01 passat oil getting into expansion tank?

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Most likely that the oil cooler has failed or is failing.
Having mine fixed now, 03 passat.
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How do you open the gas tank on a 99 Passat?

To open the petrol tank on a Passat, inside the car next to the Handbrake on the Centre Console there is a button which when pressed releases the flap to the Fuel Filler Cap.

Will a 2000 passat oil pan fit on a 1999 passat?

It will fit if it is a mid production 99. Early production Passats will have a different part number. Check with your local VW dealer's parts department and have them do a cro

Oil in the water expansion tank but no water in engine oil?

Recently I checked my cooler water level, and noticed that there was a layer of oil, I also checked to see if there was any water in the engine Oil, there was non. So i heard
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Why is their oil in the water in your expansion tank on your ford focus?

The most likely cause of this is a leaking or failed head gasket,with the engine running,see if there is excessive pressure reaching the header tank,also examine your oil dips
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How is oil getting into your fuel tank?

Someone is putting it there. There is no way for oil to get from the engine to your fuel tank by natural means. Literally, if you have oil in your fuel tank, someone is sabota