02 S-10 V6 vortec turns over but will not start?

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You need fuel, spark and compression. You are missing one of those, probably fuel (bad fuel pump).
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Why will a car turn over but not start?

Why a Car Would Turn Over But Not Start Lay answer: in addition to the battery voltage to "turn the engine over"...ignition requires spark and gas. I'm having the same problem with our 86 Volvo. The mechanic says the spark plugs are providing the spark...but fuel isn't getting to the cyliders. It' (MORE)

How do you make a car that is turning over start?

You have to fix the problem causing it first. Find out what is missing. On some newer cars, it is easier to check for spark, than it is for gas. On other newer cars, it is hard to find out either, or, because of their lack of having high tension wires. What year/type car do you have? E-mail above.

Why will an engine not start but will turn over?

Is there gas in it? Fuel tank empty . Fault in the carburetor and fuel injection system . Battery terminals connections loose or corroded , battery discharged ( eng rotates slowly ) . Fuel pump faulty . Excessive moisture on , or damage to ignition components . Worn, faulty or incorrectly gapped s (MORE)

Why wouldn't a 92 RS Camero V6 Auto in the cold start when engine turns over it jumps with a weird intake noise but will not kick on?

Answer . Answer 1 ==\n. \nI'm not familiar with your make and model, but had similar symptoms on my Ford LTD a few years back. It was cranking, firing, acting like it wanted to start, but backfired out of the carburator, made weird "gurgling" sounds at the carb intake, and actually shot fire o (MORE)

My 98 Chevy blazer s10 4.3L v6 will not start it is at TDC rotor is facing 1 plug wire it turns over but will not start What is the problem?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nGetting spark and fuel?\nPerhaps TDC is on exhaust stroke\nTry the distributor 180 degrees off\nOnly change the distributor if the problem happened after having the distributor out, I have also seen rotors put on 180 out in HEI distributors, but I don't think the rot (MORE)

Your 1998 Chrysler sebring convertible lxi v6 wont start has no spark but turns over no previous problems just didnt want to start all of a sudden?

Dear distressed, had the same problem with my 1999 sebring 2.5 v6.Changed the distributer because i was told after running adiagnostic test that the problem might be the camshaft sensor whichhappens to be built in the distributer of the 2.5 v6 coupe model.After replacing still had same problem would (MORE)

Why does engine turn over but wont start?

Answer . You need 3 things to make every engine run. You need fuel pressure, good spark, and compression in the cylinders. Start with these 3 things and go from there. Hope this helps

02 v6 hard to start after re-fueling?

Call the dearler...its probaly the purge control sensor!. Thanks....I had them replace purge control valve this past saturday...refueled last night and all was good

What could be the problem if the engine in a 1997 Chevy vortec 350 turns over but will not start?

There are only three possibilities or any combination thereof: It's either fuel, ignition or compression. I know that doesn't give much information, and unfortunately, that's the best that anyone can do without seeing the vehicle or knowing more about the problems. Fuel delivery is a quick and (MORE)

Cadillac wont start or turn over?

\nNo car can start until it turns over. Meaning the starter has to engage. So you have at least one problem or more. You have to have a good battery and it has to be 12.6 volts and remain at 8-12 vol;ts while trying to crank. When you cut the ignition on - the instrument panel has to light up and wh (MORE)

Why would a 1997 Firebird 3.8 V6 not start or turn over but the radio and other electrics work.Fuel pump does not come on either.?

That my friend is the wonderful SECURITY system of GM, that little bump on your key has a resistor in it, when you put it in, if the security system doesnt read the proper value, due to various conditions -- worn contacts, dirty contacts, etc. This causes everything to work, except it will disable t (MORE)

2000 cirrus lxi with the v6 it will turn over but wont start any ideas?

There are many causes for no start; fuel pump: check fuel pressure, Timing belt; remove top timing belt covers and check timing marks, engine must be set to top dead center(line up timing marks on crank shaft pulley and timing cover), PCM fuse blown. I had the same problem with my 99 Cirrus. I was d (MORE)

Motor turns over but will not start?

If the motor turns over then start by checking for fire at theplugs. Check to make sure that the timing belt is not broken and isworking properly. Check the cam and crank sensors for properoperation, as well as proper fuel flow.

Why Jeep turns over won't start?

There are way too many answers availalbe here to give you just one.. You need three things to make your Jeep run.. Fuel - make sure it's getting fuel to the pistons. Air - air cleaner clean?. Spark - spark plugs doing their job.. And.....is it all happening in the proper order. Is the timing of (MORE)

Why wont my F350 turn over and start?

