01 raptor turns over and over pops but doesnt run?

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Sounds as if you may have either a compression or a timing problem. I would check these two areas first. Also, a new spark sometimes does wonders.
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01 Yamaha raptor 660 runs at idle pops when throttled?

Check your parking brake, it will do this if your brake is set. Otherwise, check your air filter, change the spark plug, and clean the carburetors one at a time if the problem

Whats wrong with your car if it turns over but doesnt start?

Answer: . Most likely lack of fuel, sounds dumb, but make sure there is gas in it, step 2: if sometimes it will start then die, this means the fuel filter is most likely pl

Car wont start when cold turns over and over eventually it will start if battery doesnt run down first Starts fine after running for a while and restartingalso starts fine in the summer.battery good.?

Cold starting issues can be a little difficult to find; usually it's something basic such as weak spark, insufficient fuel or low compression. First, run a compression test.

Car doesnt turn over?

Check that battery terminals are clean and tight. Check battery voltage is above 11.8. check for voltage at the starter when key is turned.

Engine turns over but doesnt start for your 91 camaro?

This could be caused by many issues all of which would be fuel or ignition the first place to start is making sure you have gas in the tank and that it is getting to the injec
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S-10 turns over but doesnt start?

Check to see if engine has fuel at carburetor and if it's getting spark at the spark plugs. If both fuel and spark are good then the problem could be with the timing settings
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What causes a car to turn over but not run?

There are the failure triangle to test first: . Fuel, in a fuel injected car checking for fuel pressure will do to start. . Spark, remove a spark plug and hook it to its lea