02 Ford Focus wagon The dome lights are no longer coming on when you open the car doors and although they turn on by the switch How can you fix this?

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Most likely the door jamp switch is bad. You will need to replace it.
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How do you open the panel of rear door of Ford Focus to fix a broken power window?

1. Remove the door Pull-handle cover (the handle one would hold on to during a car ride, not the handle that opens the door), by inserting a screwdriver into the access hole on the bottom of the handle, and using the screwdriver as a lever, pop off the handle cover. 2. Remove the button covering a (MORE)

How do you replace dome lights in a Ford Focus?

All you need is something to pry it out with. Use something with a flat edge on it that won't damage the light or the area around the light. Place your prying tool in the bottom edge of the lense. Slowly pry out the entire bottom edge. It should come out fairly easily. The bulb just snaps in and out (MORE)

Where is light switch tha turns on dome light inside a 1999 ford f150?

The door light switch are inside the door locks compartment.. If your having problem with the dome lights staying on.. Spray WD-40 on all the door locks this will fix the problem.. I had the same problem on my 98 Ford Expedition XLT did the WD-40 trick about 3 years ago and still no problems.

How do you get the dome light working in a 98 Ford Crown Vic police car with doors switches disabled?

On the passenger side kick panel is a blue cable. Un hook your battery, then unplug this wire. Rehook up ypur battery and you are good to go. Many crown Victoria police interceptors have the "dark car" option enabled. When a door is opened, the domelight will not illuminate, but the overhead interio (MORE)

If a 1995 Ford Ranger dome light stays on you where is the door switch?

Answer I had a similar problem with my 95 ranger and had to resort to pulling the fuse to turn the dome light off... Make sure that you lubricate the latching mechanism on both doors. A part of the latching mechanism on my driver side door was sticking, so even though I had my door shut tight and l (MORE)

Why would the dome light in a 1996 Dodge Neon come on when the headlight switch is used but not when the doors are open?

Answer . The door jamb switch normally completes the power circuit to the dome lamp when the door is open. When the door is closed the switch opens the circuit, removing power from the dome light. If the switch is dirty, defective, stuck pushed in, or disconnected from the wiring, when the door (MORE)

Why can't you open rear door from inside 2003 ford focus wagon?

rear door lock assembly was on recall for 2000 focuses, i had the same problem and couldn't open manually or with fob, if you don't get it replaced when you get a recall notice they will not pay the whole amount. my door now wont open, and then it wouldn't shut and then the handle stuck out and door (MORE)

Where is the Dome Light Switch in a 2000 Ford Focus?

Answer . Not exactly sure what you are asking, but the physical location of the switch on mine is in the same housing as the dome light itself. It has 3 positions - off all the time - on all the time - and door controlled with a time-delay feature that shuts the interior light off automatically (MORE)

How do you fix the door switch on a 2001 VW Golf GTI VR6 when you open the door the dome light doesn't go on or if you leave the keys in it doesn't chime?

My sympathies . I have similar problem with 02 Golf TDI. Dealer said that the only cure was to replace the door latch control (?) for about $ 400 plus labor. I did not have the dealer replace it. Another symptom is the chime does not sound if you exit with the lights on - bummer. . I just pa (MORE)

How do you troubleshoot and fix a door ajar light dome light on on a Ford Escape?

Your domelight has a 3 position switch on it. Always off, always on, and on when the door is open. Check this first with the doors closed. If it stays on in every position, this is a problem with the switch, or a short in your wiring.. Each door has a button that is depressed when the door is close (MORE)

2004 ford explorer dome light diagram how to turn off with door open?

Just to the right of your headlight switch on your dash is a gauge lighting dimmer. wheel switch . If this is rotated all the way down , the courtesy lights will not come. on with the door open ( also , it it is rotated all the way up - the courtesy lights will. come on with the door closed )

How do you turn off the dome lights in a Ford Taurus wagon?

depending on the year the Taurus lights will either have switcheson the sides, or the switch is made into dash dimmer switch. Ifthese switches wont turn the lights off, check the doors to makesure that the door switches operate properly.

How do you fix Ford Focus lights?

License Plate Lights - pop the trunk or liftgate, take a flat tip screwdriver and pry the edge of the outter short ends of the weatherstripping (as if you were going to POP it out), let the assemblies hang down in front of the license plate, push down on the fuse-like bulb(s), call ahead to local pa (MORE)

How do you get dome light to come on when opening doors to 2009 pilot?

I am not sure about the 2009 model. . On the 2004-2006 models there is a 3-position rocker switch left of the steering column. The positions are from bottom-up: 1) Off; 2) Conditional On; 3) Always On . The Conditional On would among other functions turn on the interior lights, which are not disab (MORE)

Why does your dome light in your 2002 Ford Taurus blink continously when the door is open?

\n\n Another assessment... \n \nMany Ford products from around this timeframe shared a certain door ajar sensor, and they do "fail", or generate false open signals. \n \nThis failure is easy to correct with healthy doses of a spray lubricant like WD40.\n \nNOTE: the target to spray into is th (MORE)

How do you fix a 3000gt car door light wiring when you open it and the dome light doensnt go on?

There is an accordion button on the driver's side door. Look at the very bottom of the Driver's door and to the very right should be a black accordion button but 1 or 2 screws. Sometimes when the screws become loose it will make the dome light not work. Just tighten the screws and it would fix the (MORE)

Why won't the dome light come on when I open a door?

is the switch on the dome light set to doors! if so, one of the door switches are stuck. spray all door switches with a good lubricating spray. and push on buttons with hand to free them up. if not that, then one of the door switches are bad. or the dome light bulb is burnt out.