\nThere are 2 problems listed but only one most important so far. The engine can't start until it gets turned over by the starter. You have to have a hot battery, good battery cable connections, a good starter relay and a electrical circuit from the inginion switch and other circuits to the relay.

Why does the starting solenoid just click on a 1986 Ford Bronco V6 when you turn the key and it doesn't turn over the starter I have replaced the starter the starter relay and have a new battery.?

I would start by jumping the terminals on the starter solenoind,just use a wrench and touch it between the two large terminals on the solenoid. If the starter takes off and works I would guess that your problem may be in the ignition switch located on the steering column.. Sometimes even though the (MORE)

Why will the car turn over but not start?

Several possibilities come to mind: . no gas in the tank or blocked fuel filter . bad or missing spark plugs and/or plug wires . engine timing . broken/slipping timing belt

94 vortec v6 firing order?

4.3 vortec v6 is 165432 the distributor rotates clockwise and the #1 spark plug is in the front driver's side, then moving back is 3 and lastly 5, passenger side starting in front is 2, 4, 6. Hope this helps.

When Turn the engine on it turns over but will not start?

When this happens, it's usually down to either an electrical problem, or the fuel system. I would advise checking the ignition system first. Start by removing the spark-plugs, get someone to turn the engine over on the starter, whilst you check for sparks at the plugs. It's always worthwhile to c (MORE)

Car will turn over but will not start?

The engine needs three basic things, spark, fuel and compression. If your missing one of those it will not start. We need more info such as year, make and model vehicle to help you further. peugot 2.litre petrol (auto6) 4 door 1996

Wont start or engine will not turn over?

Battery flat, or starter ring stuck? Charge battery. For starter ring: put in 3rd gear(ONLY if manual gearbox, NOT if automatic), take foot off clutch, get friends to help you rock car back and forwards, ring will free with a jump! NB do not try with auto gearbox.. Also, could be starter soleniod, (MORE)

Your car turns over but does not start?

\n \n\n. \n. I'll ask the stupid question. got gas. no spark is most causes \n. \n. \n. \n. Won't start" is pretty vague. It could be hundreds of posibilities. Dead battery, Low battery, bad ground wire to engine, bad power wire to starter, bad power wire to battery, bad connection at batter (MORE)

1997 Chevrolet c1500 vortec v6 has not been started for 4 years new fuel pump gets fuel to carb tries to start but will not any ideas?

The three main factors in an engine being able to run are: fuel, air, and ignition. If your vehicle has been not been started in 4 years, you need to check all the possible sources, and start out with the basics. Check your spark plugs, if they look corroded, clean them up and put em back in. Tip: p (MORE)

Your 1998 Chevy s-10 will turn over but wont start?

Check the starter on your truck, I had a similar problem when a power wire melted on the starter and short circuited the radio, and the dashboard lights, plus the fact that the truck would turn over but not start... pull all wires that may have melted on it away from the starter, if it starts up, th (MORE)

Fireing order V6 vortec?

165432 driver side starting from the front is 135 passenger is 246 the cap is numbered right on it. make sure you twist and pull to remove the wires from the cap or you may break it. do not use a cheap cap and always use ac delco plugs in a vortec, the computer is extremely touchy as far as co (MORE)

S-10 turns over but doesnt start?

Check to see if engine has fuel at carburetor and if it's getting spark at the spark plugs. If both fuel and spark are good then the problem could be with the timing settings or timing belt/chain is worn out/broken.

Where is the PCV valve on a vortec v6?

Passenger valve cover up to 95 vortec 4.3 and drivers side valve cover 96 and later vortec 4.3 plastic hose going to the top of it on either version.

Will not start or turn over engine?

Do any of your lights work ? If not , it sounds like a bad battery cable connection or a dead battery The light all works the battery cable and connection or ok, it is a auto matt,

Your jet ski will not start but does turn over?

Check to make sure you have gas getting to the carburetor and spark on the spark plugs. Make sure the fuel selector is on and there's sufficient fuel in the tank to reach the pick up. If you have gas and spark and the engine still won't start, you have to start looking for a problem. Start with m (MORE)

How do you install a v6 vortec distributor?

Use crank bolt to turn engine so number one cyl at tdc. You can feel it move up through plug hole with a helper. Then use mark on balancer to set zero. Then you drop it in, but the tricky part is rotor has to be in position to fire number one terminal. See below for more details.