01 vw polo ruff idle with ac on?

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In VW Polo
i would call a dealer 1st. 2nd does
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How reliable is a VW Polo?

Answer . Depends a lot on the model and age. Some of the three cylinder engines in the 02-onwards cars have had issues, these were brand new in 2002 and the designs have been modified since to fix some of the problems that have appeared. One big problem with the 1.2 engines is slippage of the tim (MORE)

How do you set the clock on a 2003 VW Polo?

Setting the Clock on a Polo Here are recommendations and suggestions from FAQ Farmers: . On the 2003 you have the tripometer reset button on the dash under the speedometer. If you twist it left, the minutes will alter and right for the hours. I only realized this myself earlier today. . If you (MORE)

Why does my gm envoy idle ruff with ac on?

Answer . Probably needs the throttle body cleaned. A manual cleaning takes about an hour and is very simple if you have any mechanical knowledge. There is an article at www.trailvoy.com with picures made by one of the members.

Why does 2005 VW Passat ac blow hot air when idle but cool air when in motion?

I just had this happen on my 2004 Passat wagon. Dealer found that the cooling fan motor has failed and the AC goes into bypass becasue engine compartment temperatures are not controlled when idling. Once you begin driving, enough cool air enters to let the AC function again. Replacement fan motor ap (MORE)

How do you remove the headlamp from a Vw polo 2003?

First, the rubber cover on the back of the bulb must be removed.Remove the connector, then loosen the torque screws. The lockingring can now be turned counter-clockwise in and the headlamp can betaken out.

How do you ft speakers on a vw 2007 polo?

Its not easy. I'm off to get mine done professionally... 1. Pop off the inside door handle, pull out the window controller 2. Unscrew the two bolts behind the window controller 3. unscrew the bolts under the door panel 4. pull the door panel off (it will snap off).... (I regret doing that b (MORE)

Where is the fuse box in a 1997 VW Polo?

Answer . hi. Remove the glove box under the steering wheel by pressing the clips at the left and right hand side of the open glove box. The fuse box is behind this.

How do you change a headlight bulb on a vw polo?

To change the headlight bulb on a 2003 VW Polo you must firstremove the rubber cover from the back of the bulb. Pull off theconnector and loosen the 2 torque screws to allow the black plasticlocking to turn. Turn the locking ring counter-clockwise to removeand replace the bulb.

Why does the reverse light on my vw polo not work?

Possible causes . 1 bulb blown. 2 fuse blown. 3 open circuit in reverse light wiring. 4 bad earth contact on reverse light. 5 reverse light switch faulty. 6 indent in gear box fault causing switch not to operate.

Where is the fuse box in a vw polo?

under the steering wheel or possibly on passenger side on left hand drive?. You will find a glove compartment, it has clips in the side holding it up.. Un clip and pull all the way down to reveal fuse box. It is a long rectangle 1" high 4" long with cover. remove to reveal fuses.

What fuses do you need for a vw polo 1996?

All the fuses need to be present in any car for it to workproperly. A Volkswagen Polo is no different. When a car is missinga fuse one or many of the components will not work properly.

Why is my VW polo overheating?

First point of order is to check the coolant levels, check your service manual if you don't know where it is. If that's ok, you're water pump is likely to be faulty, if that's ok it'll be head gasket or an ecu problem. fan mite not be coming on to cool car down

How do you reset the oil service on vw polo?

Press the trip reset button and keep it depressed while you turn on the ignition. After about 10 sec the oil service warning will reset and you can let go of the button It depends of what model of Polo are you using. If your using a 1995 Polo Classic depress the trip reset button then turn on and o (MORE)

Why does my ac get hot at idle?

The most likely answer is that the refrigerant in the AC system has slowly leaked out and can no longer work at low speeds.

Why does a vehicle overheat when the ac is on and idling?

You need to check and see if the cooling fans are coming on. If you have a fan clutch instead of fans then the fan clutch is possibly defective. \n. +++ More +++ When the A/C is on, it puts more load on the engine. You might have to step up the idle to compensate for the extra load and keep the e (MORE)

88 vw cabriolet dies at idle unless the ac is on then it still idles too low Dealership can't repair?

i have a 91 cabriolet and have had what problem you have had, and it is simple, but depending on the pricing of the parts and how willing you are to work for it is the key. in the front of the engine compartment on the motor, there are two sensors, one is blue, one is black i think. the blue one tel (MORE)

Vw polo overheating?

What type of Polo are you using? Check the following: - Leaks - Radiator/ hose / Junction valves / water pump - Check water pump if you see water leaking coming from the engine block then your water pump is busted. - Try to squeeze the main hose after running for 15mins if hose becomes hard bec (MORE)

Why does the ac blow warm at idle?

You need to check and see if the radiator is full. Do it when it is cold. If not, then fill it to the top and install the cap. Then be sure the coolant recovery tank is half filled. Start the engine and let it reach operating temperature. The cooling fans should come on. If not you will need to get (MORE)

What causes a Rough idle in vw?

It could be the mass air flow meter located inside of the air intake system. Its a faily large black (usually) sensor that will usually cause the check engine light to appear. It cost about $200 plus from VW with $87/hour charge or you can get one aftermarket for about $70 and install it yourself. S (MORE)

How do i install a VW polo gearbox?

