02 Windstar LX poor gas mileage?

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17 city and 23 highway would be the best you can get. That is if the vehicle is not loaded and is driven the speed limit. Expect less with a full load and driving over the speed limit. If your check engine light is on suspect a defective Oxygen Sensor. That is a prime suspect when the mileage suffers. If the check engine light is not on, I would suspect you may need to replace the spark plugs and wires on this vehicle especially if it has over 75,000 miles on the odometer. Make sure the tires a inflated to the correct pressure as listed on the driver's door post or in the owner's manual. Make sure to replace the Air Filter every 30,000 miles.
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What is the speaker size in a '99-'02 Ford Windstar LX?

1999 Ford Windstar Van with AM/FM/Cassette deckFactory replacement info: In-dash stereo 9-19/32" depth; Size code E,F2,S Front speakers Front Door : 6x8" Far rear speakers Mid Panel : 6x8" SAME APPLIES TO 1998 FORD WINDSTAR EXCEPT FOR THE INDASH STEREO DEPTH SIZE

What would cause poor gas mileage on a 2004 dodge neon with 16000 miles?

dirty intake filter clogged fuel injectors (rough idle?) bad fuel regulator (do you smell gas?) heavy foot ( do you speed?) i owned a dodge neen ( manual) for 4 years and put 100,000 miles on it this car is great on gas and gave me no problems besides blown head gasket at 50,000 miles. use regular u (MORE)

What is typical gas mileage for a Ford Windstar?

Answer Mine is a 99 and I get 21.5 miles, didn't tune up yet Answer About 15 to 17 on highway with AC on Answer 2001 get's me 20 in the city and up to 25+ on the highway.Good routine maintenance & tire pressure! Just changed theplugs at 86,000 but didn't improve the highway mileage on the nextroadt (MORE)

What causes poor gas mileage?

Low tire pressure, using A/C, keeping windows open (wind drag), high profile vehicle (wind drag again), poorly serviced engine...there are probably more. Answer Poor mileage is attributed to a number of factors including things you can and cannot change. First the way an engine is built, it may j (MORE)

Would a bad PVC valve cause poor gas mileage?

Answer . Yes; especially on a late-model computer-controlled engine. A stuck-open PCV valve will allow unmetered vacuum to cause a lean air/fuel mixture. The engine management system will "fatten-up" the fuel injection spray time (volume of fuel) to compensate for a lean air/fuel ration, thus (MORE)

What would cause poor gas mileage on Honda Accord 2004 6 cy?

easy things to check: 1. low tire pressure 2. excess weight carried in the car 3. Running the care w/ defrost or A/C on all the time Engine possibilities: 1. May need fuel system cleaning 2. Oxygen sensor may have gone bad 3. Mass air flow sensor may have gone bad 4. Need engine tun (MORE)

2002 grand prix getting poor gas mileage?

There are many reasons that your GP could be getting poor gas mileage.. You have to start with regular maintenance items and go from there:. 1. What condition is your Air Filter in?(It should be clean enough to see light through it). 2. Have you used fuel injector cleaner or had your injectors cl (MORE)

Why does the 1999 4 runner have poor gas mileage?

4 runners in general tend to have poorer gas mileage than the car because of their design. They are built tough, which means they are heavy. They have transmissions that are built tough and they support 4 wheels worth of drive train. This is again a drag on the system and heavy. People tend to put w (MORE)

What is the gas mileage?

Gas mileage is a term that means the distance the vehicle travels on a unit quanity of fuel (gasoline). For cars in countries that use English units of measure, it is expressed in miles per gallon (mpg). In countries that use metric units of measure it is expressed in kilometers per liter (kpl). The (MORE)

Gas mileage on a 1997 ford escort lx?

My 5 speed '97 with 185k+ miles is my everyday work car. I normally get 34-35 mpg. If I do interstate driving, I can expect 40 mpg or more. The car does not look like much, but is very economical and low maintenance. Entire power train is original and has never used a drop of oil between oil changes (MORE)

Can a egr valve cause poor gas mileage?

yes it will mine was dirty so i cleaned it. ex: i have full size silverado got 215 about on a tank. cost me about 55 to fill up. about 11.2 miles to the gallon now i get 360 about so about 16 miles to the gallon

What is gas mileage for 02 V8 Cherokee?

Guesstimate - 12mpg city, 16-18 highway. Depending on driver's input. The only way to really tell what you'll get is to get the vehile, drive it, and test it yourself.

Why does this 1983 Eldorado have poor acceleration and poor gas mileage?

the 80's are slow and greedy because it doesn't have a northstar engine like the eldorado or the other Cadillacs from the 90's..the north star runs as a 4 cylinder than as a 6 than opens up to 8 in overdrive or you can punch it and get from the gate..the northstar is built loose like a racing engine (MORE)

What causes poor gas mileage 94 b2300 4-cylinder?

\nWell first check your air filter. If that's dirty than that's why your getting bad gas milage. If not than check your air pressure. If your tires are low that can result in bad gas mileage. If that's ok than it could be YOU. You might be pushing the gas fast or braking hard. Or hauling extra weigh (MORE)

Improving gas mileage 02 Mazda tribute?

