01 aurora does not start every time switch is turned to start position 1to10 times each month or so?

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not sure mine does this also just put in neutral and turn key to on and will start right up
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You have a 01 325ci every time you start your car you get a message saying inspection -3475 miles what should you do?

Answer . It means you are 3475 past due for your inspection. To reset follow these instructions:. BMW 2001 to current . Ignition Off (Position 0) . Press and Hold the trip odometer button while turning key to position 1 (ACCESSORY) . Keep the button depressed (about 5 secs.) until you see " (MORE)

Why might a Dodge Dakota start but stall out every time?

Anwser Does it run as long and you hold the gas pedal, but stall on idle? I had that problem with my 97 Dak. The problem was the Idle Air Control Valve... $35 from Autozone and fix that was about the same as replacing a thermostat. Answer Try checking all the oxygen sensors and the spark plug (MORE)

Your 1991 Grand Prix dies every time you brake This starts accuring after you have drove about two miles and the stop and turn the engine off?

Answer . I would pull the trouble codes. This is a OBD 1 so you just need a paper clip to do it. My guess is you have a bad TPS switch. (throttle position switch)It should be located very near where the air cleaner hose attaches to the engine. It is usually a small flat black( size of a BIC light (MORE)

How do you stop a program from starting each time you start IE?

Answer . Go to the start button then to run, type in msconfig click ok. At the top of the box that appears it should have tabs the very last tab says "startup" go down the list to the program you wish to not start-up and uncheck it. Then click apply close. When it closes it will tell you that you (MORE)

What's that horrible noise you hear sometimes when you turn the ignition switch on on your '93 Mazda 323 and it will not start the first time?

Answer . If it's a grinding kind of noise it could be the starter not fully engaging into the flywheel. If that's the case you could be causing damage to the flywheel that could end up being quite expensive. If you've never changed a starter, I'd take it to a shop as soon as possible and have som (MORE)

Why does your Geo Storm turn over and intermittently fire but won't completely start it doesnt do this every time?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nI've had the same problem with my Geo Storm recently. The car will start and run fine until it gets warmed up then the check engine light will come on and the car will hesitate, the tach will jump wildly and when you pull over, it will stall. When you try to start the car, (MORE)

Your 1987 Mazda rx-7 doesn't like to start up after you turn it off if you let the car sit for a couple of days it will start up fine when its cold.how can I fix it so it starts every time?

Answer . Keep in mind, this is a sports car, not a sedan, and it is picky about being properly warmed up. Be sure you warm it up fully before shutting it off. Shutting down a partly warmed engine is likely to flood it. You can test this by reading up on de-flooding techniques and when it doesn't wa (MORE)

I need To turn the distributor cap on a 350 1985 a quarter turn to the right so the air filter will fit but every time i do that the engine wont start what should i do and how can you do it right?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nIf you are slackening the clamp and swinging the dist round quarter of a turn it is throwing the ignition timing right out. You have to remove the distributor completely from its drive and turn it, then replace. You can set the finer timing with a strobe light.\n. \n. \n (MORE)

When it does start eventually1995 Aurora starter just clicks one time each time you turn the ignition Is this the starter failing because when it starts starts like a champdoesn't do it every time?

Answer . \nI would start by checking and cleaning the battery cables.Might be something as easy\nas that. Also I would try hooking up jumpper cables to the connections under the hood.\nthis would elimanate the battery and all cables from under the rear seat. If it starts\nfine with jumpper cable (MORE)

95 Olds Aurora turns over for a long time before it will start after engine is warm and you shut it off for about ten minutes or so When it does refire you get a strong gas oder as if it were flooded?

You may need to replace the fuel line/rail in the engine compartment, which may degrade. Its part of a recall. My car was doing the same thing. my 95 lolds it was the fuel presure regulator leaking through the vacuum line that connects between throtle body and regulator disconnect the vacuum line wh (MORE)

Why does my 960 Volvo not start at times after making a short tripnothig happens when you turn the switch but let it set for an hour and she will crank this happens about once every six weeks?

probably a bad starter have it checked. This somewhat reminds me of my situation. I have a 960 and often when i start the vehicle the interiors to go on but the gears won't move, the seatbelt light doesn't flash, etc. If i tilt the key in the ignition back, ever so slightly, it will catch and th (MORE)

1994 Chevy Astro Van and it won't start Every time you turn the key to start it the van rurns turns over but it won't start. I changed the spark plugs and the fuel filter but it still won't start Help?

Answer . \nSounds like a fuel pump........and of course it's in the fuel tank which you will have to drop.\n. \nDo you feel any buzzing or whinning from the fuel tank when you just turn the key on, do not start.\n. \nTap the fuel tank with a rubber mallet just to send some vibration through th (MORE)

Do all 1989 Camaros have a fan switch in the car that has to be turned on and off every time you drive and if so why?

umm i don't know of any car that has a manual fan switch the only reason someone would put one in is if the fan didn't come on by itself Answer I think those cars like any other camaro that has an electric fan has to turn on by it self. When the car warms up the fan should turn on by it self so th (MORE)

Every time it rains my car won't start?

If your car won't start every time it rains, water may be shortingout wires or it may be getting into the fuel system. Both willprevent the engine from cranking or starting.

Why every time that you start your car it makes a scraping noice?

more than likely the scrapping noise your hearing is the starter-to-flywheel engagement. when you start your car, a gear in the starter motor turns a gear attached to the engine, the "scrapping" noise is caused by those two gears not meshing properly. got a new starter and still hear the noise? the (MORE)

Why every time I start my car it makes a stagering noise?

If by stagering you mean hesitating or slow cranking , then you better check your battery and connections. Very hot or cold conditions require a lot of cranking power, if your battery is old I would have it checked out at your local Auto Zone or full service gas station.

Will my period start at the same time every month?

yes and no.. it all depends on your body.. some people have it on the same time every month and some people start it at different dadys every month. like a week earlier, later, 2 weeks later. because of stress, diet, excercise.

Should light switches be turned off every time you leave the room?

You'd be surprised by just how much power people could save by turning off the lights! On average, one light bulb uses sixty watts of energy per hour. Let's say you turn off a certain light for one hour daily. After a year, you'll end up saving over 22,000 watts of energy.. Electricity is saved if (MORE)

You have to enter your code for your stereo every time you start your car?

There's almost certainly a wire off on the back of the stereo, or a blown fuse: Car Stereos take two (occasionally three) +12V power feeds. The main one is routed via the ignition switch - it sounds like this one is intact. There is sometimes a separate illumination feed which picks off the dash (MORE)

Why do you have to reset a GFCI controlled by a switch every time you turn the switch off and back to the on position?

A GFCI outlet is now required by code when an outlet is within 6ft. of a plumbing fixture (a ground). That is so if there is a short in appliance plugged into that outlet, you don't get zapped when you happen to touch a metal part of it while holding onto the faucet or stainless sink. It does this (MORE)

Why does your facebook lock every time you start using it?

Because it contains many pictures and lot of flash animations. If you take a look at Task Manager, you will see that there is a process called "Plugin-container" which is the attached process to Mozilla Firefox and this process contains all that Mozilla need to display all the content of web page (MORE)