01 beetle no hot air from heater?

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If a 2001 VW Beetle does not have hot air coming from the heater there is a problem with the vehicles heating system. The heater core is malfunctioning and will need to be replaced.

How can you switch the heater from cool air to hot air?

the make and model of the car would help in determining your problem it is possible that this could be a problem with a switch that controls the position of a door that blend

How do you get excess air out of hot water heater?

If you have air inside a water heater you have major problems as the air can become compressed to dangerously high levels and now instead of a heater you have a powerful bomb.

Heater wont blow hot air?

Year, make and model would help but, it could be a faulty thermostat, a faulty temp blend door actuator, a plugged up heater core or the coolant system is low on fluid (leak).

If your heater does not blow hot air can this be the thermostat?

The most common reason for the heater not to blow hot air is that the radiator fluid is low; Check that first. Then check the heater hoses for kinks or blockages (the hoses mu

Why heater is not pushing out hot air but heater core is good?

Check antifreeze levels. If too little coolant is circulating in system, the lack of heat is one of the first symptoms. If car is overheating, but full of coolant, check the w

Why wont your heater blow hot air?

problem with you coolant level your engine isn't being cooled properly>>> ive had my engine over heat twice in the last week first one blown head gasket this one i don't know.

Why does your heater blow hot air?

to heat a space. the ducts move from the evaporator(a/c) to the heater core, where the core has hot antifreeze going thru it and a blower motor blowing across it produces heat
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How do you get my heater to blow hot air?

Most like a duct problem. Check cables behind control to ensure smooth operation of all doors. The heater core is hot so something is blocking the air or it is being channeled
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How do you know if there is air in hot water heater?

Open hot water on a faucet. Air will come out instead of water until air is all out, then water should flow as normal. May need to install expansion tank to take care of exces