01 Windstar Window wipers run fine just will not shut off unless you pull over and stop and turn off van turn wipers to off position and restart van?

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sounds like the park switch in the wiper motor. (needs new wiper motor)
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How do you fix the windshield wipers on a Saturn 1998 SL2 if they run at one speed and will not shut off unless you turn the car off?

You need to purchase a new motor. You can purchase one at a dealer, a parts store, or even a junk yard if you get lucky. If you don't know how to fix this yourself you should

Why do the wipers not return to starting position when they are turned off?

The parking pawl probably has a broken spring and is not working correctly. The pawl is a 1.25" long piece of metal external to the motor and is part of the Stack-O-Plates on

Your wipers on Chevy Venture van work but when turned off they stop at the up position not down next to the hood Do you need to replace the fuse?

Answer . \nMore than likely the problem is in the wiper motor. Inside the motor they have bump stops (for lack of a simpler word) that tell the wiper arms were to park. I

How do you repair wipers on a 2001 Montana that stops in the up position when turned off?

Replace the wiper motor assembly. Fairly easy on these-- take off the wiper arms, and the motor is under the hood above the motor. You may need a mirror to see it. Three bolts
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What might be the cause for a 1995 Pontiac Sunfire wipers to work just fine but not go down to the off position when turned off?

If your wipers work just fine on "intermittent" (they sweep across the windshield and return to the bottom of the windshield then wait about 5 seconds until the next sweep and
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My wipers won't turn off?

Most wiper assemblies have a built in switching mechanism that keeps the wiper motor running until the blade is in the "home" position. If that mechanism fails and the wiper a