You have to remove engine first. Ä°ts easier from under the car. Attach the engine and gearox eachother and lift them to the inside, but be carefull about location, otherwise axles are gonna break...

Headlight adjustment VW Polo?

take off the alvero cylinder, unclip the silver clip remove the black plastic backing, with force then follow these steps, take unit out, either replace or clean before asoditing.

Coolant for VW polo?

Recommended coolant/ antifreeze for vw, audi, skoda, seat is G12. Very good coolant, helps, lubricates an works as a anti-corrosive serum.

Why is your VW Polo cutting out?

Try buying a can of carb cleaner spray from somewhere. It comes in a aerosol from Halfords or similar. Get under the bonnet and with a Philips screwdriver access the area where the air filter is. http://www.volkswagenspares.com/UserFiles/Image/polo%204%20aqua%20engine%20(Custom)%20(2).JPG Its (MORE)

How do you enter radio code in Vw Polo?

Many persons have tried leaving the car on for at least an hour, then turn on the radio and it will reset itself. If that doesnt work, it is best you find a VW dealership and give them you VW serial number and they will find a code for you radio that will be able to make it work.

Vw polo safe mode radio?

Firstly you need your 4 digit pin code for the radio. On the screen where if shows safe, it will change to the number 1000, using the numbers 1 to 6 on your radio, punch in the pin code then press down on the centre of the arrows on the left hand side of the CD player and it will then reset your rad (MORE)

Handbrake adjustment on VW Polo?

Step 1 - Remove the plastic trim around handbrake by pulling it up from the rear it will unclip. Step 2 - There is a 10mm nut you can turn this to adjust the handbrake. A good idea is to park on a flat and then see if the car can be easily pushed with the handbrake released. Step 3 Once the hand (MORE)

Why does your 305 idle ruff?

the answer is quite easy actually it falls into 3 catergories.timing is usually the first and best place to start,get a timing light and see where your timing is set,if it is outta time then correct it.secondly start by making sure your carbeurator is clean and operating the way it should be.is it d (MORE)

How do you adjust the handbrake on a VW Polo?

on most cars you can take off the complete handle and inside of the handle is the braking mechanism there is a screw with a cable attached to it in various fashions you tighten or loosen that screw until your brake is to your preference

How do you remove a vw polo engine cover?

Been looking for the answer myself, and it appears that it is the same engine that is found in the Jetta models. Try the following:. http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=2489995&postid=27536262. Good luck!!

Cam belt on vw polo 2004?

The cam belt drives the cam, keeping it in time. If the cam beltbreaks, the engine not only will not run, but could be damaged.Make sure to change the belt at the recommended intervals.

How do you remove a gearbox on a vw polo?

To remove the gearbox from a Volkswagen Polo the engine must behoisted out of the car. Several of the engine components must beremoved including the exhaust manifold and clutch lines. Thegearbox is held on by several large bolts to the engine.

How long to do VW Polo clutch?

Hi There, it depends how you use your clutch, Most people damage their clutch because of incorrect use of clutch. Always make sure when you apply brakes you press the bake pedal only, therefore be fore the rev counter reaches 10 then you can press your clutch pedal. That will assist your engine to (MORE)

How do you change a radiator on VW Polo?

To change the radiator you first need to get access to it. . To gain access, you need to remove the front bumper. This means removing all screws on the bonnet sill, removing the screws from the front arches which connect the bumper to the body. and there is one screw under each of the indicators. o (MORE)

How do you remove a VW polo badge?

Open the Bonnet, And Remove the Grill Look at the back of the Badge and seek the Holding Points , Turn or Pull in Correct way. Done Hope this helps regards Drew

How do you get into your vw polo when you have locked the keys in the boot?

I saw this on a post on google, apparently it only works onolder models, but get yourself some strapping, the plastic sort that u get around washing machines, form a loop, use a screwdriver to gently lever the door open enough to slide strap down to knob on top of the door. loop over , pull and hey (MORE)

Where is the bonnet release catch on a VW polo?

I've got an H reg vw polo and the release catch is on the left hand side below the glove compartment , about at knee height. Pull it fairly hard and then open bonnet by releasing the safety catch at the front of the bonnet( bit fiddly first time, might need to use torch to get familiar with mechani (MORE)

Air conditioning not working in vw polo?

same is the case with me. ac is very poor. ac on point 1 is equalto ac switched off. its pathetic. i have contact vw workshop ingurgaon. dingra motor. but its manager and other people there arefull of nonsens and help u with nothing but foolish answers inreturn.

WILL A BAD fuel filter cause ruff idle and hesit?

It can but usually it will just cause a severe drop in power. Try to run some injector cleaner through your gas tank to see if that corrects the problem. Yu can purchase a good quality such as STP or something like it at any auto parts store for a few bucks. That is where I would start. Usually if i (MORE)

Where can you buy a VW polo?

A Volkswagen Polo can be purchased at a Volkswagen dealership or at other dealerships that may not be limited to selling one brand of car. They can also be found for sale via private owners.

VW polo cars are what type of cars?

VW polo cars are super mini cars that are sold in Europe. Polo cars are manufactured by Volkswagen and other markets worldwide. They come in variants of hatchback, saloon, coupé and estate.