It's not easy, but it is achievable with cost, though it won't be a milestone in mileage. You can change the gear ratios to ones from the Ford Escape since they are lower, and give the car more hp so it doesn't downshift too much trying to get up hills.

What Causes poor gas mileage in a Ford Fusion?

Many things including: worn spark plugs, ignition coils, burnt wiring, bad tires' worn frontend parts, wheel alignment and tire pressure. I learned this weekend that a faulty engine coolant thermostat, if stuck open, will give you poor mileage. The coolant sensor will indicate the coolant isn't heat (MORE)

What is causing kia spectra poor gas mileage?

weight - take out any weight you dont need tire pressure - if tires are low fill them around 30-32 psi spark plugs - if dirty or corroded, change them gas - try using a higher octane gas air filter - if its dirty replace it oxygen sensors - if they are bad the ecu has a preset air/fuel range reguard (MORE)

Why poor gas mileage on Chevy s 10 2000?

what size engine and do you have a towing packing? This has to do with gear ratio. Example. If you have a 4 cylinder engine it would have a lower gearing or with a towing package, also if it is a 4 wheel drive. This is to give it more torque. if the engine was changed lets say from a 4 cylinder to a (MORE)

Gas mileage for 1992 ford escort lx wagon 5spd?

Model. MPG (city). MPG (hwy). Annual Fuel Cost*. Greenhouse Gas Emissions (tons/yr)* . EPA Air Pollution Score From 0 to 10 (best) . Ford Escort Wagon 4 cyl, 1.9 L, Manual 5-spd, Regular . 26. 33. $1335. 6.30. NA.

Mileage to change injectors on windstar 1999?

Fuel injectors are not a 'wear item', meaning you don't replace them on a schedule - replace them when - IF - they fail. Surprisingly, injectors are not a common failure on today's engines. A lot like the Engergizer bunny, they just keep going.

What is the gas mileage for a 98 ford escort lx?

According to a website I was looking at : For a 1998 Ford Escort , 2.0 liter four cylinder engine : ( 24 city / 34 highway , 5 speed manual ) ( 22 / 31 , automatic ) * miles per U.S. gallon

What does LX stand for in Windstar LX?

actually, it stands for nothing except the name of the trim package. in the windstar, LX is the lowest trim level, followed by the SE, SEL, and limited.

Why a 99 ford ranger gets poor gas mileage?

It is hard to give you a definite answer without knowing the size of the engine, transmission type (automatic or manual and number of gears, and whether or not it has overdrive), and if it is 2 or 4 wheel drive. However, it is a truck. Trucks' aerodynamics are horrible, about twice as bad and someti (MORE)

Why is US gas mileage so poor compared to the same car in Europe?

Most midsize European cars are diesel which gives more miles per gallon. In the UK, an imperial gallon measurement is larger than the US gallon. An imperial gallon is 4 Liters. A US gallon is about 3.78 Liters. Therefore, a UK car gets more miles per "gallon". Note that the diesels do get much be (MORE)

What causes 2001 ford escape to get poor gas mileage?

I have an '01 Escape and it sometimes gets poor mileage in stop and go traffic (like every other car). A way to improve this is to turn the O/D off in this type of traffic and then turn it back on when you're at highway speeds and doing a constant speed for a minute or more. Another thing that could (MORE)

Why would your 4-cylinder 02 mitsu galant which is serviced regularaly have gas mileage in the neighborhood of 9 miles a gallon?

There could be many things that can affect fuel economy, from a bad sensor (somewhere) to driving styles and habits. I assume when you say it is serviced regularly, you mean oil, filter, air filter, etc. This might be a issue beyond the normal maintenance schedule, such as O2 sensors, MAF sensors, (MORE)

1998 Plymouth neon poor gas mileage?

Could be several things. . Bad coil . Slipped timing gear/belt . Slipping auto transmission or clutch . Soft tires . Dirty air filter . Dirty fuel filter . Wheels out of alignment . Bad spark plugs or wires . Bad gas . Stuck brake caliper . stuck parking brake . valve(s) out of adju (MORE)

Where is the thermostat in a 98 ford Windstar lx?

Before replacing the thermostat, be sure to check your blend door for functionality. The most common issue with heat or A/C in the late model Ford windstar is a broken blend door. A broken blend door actuator is almost as common as a broken blend door itself. Typically, the fix requires disassemblin (MORE)

How do you change the 02 sensor on 2000 windstar?

locate the bad sensor left or right bank make sure engine is cool. follow the wire from the sensor to a connector itts has multi wires in sensor all going to the connector depress the lock on the connector and pull aprt. the actual o2 sensor is just like a sprk plug but it screws in exhaust pipe the (MORE)

Can a new catalytic converter cause poor gas mileage?

No, there are many other parts on the engine that can affect mileage but the catalytic converter is a passive device and, if new and clean, cannot affect the way the engine runs or the mileage it gets. Think of it as a filter, althought it's actually a lot more complex than that, if it lets the exh (MORE)

How does 02 Poor Blood circulate?

First it starts with the lungs then right atrium then rightventricle following up is the capillaries ( PS this is only one waythere is another

How do you siphon gas from a ford windstar LX?

Kinda hard to do, since they have anti-siphon necks on them. Evenif that weren't the case, we wouldn't tell you, since you'retalking about a potentially criminal act, and the site's policiesprohibit such information from being given on here.