02 Isuzu axiom light on info center that looks like a shock could it be suspension brakes or what?

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If you're refering to the top right, that's the satellite link which sets the minutes on your clock. (Silly, I know)
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How do you change brake lights on a 1999 Isuzu Rodeo?

I can't answer your question, but I do have the answer: Buy a service manual from a parts store, of from Amazon. Surely you kept the owners manual??? Sometimes they show some tasks. (I prefer the Chilton SMs to the Haynes because of the line drawings used to illustrate most operations. and you get (MORE)

How do you change the brake light bulb on a 1999 Isuzu Rodeo?

The tail light assembly is held on by 3 screws and a friction peg. Two of the screws are in the black grill-looking part on the side of the tail light assembly. The third screw is recessed between the bottom of the assembly and the top of the bumper. A screwdriver with a long shaft will be needed fo (MORE)

How do you change a brake light on a 2002 Isuzu Rodeo?

Two Phillips head screws on the outside trim and one underneah the tail-light assembly. Use a flashlight and they're easy to see. (black screws hidden in black trim parts. The assembly pops out after screw removal for easy bulb replacement. Much easier than reaching through a too small access panel (MORE)

How to replace the brake light on a Isuzu Trooper?

Answer . \nI have 1998 Trooper. I called Isuzu and they were very helpful. Open the back door, above the cable that holds the wiring for the back light there is a screw. Unscrew it and then unscrew the 2 screws that are on the outside. My light was out on the driver's side but it is probably the (MORE)

How do you change the brake light to a 2002 Isuzu Rodeo?

Answer . \nI had the same problem with my 2001 I looked closer and found there are screws that are hidden real well that have to be removed first,then the light just pops out. Good Luck. Answer . \nThere were two screws on the outside of the light hidden in the trim,\nand one screw underneath (MORE)

How do you change the brake light on a 1997 Isuzu Rodeo?

This can be done entirely from the outside of the truck. You will need a Phillips head screw driver to remove the taillight assembly from the truck. After you take that off, the bulb needs to be pushed in first, then turned to be able to get it out. You cannot just pull it out. Insert the new one by (MORE)

How do you replace a brake light in a 1998 Isuzu rodeo?

There are 3 Phillips head screws you will need to remove (all external to the vehicle). Then you must pull the assembly off of a snap fastener. 1st screw - between the bumper and the assembly. 2nd and 3rd screw - both in the holes in the reflective plastic (kinda like an air grill for the assembly). (MORE)

Where is the fuel filter on a 2002 Isuzu Axiom?

The fuel filter on an Axiom, like most GM vehicles, is located below the drivers door, on the inside side of the frame rail. You will need a 10mm wrench to loosen the clamp and a pair of pliers to remove the spring clamps. If you let the car sit for about 10 min after running it, there should be no (MORE)

How do you replace the brake light bulb on a 2002 Isuzu axiom?

To replace the rear taillamp bulb in an 2002 Isuzu Axioum: 1. Open the rear tailgate. 2. Remove the two screws that hold the tail lense asembly in place. 3. Now there are two pins that hold the lamp in place you must use a screwdriver or other flat device and lightly pry the lense out to the right o (MORE)

1992 Isuzu Rodeo Brake and rwal dash lights on?

\nI have a 1991 Isuzu pickup with rwal - there is control box (sender switch) that has to be re-set. I'd take it to the dealer and they can re-set it in a few minutes.\nIt usually lasts for 100k.\n. \ngood luck!. \nI have a 1991 Isuzu pickup with rwal - there is control box (sender switch) that ha (MORE)

How do you change a 2004 Isuzu ascender back brake light?

Lift the hatch. Remove the screws in the tail light assembly. Pull the tail light assembly out. It may need a gentle nudge. Now untwist the bulb assembly socket counter clockwise to remove. Replace bulb. Re assembly is in the reverse order.

What does the low brake fluid light symbol look like?

Answer . The indicator symbol can vary from one manufacturer to another, so there is no straight forward easy answer to this question. Some indicators have a round symbol with dashes around it ... some autos the "brake" lamp will start flashing. Best prevention: check ALL your engine fluid (MORE)

How do you change head unit on Isuzu Axiom?

There are no known affter market head unit for te Axiom due to the AC controls being incorporated. Most users move the CD Deck to the rear cargo area, then the head unit goes in the arm-rest where the CD used to be, this'll only control the AC system. The after market head-unit can then be placed in (MORE)

Isuzu axiom oil leak?

