it squeaks and creaks under 45 mph Also Clunks when deaccelerating?

Answer . It sounds like a suspension bushing or ball joint. Find a good suspension specialist in your area. I would highly recommend against a dealer or general mechanic. Ask around for the people who specialize in alignments and supspension. They can generally do the job faster, cheaper and muc (MORE)

94 Jeep Wrangler it is becoming harder to put into first gear when stopped Any ideas Is there fluid If so where Can you adjust it How?

Answer . There should be a plug on the side of the Transmission case about half way up. If you remove that and insert your finger you should feel fluid within 1/2 inch. If you do not then it is low. If you have never serviced your Transmission you should drain and replace the Gear Lube. I would (MORE)

Why I can not hear any sound from my computer?

First off, make sure your speakers are plugged into the right socket. Check that the speaker plug goes into the GREEN OUTPUT socket. After that, check to see if you have the latest drivers for your sound card or onboard sound. Finally, make sure that these drivers are in effect at all times.. That, (MORE)

Why does your ear crackle when hearing loud sounds?

Well first off, if your ear doesn't crackle. It's more of a ringing sound, like if someone slapped you in the ear. If you are experiancing a "crackling sound" as you described, then you should definitely see an Otolaryngologist (Someone who specializes in Ear, Throat, and Nose issues). But ringing i (MORE)

Why after heavy acceleration a loud knock-tick sound comes from under the hood somewhere poss engine or could it be time to replace water and power steering pumps?

You can check if the power steering pump and water pump are at fault by simply disconnecting the drive belt and running the engine for about 30 seconds...BUT NO LONGER THAN THAT. The engine may overheat otherwise, and it doesn't take long with no water pump. If the noise is gone, one of those dri (MORE)

Jeep wrangler lower steering column bearing?

You might want to spend a little extra time and elaborate on your question. For example, what year Wrangler do you have? Either way you could start off by going to quadratec.com and typing in "lower steering column bearing" and see what you come up with. 89 wrangler

How do loud sounds damage your hearing?

Loud noises such as the sound system of a concert, jackhammering,fire alarms...listening to loud music on your iPod... Years ofbeing around these sounds(and more) will damage your hearing. It was explained to me : Your ear canal has a series ofhairs(receptors),that can be flattened after years of lo (MORE)

How do you stop the play in my mk3 fiesta steering column?

Where do you think the play is,it could be anywhere along the steering system.But try the ball joints on the steering rack,the u/v joint on the steering rack to steering column.And also watch for u/v joint on the inside of the bulk head on the steering column.and bearings on the steering column behi (MORE)

How do you fix a tilt wheel lock in a 2004 ford expedition when I push the lock up in the locked position the steering column still moves up and down any ideas?

If you are not familiar with steering columns, not not attempt repair, there are air bag sensors located on the column. If you have some experience, disengage air bags by removing neg. than pos. battery terminals and wait two minute's. If you take off the steering cover, you will notice a 1 1/2 long (MORE)

How can you stop the annoying sound of squeaky brakes?

Hmm. You can have a specialist take a look at what's wrong. In any case, you have to ensure that your pads are correctly beded in, ideally find a long downhill, go down the hill applying the brakes slowly and contantly, do this 4-5 times to allow build up of heat and to cure the pads. You may also r (MORE)

Why can you not hear any sound in a vacuum?

Sound is produced when a certain thing causes the gas, water, or solid around your ear to vibrate, which in turn, is then received by the ear drum. When you are in a vacuum, there is no gas, liquid, or solid that sound is able to travel by.

Why can whales hear sounds under water?

Whales can generally only hear sounds that are made underwater. They have very good ears, because they 'talk' to each other using grunts and squeals over long distances. Sound waves travel extremely well in water . . . much better than in the air.

How do loud sound cause damage to hearing?

Loud sound causes damage to hearing by damaging the hair the haircells of the inner hair. Those hair cells help protect the ear fromnoises that are higher than 85 decibels.