01 gmc Yukon rear end make noise when turn any side?

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make noise when turn any side
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What would cause a thumping noise on passenger side rear disc brake when the breaks are applied on a 99 Toyota Avalon just replaced rear pads and turned rotors?

\nI had similar trouble w/my '95 Avalon. More so when turning, and I assumed I'd messed up installing pads. After that checked out okay, I worried about a rear bearing, mostly because noise was more pronounced through turns. Still, our shop had never done a rear bearing or hub on a Toy that we could (MORE)

97 astro van 2 rear drive rear end grinding noise on passenger side please help?

2WD Astro Van�s have load problems with their rear differentials. The �Grinding Noise� is a bearing of some type. Axle bearings can be replaced with a moderate to advanced skill set. However any other bearing, pinion, or carrier, require professional tools and a shop press; such an op (MORE)

Who is at fault if you are parked on the side of a road and you pull out because it's clear and someone makes a right turn onto the road behind you and to avoid rear ending you swerve and hits you?

\n. \n Your Fault \n. \nYou, unless you can come up with a better description of this accident.\n. \n It Depends \n. \n. \nIf you were already in the process of pulling out and the front end of your car was already in the street, then it's the other drivers responsibility to stop and (MORE)

95 integra w a horrible sqeaking in the front end when you turn the wheel and if you push on the suspension it makes noise any idea where to start looking?

Answer . \na good visual is the first start, and most auto repair shops offer FREE brake inspection..Midas..etc...\n. \nWhen they have it in the air for FREE, ask them to take a look at some of the other things, and tell them of the noise...\n. \nYou don't have to buy anything, and they should (MORE)

What could a loud clicking noise in the side panel of the 3rd row seat of a 2004 Ford Expedition be when the rear air is turned on?

My 03 had the the same problem. Ford ended up having to replace the rear blower motor...it was still under warranty, thank god. . If the air still blows then the blower motor is working. The sound you are hearing is a stripped gear on the flapper motor that operates the blend door. It causes the d (MORE)

Rear driver's side window will not go down in a 2000 GMC Yukon Denali where do you start to find the problem?

Answer . \nremove the door handle, then the interior door panel. Get the window up and down switch and then begin testing it to see if you are getting current to the switch, and from the switch to the electric motor that drives the window up and down. If you can bypass the switch and jump 12 v (MORE)

The rear right turn signal indicator on your 1999 GMC Yukon is not working even after we have replaced the bulb. What could be the problem?

Answer . \nI had the exact same problem 5 years ago. Took it to a shop and they said it wasn't the bulbs but the device that the bulbs plug into that was bad. They claimed that GMC used "cheap parts". They fixed it (it wasn't cheap) and not even a month later, the other side went out. They f (MORE)

Why won't your car start or make any noise when you turn the key?

one reason is that your batterie is deader than a door nail. or you cable connections are loose. if your batterie is dead. something on the car is staying on while the key is on the off position. or if you live in cold weather and the wind is blowing, facing the front of the car twoards the wind can (MORE)

GMC safari rear end howling?

I would start by checking for leaks then the rear end fluid level, if no leaks and the fluid level is ok next check the u-joints, if it howls there is a problem brewing and I would not run it long howling if its just fluid and not run much filling it up should stop the noise

Why does my 2001 GMC Yukon make a clunking noise in the front end?

My 2003 GMC Yukon XL had the same problem after two years. The dealer said a slip shaft in the steering was manufactured with loose tolerances. May have been part of a recall or a service bulletin at one point. They packed it with grease. Have not had a problem since.

What makes a popping noise when hitting a bump or uneven surface and why does your front end make a vibrating noise in your 2005 GMC Sierra?

Answer . You have suspension or steering parts that are loose, broken, or worn out. May also be a loose wheel. This can be a very dangerous situation. I suggest you get this truck on a lift and inspect all the front suspension and steering components before you have an accident. ASAP. I had a clunk (MORE)

Why does your front end squeak on a 2001 gmc Yukon?

Answer . i most likely needs to be greased there are several grease zerts on the front end take it to an oil and lube shop and see if that doesnt fix the problem. Answer . squeaking in the front end could be alot of things. your suspenion need replacing, beaings, loose bolts, or even a loose (MORE)

Why is there a Roaring noise in rear of 1999 gmc suburban?

I have a 99 1500 had a loud "humming noise" going down the road. after extensive tests and trouble shooting, i found the rear pinion gears were shot. If you can do it safely remove the rear drive shaft plug the hole in the differential, and drive the truck in 4 wheel drive for a short distance if th (MORE)

Honda CR-V 1999 makes a hammering noise when driving coming from the rear right end Noise enhances when making left turn Note rear differential oil has been changed just recently?

u might want to check your rear cv-axles also rear wheel bearings , sometimes when bearings are worn it may takes a little load to start a rubbing, scrapping ,grinding noises or something similar if the axle may be bad also it may take a little load to start a little poping noise or similar to a lit (MORE)

Will a 1990 GMC rear end fit a 1994 Yukon GMC?

you would have to check the code in the glove box and call the local parts store and have them tell you what rear end goes on the Yukon and then find out what rear end the 1990 rear end is and if they are the sam gear ratio then they ar enter change able .

How do you remove rear axle - 2003 gmc Yukon?

Remove wheel, Remove drum or disc brake rotor,remove rear differental cover. Remove shaft between the spider gears that is held in by a lock bolt. Shove the axle from the outside toward the differential and remove the "C" clips that hold the axle in inside the diff. and then the axle can be removed. (MORE)

What if gmc Yukon rear hatch wont unlock?

I have a 2002 Yukon and the back glass would never open. I took apart the door and investigated and found that a little plastic piece was not hitting the release. It was an easier fix than putting the interior part of the door back together, but about a month later it must have slipped again cause t (MORE)

When you make a turn it makes a loud thunk coming from the rear end its an 89 Ford Bronco guessing bearing but not sure any ideas?

Three things come to mind. U-joint,axel bearings, and differential spider gear.. Probably not u-joint as turning would be no factor to vary the noise. Possible axel bearings but if they are that bad they should be making noise such as a groweling sound all the time.. With your description of the t (MORE)

How do you turn off the emissions light on 2003 GMC Yukon?

The question should not be how do you turn the emissions light off....but rather what made my emissions light come on in the first place, if you would find a way to turn the light off and keep it off dont you think a bigger problem would happen while driving ? This light is there to warn you that a (MORE)

What year rear end will fit 1997 GMC Yukon?


Why does your gmc Yukon make clicking sounds when you turn?

My Yukon had the same problem. At first i thought it was the lifter, but i replaced those and it still kept clicking. I was looking into my engine one day and noticed there was a high heat bolt missing from a hole in my exhaust manifold. I replaced it with another high heat bolt and it stopped makin (MORE)

How do you replace the rear turn signal light on a 1999 Yukon?

To replace the rear turn signal, you must locate the 2 plastic plugs in the tailgate's door jam. Remove these plugs with a flat head screw driver and you will see a screw inside the hole. These screws hold the brake-light/turn signal housing. Once you remove the screws ,the housing is held in by pla (MORE)

Noise from rear end when turning hard?

some possible causes: . worn-out shock absorbers, bad bushings, torn mounts, etc. . loose suspension components, missing bolts, etc. . worn u-joints or CV joints, especially in cars with independent rear suspension . loose spring mounts, broken springs (more likely with leaf springs) . (MORE)