01 dodge durango Rear window defroster light keeps flashing all the time and ac does not work?

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rear window defroster light keeps flashing
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What could be wrong with your 1997 Dodge Avenger if the heater defroster AC and blower motor doesn't work but all fuses under the dash and hood have been checked?

The blower motor is the key to pumping in the air and if it's spent, nothing will pump. I would try replacing that first. Answer On many mopar products there is a defrost resistor (I think that's what it is called) located on the passenger side on the very top of the firewall. This provides heat (MORE)

What do flashing lights on the rear window wiper and ac buttons mean on a '98 Plymouth Voyager van?

My 97 Voyager has done the same thing. It was control panel programing, the following instructions is how to program your control panel: 1) SET BLOWER ON HIGH 2) SET MODE TO PANEL 3) SET TEMP TO COLD 4) PRESS WASH AND REAR WIPER TOGATHER AND HOLD FOR 5 SEC. IT WILL GO THROUGH A SERIES OF FLASHING, W (MORE)

Why do your intermittent wipers rear defroster and interior dome lights not work?

Answer . It sounds like you probably blew a fuse most of the time several smaller electrical devixes will be on the same fuse. check under your dash or just inside the engine bay for your fuse box(es) the fuses are usually marked pretty good on the box or lid panel. from orion_1120@yahoo.com. An (MORE)

What do flashing lights on the rear window wiper a nd ac buttons mean on a 1998 Plymouth Voyager van?

the ac control head needs recalibrated.. to do this, start the engine, set fan to max, control to panel vents, temp to cold, the press and hold the top left and bottom left buttons at the same time until all light s come on. then release buttons and they will start to cycle around. the air will als (MORE)

Your front heater ac blower stoped working rear blower works fine what would be the problem on a 02 durango all fues are good?

\n. \n Answer \n. \ncheck to see if you have fire to the motor with a test light.if you have fire there it's the motor if not it could be a relay or the switch.\n. \n. \nalso check the heater motor resistor (bottom of heater box, front passenger side, left foot area) I have replaced 2 on mi (MORE)

Why does the ac light flash off and on on a dodge caravan?

Answer . Probably low refrigerant level.. You can try to reset the flashing lights on your climate contol panel by turning it on high and set it to panel and the temp to cold. Then hold the rear wiper button and the rear wiper washer at the same time for 30 secs. The top and bottom buttons on th (MORE)

Dodge Durango defrost only?

On the passenger side under the hood on the fire wall there is a vacuum hose along with a one way check ball valve, the vacuum line always brakes or cracks which will cause the air to only blow on defrost or blow from vents until you give it more gas or climb a hill. Find the broken vacuum line and (MORE)

What happens when my rear defrost in my car does not work but the light at the dash is on?

Answer . You probably have a broken connection at the back window. First look at the connections on the glass. The wires on the glass lead to a plug. See if it is unplugged or if the connection has been torn off the glass. There may be two plug's. If they appear to be ok then check the wires on t (MORE)

Rear window defroster?

what are the colors of the wires for the rear window defroster coming from the rear window to the defroster bottom ? can any body help me

Why is my blower motor rear defroster and AC controls not working all of a sudden Not even the LED lights light up on a 1998 Cavalier Help The blower motor was starting to fail as I had to tap it .?

Ok..I figured it out. Turns out the rear defroster is the problem. When I unplugged it from the back windshield, blower/heater works great!! So...to all those out there..if your blower motor blows fuses...check the blower motor first...then the HVAC and heater fuses, then rear defroster if you have (MORE)

How do I reattach rear defroster to window?

I brought mine to the dealer...not cheap. They are going to try a "kit" to reattach it...$50. IF that doesn't work, they need to replace the entire back window at a cost of $800. To me, this is an item JEEP should replace for free - as it is a manufacture's defect.

On a 1994 Mercedes E320 why would turn signals and hazard flashers and the rear window defrost all not work most of the time but if one of those decides to randomly work then they all work?

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Why wont the rear defroster work on Oldsmobile alero button lights up?

There is a module on the right rear pillar of the car. If you are sitting in the back seat on the passenger side it is behind the plastic above your right shoulder and you will see the wires going to it. you need to remove the plastic and it will be there. It costs about $65-70 at the dealer.Your an (MORE)

Why do your brake lights not work on a 2001 Dodge Durango?

There are a number of things to check: If all brake lights are out, it is unlikely that all the bulbs would blow at same time but it is a good idea to check them. If bulbs are fine, check the under the hood fuses (black box next to the battery). The 5th square fuse closest to the battery should be a (MORE)

How do you fix a rear window defroster?

One of three things usually fails on a rear defroster. The switch can fail (it should have a light within the switch which should be illuminated when turned on).. The tabs can break off the rear glass. Or the lines have "worn" off the glass. Both of these should be able to be repaired by a glass co (MORE)

Dodge Durango window motor?

A Dodge Durango window motor can be ordered from any auto partsstore. The prices for the window motors will vary depending on theyear of the Durango.

Why do the ac defrost rear wiper and rear wiper lights blink on my 1996-2000 dodge caravan?

The ac head needs calibrated.. Set Blower motor ON HIGH b.. Set Mode position to Panel c.. Open all A/C outlets d.. Set Temperature to Cold (Both slide pots if equipped) e.. Depress WASH and REAR WIPER button simultaneously for 5 Seconds (Until all LED's light) RESULTS: a.. All LED's will turn on f (MORE)

Rear window defrost not working on 1998 sunfire?

I'm not a mechanic so this is strictly a layman's diagnosis...my 97 Sunfire had the same problem develop a year or two back (thank GOD for mild winters in the northeast). I would turn on the rear defrost swtich on the dash...the light would come on...but no defrosting on the back window. I checked t (MORE)

Why wouldn't your rear defroster work?

Check to make sure your rear window is not down a little bit. I could not get the rear w/s wiper or the rear window defroster to work until I lowered the rear window and then closed it again. Problem solved. Hope it works for you, too !

Why does my rear defrost button light blink on an 01 Durango?

This is due too the hvac control head needs to have the mode doors recalibrated. If the recalibration fails repairs will need to be made until the system will past I don't know of anyway to by pass the recalibration at this time.. You will need to see a dodge dealership for this to be done.

How does a rear defrost work?

There are two kinds - one is nothing but a hot air blower that warms the window, the second one is the tiny little lines crossing through your back window. Those lines are small heating elements that slowly warm your window from the inside out to a temperature where moisture evaporates (and ice melt (MORE)

Dodge Durango rear lights on always?

Not knowing the exact vehicle (on the other side of the world), I would suggest having a look at the brake switch which will be on the top of the brake pedal arm. Your switch may be out of adjustment, or damaged. This is the first place to start, and if its a brake light switch, most auto electri (MORE)

Changed the front brake pads on your 2003 Dodge Durango Now the rear brake lights remain on all the time How do you fix the problem?

This problem is not likely to be directly related to having replaced the front brake pads, although it may be possible that your brake pedal height was altered somehow, especially if you had a leaking brake line or bled the brakes. Check your brake switch, it should be located near your brake pedal (MORE)

How does a rear window defroster work?

If you are talking about those lines (sometimes red in color) on the rear window of a car then this is a simple explanation: All that happens is that when you press the button that is responsible for the defrosting action, it heats up those lines. The energy comes from the cars battery. As the lines (MORE)