I have found it to be common to leak from the 'lower' oil pan. It is a two-part pan, with the upper being aluminum, and the lower oil sump being steel. It is this interface where the leak occurs. Remove the Allen head bolts, clean RTV sealer from the factory, install $10 gasket from parts store wi (MORE)

Are Isuzu Axioms completely flawed vehicles?

Not that I know of. I have a 2002 that has 135000 miles andabsolutely no problems runs like its new and actually get s bettergas mileage these days via synthetic oil! My family has had manyIsuzus and never an issue.

How do you change fog lights on 2002 Isuzu axiom?

when you open up your hood and look down between the radiator and your front bumper you can see the fog lamp housing. Youll also notice two bolts on top, remove those two bolts and then pull the housing toward the center of the car to free them from the mount, pull the housing as far toward you as y (MORE)

How do you change a timing belt on a Isuzu axiom?

Disconnect battery ground cable. . Remove air cleaner assembly. . Remove radiator upper fan shroud from radiator. . Move drive belt tensioner to loose side using wrench then remove drive belt . . Remove cooling fan assembly four nuts, then the cooling fan assembly. . Remove cooling fan drive (MORE)

Remove 2004 Isuzu axiom radio?

there is a screw behind ash tray and two above radio and three at top .To access top screws carefuly pry cover off where the security light is.This will release the bezel.In order to replace you will need to do a relocation of the factory radio due to ac controls.In mine i made a custom panel to hou (MORE)

Why is TOD flashing on your Isuzu Axiom?

If you read your owner's manual, it will tell you that TOD will flash when either you have selected TOD mode for your 4WD and it is in progress of shifting or if there is a problem with your TOD system. If you do not have TOD selected or if it remains flashing for more than a few seconds, see your l (MORE)

What is a P1311 code on a 2002 Isuzu Axiom?

Trouble code P1311 means: ION Sensing Module Secondary Line 1 Circuit Malfunction. Honda Man's Answer . I installed a used engine in a 2002 Isuzu Axiom and ended up with a random misfire code (P0300) and a P1311. Some of the causes of a P1311 on this model can be;. Timing off - was a timing belt (MORE)

Where is the fuse box in a 2002 Isuzu axiom?

There are two fuse blocks, one in the engine room on the right side(passenger) towards the front and the other one is in the cab of the vehicle on the left side(driver). . As you open the door the panel on the left on the dash will have to be removed in order to expose the fuse block.

Why does my Driver info center light not work?

There could be any of a number of reasons for the "driver info center light", or any other dashboard or similar light, to stop functioning, including, but not limited to the following: . The intensity of the light was intentionally or accidentally dimmed, manually. . The vehicle is in a very bri (MORE)

How do you Replace Isuzu axiom 2002 rear center brake bulb?

Simply raise the rear hatch of the vehicle, grab the panel that clips into the metal section of the hatch and carefully but firmly pull it towards you. This will give you direst access to the assembly. Then remove the two Philips head screws that hold the rear brake light assembly in and carefully p (MORE)

Where is the egr valve on the Isuzu axiom?

Egr valve Isuzu part number(8-17096-178-3 MSRP $197.69) is located on the right side (sitting in vehicle)on top of the intake manifold towards the fire wall. . It is bolted on by two flanged bolts.

Which fuel does Isuzu axiom needs?

I started out using 87 octane in my 2002 Axiom but when they started adding ethanol it began to ping, especially going up hills. I had to switch to mid-grade and occasionally put in high test.

Where is the drain plug on an Isuzu Axiom?

Driver side of engine above the support for the wheel in a concealed area. When you drain the oil spills on the support and splashes.. an oversized flat container is recommended

What motor oil Isuzu axiom needs?

engine oil is 5w-30 but it actually depends on the climate where the vehicle is at. you can go higher or lower viscosity. i preffer synthetic oil..

Were there any recalls on Isuzu axioms?

I actually called the US Manufacture to asked that exact question. The Answer I got was that there was a recall in 2003 for some kind of padding to make it safer for your head, in the event of an accident. This was for the 2002 model, other wise no recalls.

How do you replace the brake light bulb on a 2000 Isuzu Rodeo?

2000 Isuzu Rodeo brake light bulb lamp replacement: Purchase the correct replacement brake light bulb(s) first, before disassembling the vehicle. See sources and related links below for replacement brake light bulb information. Then consult your owner's manual for the replacement procedure. As simp (MORE)

What does the brake light switch on a Chevy 1500 silverado look like?

Well You MUST include year For Exact Details, However they ususlly are under the Brake peddle On Honda Civics, Im Not Sure as American cars are honestly built better it may Have a Computer assisted Braking system which reads the pressure you apply then signals Brake lights, Search google: Chevy 1500 (MORE)